“But Mom I made all that money stripping so *I* could get bigger tits!”

“Now honey don’t whine about it, Mommy needed them more than you did.  Besides, it won’t take you long to get enough money again to get yours done too.”

It was true, Trudy did need them more than her daughter did, Robbie had been losing interest in her over the last month or so and she was desperate to get his attention again.

She’d signed up to an online dating site for “cougars” after another lonely Friday night at home and a bottle of wine, mostly as a half drunken joke.  She’d gotten some interest but Robbie’s message had been different somehow.  She still couldn’t quite remember what it had said but the next Friday night she was no longer at home alone, Robbie was there and they had been fucking for hours.

Trudy and spend the next several weeks acting like a love sick teenager and it was only when Tracey came home from college that her daughter had asked what was going on.

Trudy couldn’t explaining it really, but luckily Robbie could and since then Tracey had been really supportive.  Tracey had dropped out of school and started working at the strip club so that Trudy could afford to get the kind of clothes Robbie liked.

Her new tits were just the latest way Tracey had supported her relationship with Robbie and even though she whined about it, she knew Tracey only wanted what was best for her Mom.

“Yea, but…” Tracey pouted but slumped her shoulders in defeat.

“Now when you go in tonight, ask the manager for some extra shifts.  You can always give him a blowjob to make sure you get the best ones.“

“Gawd Mom, you know I give him a blowjob at the start of each shift already!”

“Oh dear, that did slip my mind.  Well he might want to fuck you then honey.”

“*giggle* I’ve been so totally wanting to do that!  Can I really Mom?”

“Yes dear, you can fuck him if you want to.”

Tracey bounced up and down and ran towards her room to get ready for work as Trudy pulled out her phone and snapped a selfie to send to Robbie. 

‘Hey lover, look a the new top I got!  Leopard print is the best, can’t wait for you to tear in to it!’

Happy Mother’s day, remember to do something nice for Mom!