Stacey held the doll up in the mirror and checked it against herself.  Her hair was almost long enough and she’d scheduled another trip to the salon for the next day which should take care of the dark streaks.

She puckered up her hips and a small wave of pleasure washed over her as she realized they were a perfect match to the dolls.

When it passed she frowned slightly.

She’d moved in to the building just a month ago and, like all apartment buildings, it had the resident creep.  In this one, his name was John.  He was too old and had a weird “nerd” vibe she didn’t like but she’d handled his type before and quickly put him in his place.

He seemed to have lost interest in her after that but last week he’d knocked at her door and without thinking she’d opened it before checking who it was.

A wave of dizziness had washed over her and she found herself leaning up against him as he guided her back in to her living room.

She set the doll down in front of her and leaned back in her chair, her fingers finding her pussy as the memory ran through her mind.

In her memory she saw him set her in the chair and place the doll on the coffee table in front of her.

Her fingers worked faster as she heard his words once more, “Pay attention to the doll Stacey.  It’s everything you want to be, everything you need to be.”

She looked at the doll and behind it her own image in the mirror, their eyes wide as the pleasure grew.

“My empty headed blonde bimbo with a major oral fixation.”

One of her fingers pulled out of her pussy and found her lips and her orgasm washed over her.

When it passed, she was still sucking on her finger and a giggle escaped around it, her mind empty and she knew she was almost perfect for John.