I chuckled as I watched Tami swing back and forth, a pout forming on her lips as I did.

“Like, what?” she asked petulantly.

I got my laughter under control and smiled, “That’s not quite what I meant when I said I wanted to bring swinging into our bedroom honey.”

It wasn’t her fault, it was mine, I knew I had to be careful with what I said round Tami now. She had the IQ of potato now and just took everything very literally.

Though I was kind of impressed, she’d obviously found a handyman without me to do the work.

“So… so… you don’t like it?” she asked and I walked over and stroked her head.

“That’s alright baby, I like it just fine, I think it’s great!” I said and then got behind her and gave her a little push.

“Whee!” she squealed and suddenly everything was alright again as she smiled broadly.

I let out a sigh and continued to push her for a bit, sometimes I missed the old Tabitha, but then every time I see the ass on Tami that thought quickly retreats.

Tabitha had been an assistant DA until six months ago, when she’d been deep in a case against one of the biggest drug dealers in the city. No one could prove it, but everyone knew it was him that had attacked her office. Gassed it with some new concoction that he’d gotten from somewhere and sent the entire staff to the hospital.

I’d arrived as soon as I could, but the changes were already well underway. I stayed by Tabitha’s side and watched the brave, strong, intelligent woman I’d married fade away into the ditzy, oversexed Tami that was now entertained by a simple swing.

The other female staff were similarly effected, though the men had a different outcome. They’d all gained significant muscle mass, and aggressive tendencies, basically becoming meatheads. The women, like Tabitha, that had significant others, where taken in by their spouses and in general were well taken care of.

Those women that didn’t have significant others, well, last I’d heard a few of them were in various kinds of sex work, or well on their way to being trophy wives.

The men, on the other hand, were a different story. Those that had spouses were too aggressive and violent to stay with them. The men either found jobs suited to their new realities, like security, or were well on their way to becoming criminals and ending up on the other side of the law.

Tami’s giggle brought me back to the moment and she brought herself to a stop, got up off the swing and quickly came around to the other side before retaking her seat. Her fingers reached out and unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them, pulling them and my underwear down to the floor.

“I wanna try swinging baby! giggle” she cried out and then bent over, wrapped her lips around my dick and then reached back and grabbed her ankles.

She bucked her hips a bit to get the swing moving and managed to get into a rhythm that let her stroke up and down my shaft and I just stood there and let her do it.

After a few minutes I couldn’t take it any more, “Fuck… hang on, don’t move.” I said and then pulled back and popped out of her mouth.

I made my way around her, her ass hanging off the swing seat, I grabbed her hips and moved her thong to the side, before pushing into her pussy.

“Oh my gawd baby! Yes! Yes! I’m swinging! I’m swinging! giggle” she cried out as I pulled her hips back and impaled her on my shaft. I let her go and she swung forward just a bit, sliding almost all the way of my dick, but I pulled her back before she did.

It didn’t take long, her pussy was tight, and the sound of her squeals and begging for more always did it for me and when I came inside of her, she orgasmed as well.

She managed to get upright on the swing and lean back against me, turning her head and snaking her hand around my neck. I leaned down a little and met her waiting lips, my hands wrapping around in front of her and squeezing her tits.

I still get messages from the city, giving me updates on their attempts to reverse the effects of the gas, but I just toss them in the garbage. I feel guilty about it once in a while, but Tabitha was kind of fridged, blowjobs on birthdays, sex once a month or two while she laid there like a dead fish.

Tami was the exact opposite, and even if she didn’t quite understand things perfect, I have to admit her idea of swinging isn’t all that bad either.