Andrea looked down at her sneakers, her baggy jeans and simple t-shirt tried to obscure them from her view but she but she knew they were down there and she could feel her lace whipping around every time she took a step.

She sighed, the grocery bags in her arms were heavy but she still had to get all the way down the hall before she’d reach her apartment.  Just as she was about to give up and set them down she looked up and saw Paul standing in front of her.

“Hi Andrea, do you need a hand with those?” he asked.

“Thanks, Paul, yes.” she replied, he was the last person she wanted to see right then but as he took the bags from her, she had to admit it was nice.

She bent down and re-tied her shoe lace.  Paul had been her neighbour since she moved in to the apartment building and at first he’d seemed ok, but soon enough she found out that he hit on just about everyone in the building and so she’d tried to avoid him whenever she could.

As a model, she knew she was always on the defense when it came to guys, but even so, she paid special attention when it came to her home.

She stood back up and reached out for the bags, “Oh, that’s alright Andrea, let me carry them back to your place.”

She smiled, “Thanks Paul.”

A few minutes later and she had her door open and Paul took her groceries to the kitchen, setting them on the counter.  He came back out with something in his hand, a small black box that looked like a TV remote.

He pointed it at her and before she could say anything, hit a button.

Andrea looked down at her sneakers, her skin tight semi-transparent swimsuit clung to her curves.  She smiled and giggled, she loved them, Paul had bought them for her and they didn’t have any laces, just velcro.  Which was good, because she couldn’t figure out how to do up laces anymore.

Not since that day Paul had come over to her place, he’d pressed a button on a thingy and she’d felt her brain drain right out of her head and right down to her pussy.

She looked back up at Paul, sitting on the couch and felt her brainy pussy start to think again and get all wet.  She sashayed over to him, swinging her hips from side to side, giving her best sexy look as she held a finger to her mouth and pulled at one side of it a bit.

She sat down on his lap, facing him and then pressed her lips to his in a passionate kiss.  Her perfect body pushed up against his, her hips rocking back and forth as she felt his dick harden in his pants.

She moaned and felt grateful he hadn’t changed her body, he’d said it was already perfect, all he’d had to do was drain her pretty little head of all those silly thoughts that kept her from being his.