Tanya’s body stood perfectly still as her mind fought to regain control of it, she’d been standing in the same pose for most of the day as it was one of The Despot’s favorites.

She looked straight out of her alcove, the bright light behind her only partially diffused by the smoke machine, her arms pushed slightly behind her, her fists clenched and her leg propped up on the fake plastic bomb.

She focused on lifting her foot from the bomb, to set it down firmly on to the floor, or at least as firmly as he could in the ridiculous heels he had her in.

Her foot stayed firmly in place, all her strength, all her power, useless against the small chip near the base of her skull, between her brain and her spinal column.  It blocked all of the signals coming from her mind telling her body what to do.

No, that wasn’t quite right, it didn’t block all of the signals, it only blocked those that didn’t comply with The Despot’s commands.  But she knew those were a trap as well, at first she’d played along, complying with some of the orders he’d given her, but each time she did the chip send signals to her pussy that made it tingle with pleasure.

She quickly recognized the peril she was in, if she followed along, her mind would quickly learn that pleasure came from obedience and even a superhero like Miss Fortune wouldn’t be able to fight that for long.

The only hope was to fight every command, fight the chip at every step and hope to overload it or that her friends would come and rescue her.

But hope had been running thin, she’d been in The Despot’s control for over a month and she’d yet been able to overcome the chip.  Likewise, her friends would never have let her stay captive this long if they had known where she was or what had happened.

Tanya tried to think back to the fight with The Despot, she’d tracked him down to an island just off the southern coast.  She flew effortlessly through the air as it came in to sight, a small piece of paradise floating in the ocean.

She’d landed on the beach on the other side of the island from the only structure she could see, a large house with a pool and tennis courts behind it.  She figured if she approached through the jungle behind it she might be able to get a better look at what was going on.

She took a step forward, her booted foot sinking slightly in to the sand of the beach.  A few more steps and she looked down to see her boots sinking all the way in to the sand until her toes were covered by it.  She pulled her foot up to try and find firmer footing, but the sand clung to it and seemed to stretch as she lifted her leg higher.

Realizing there was something wrong, she willed herself in to the air, but as she climbed she could feel the sand pulling her back.  She pushed herself harder, higher, but the sand would not come loose.  When her forward motion finally ceased, she held herself in the air as long as she could, until she felt herself start to tire.

The pull of the sand dragged her back to the ground with a snap as the elastic substance rebounded.  She hit the ground with a thud on her side, the sand now clinging not only to her feet, but all up her leg, the side of her body and even her face.

She pushed against it with all her might but to no effect except to encase both her hands in it as well.

She continued to struggle as her body was pulled deeper and deeper in to the sand until finally it engulfed her head and she tried to hold her breath as long as possible.

When she finally had to inhale, she breathed in a mix of air and sand that had a sweet smell.  Soon her mind was foggy and darkness overtook her.

That was all she remembered until she woke up standing in the stall, The Despot standing in front of her, her body no longer her own.

He’d spent the first few days commanding her body to do all kinds of degrading things, humiliating things, but he seemed to grow tired of that soon enough and instead started giving her a set of “pre-programmed” tasks to do.  He’d placed a small receiver in her ear, each time a new task was assigned, his voice would echo in her head as she resisted, then her body would perform the task anyway.

He’d placed her in the stall over four weeks ago and since then she’d see him every few days.  He’d check her response to the tasks, make a few modification and then leave.

She figured he’d be back again today and like each time he’d shown up she’d tried and strike him as hard as she could.  Of course, she’d never landed a blow on him and she didn’t expect to today either, but it was the only thing she could do, even if each attempt had become weaker and weaker.

When he finally walked in, she found her body betraying her once more, she hardly even tried this time and finally accepted the fact that she would not be able to overload the chip, no matter how strongly she fought against it.  She knew now that her only hope was that her friends would rescue her now.

The Despot looked at the tablet he was holding and swiped across the screen several times until he seemed satisfied.

“Well Miss Fortune, I think it’s time for you to finally accept your fate, I have defeated you completely, even more so than you know.”

Tanya tried to raise an eyebrow but failed even in that.

“By my calculations your resistance has plummeted, you’re still fighting my orders, but you realize now that the chip cannot be overcome.  But of course you’re still fighting, resisting the inevitable, because you think your friends are still going to rescue you, don’t you?”

Tanya’s hope reasserted itself and she fought even harder for a moment, The Despot watched the tablet, “Yes, I can see that’s the case.  Well it’s time to disabuse you of that notion.” he said, walking around behind her, wrapping his arms around her and holding the table out in front of her face so she could see it.

He started a browser and went to the Kingstown Herald, the paper that she worked at and brought up a video titled “Miss Fortune Retires!”

It started playing and she saw herself standing behind a microphone at a news conference, she watched her body smile and cheerfully announce her retirement from crime fighting to “focus on herself” and “live a quiet, peaceful life outside of the city”.

The next video he selected was from her “retirement” party, all of her hero friends toasting her and wishing her the best.

Her heart sank as she realized that the chip had been in control of her body for longer than she had though, The Despot had ensured no one would be looking for her.

The Despot step back and out of the alcove, a wide grin on his face, “So you see, there is no hope.  No reason to resist.”

Tanya wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, to cry the river of tears she felt consumed by, to do anything but stand perfectly still, but that was all the chip would let her do.

The Despot chuckled as he walked away, leaving her to wallow in her despair.  Several hours later the next task rang out in her ear, “Position 13” it said.

Without thinking about it, she stepped off the bomb, knelt down on her knees and pulled the zipper of her outfit down, exposing the tops of her breasts.  She spread her legs, reached under her pussy and up to the top of her ass, finding the second zipper and pulling it around to the font, exposing her privates to the cool air.

She picked up the bomb and unwrapped the timer from the four sticks of “dynamite” and the secured it around her neck.  She took one of the sticks and wedged it between her breasts, the second she placed between her lips, the third, she pushed in to her pussy and the last she reached around and gently pushed in to her ass.

She placed her hands at the sides of her breasts and pushed them together, creating even more cleavage as she tilted her head upwards and closed her eyes.

She felt the signal from the chip run down her spin and hit her pussy, the pulse of pleasure rushing back up to her head, her reward for executing the task without the chips help.

She let the pleasure wash over her, no longer able to resist, no longer wanting to resist.  Now she longed only for the escape that the pleasure from mindless obedience provided.