Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Caroline walked down the hallway of VIP passengers quarters, as first mate (well one of several on such a large ship) it was part of her job to make sure the passengers were well taken care of but that didn’t mean she had to enjoy it.  Most passengers were spoiled and demanding and she hated this part of the job, but if she was going to become a captain one day, she had to do it.

The VIP’s had been invited to dinner with the captain that night and one of them had not attended, in fact no one could remember seeing the gentleman in question and so she had been dispatched to check in on him.

She walked to the end of the hall and took a moment to straighten herself up, tugging her blue blazer down and double checking her tightly bound hair was all in place under her cap.

When she was satisfied, she reached out and gently tapped on the door, “Excuse me, this is first mate Rogers, do you have a moment?”

She heard no response and so she rapped harder on the door, “Sir, are you there?  I need to speak with you.”

This time she heard a rustle from behind the door, followed by footsteps.

The door opened in to the darkened suite, only a feint ray of light coming in from the small windows along the side of the ship where the sun was low in the sky.

“Good evening sir, I’m sorry to disturb you but we were concerned when you didn’t come for dinner tonight.  Is everything alright sir?”

She squinted at the man, trying to make out the features of his face but as dark as the suite was, the area around his face seemed pitch black.  Suddenly it was pierced by his glowing red eyes.

She let out a gasp and took a step backwards, she wanted to turn and run but something stopped her, her body no longer obeying her thoughts.  The glow around his eyes intensified and suddenly Caroline felt a warmth spread across her body.

It quickly worked its way in to every crevice of her body and a low moan escaped her lips as she felt her body start to pull and twist in unfamiliar ways.  She managed to look down as her uniform started to shift, her white shirt grew transparent and then disappeared, her navy jacket crawled up her arms and torso until it was just a wide band around her chest.  Her pants moved up her legs, joining together to form a skirt.

Both her jack and pants took on a sheen to them, as they shrunk, hugging her body tightly.  It was then she noticed her long blonde cascading down her shoulders.  As the changes finished, she felt his glowing red eyes burrow in to her mind burned with a new found passion for her job.

Caroline hands reached up and managed to stead her cap on her head as she stepped through the cabin door, once inside the VIP lead her over to the coach and he sat down.  She dropped to her knees and quickly fished his member out of his pants and planted her lips on the tip of it, rolling her tongue over it before taking in to her mouth.

After all it was her job to make sure the passengers were well taken care and she loved this part of her job more than anything else.