Cythia let the nanosuit controller fall to the bed as the suit started it’s cycle.  She felt it for a dildo and push it’s way in to her pussy and start to pulse.

It felt amazing!  It worked it’s magic and quickly brought her to orgasm and she let out a cry of passion as it did.  She felt the dildo receded from her body and disappear back in to the nanosuit.

She placed her shinny black hands on the bed in front of her to steady herself before she picked up the controller again and restarted the program, selecting the option to repeat the cycle once it had been completed.

Just as she hit the start button she noticed a sudden heat in the controller and the screen flickered, several of the options changing as her finger pressed against the screen.

The controller suddenly exploded in her hand and she dropped it instantly as the nanosuit start the first cycle.  The dildo pushed in to her again and like last time she was quickly in the throws of passion.

As she came down from the orgasm she reached out to grab the controller but the suit started the next cycle before she could lay her hands on it.

She readied herself for the dildo but was unprepared as it pushed up against her sphincter.  She hand’t selected that option but just like the previous cycle, the didlo felt amazing and soon she was cumming from it’s ministrations.

She had no time to even try and reach for the controller as the next cycle started, this time the nanosuit flowed up over her head and the dildo pushed between her lips and down her throat.

Cythia felt the next cycle start, this time two dildos formed, one in her mouth the other in her pussy.

Tom walked in to the house after a long flight back from the business conference he’d been forced to attend over the weekend.

“Honey, I’m home.”  he called out, but no one answered.  He scrunched his forehead, Cythia’s care was in the driveway, perhaps she was just in the bathroom.

He walked up the stairs and heard a noise he didn’t recognize coming from the bedroom.  He opened the door and saw Cythia sitting on the bed, well at least he assumed it was Cythia as the black nanosuit covered her from head to toe.

She let out a low moan as he watched her body shake from a powerful orgasm.

“Cythia?” he asked, but there was no response.

He looked down at the bed and saw the controller, distended and bloated, the battery covered sitting a few feet away on the floor.

He picked it up and dropped it again immediately as the heat from it nearly burned him.

He carefully flipped it over and looked at the display, it was flickering but he could make out the options.  A random cycle of oral, vagianal and anal penetration.  Including multiple options at once.

He pressed the end button quickly and the controller let out a small hiss as the status window updated, “Program complete, run time has been 62 hours, 38 minutes.”

Cythia’s body collapsed in to a heap as the nanosuit retracted.

Tom looked in to the vacant eyes of his wife, a little drool coming from her lips, “Cythia?  Can you hear me?”

There was no reaction and Tom placed his hand on her cheek with similar effect.

He’d seen the product recall in the airport, he guessed she hadn’t, the defective batteries overheated and could explode, which this one obviously had.

The thousands of cycles of orgasms had broken Cythia, now there was just a body left, waiting for the next cycle of plesure to start.