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Terra looked out over the crowd from behind her long dark hair as she hid behind the microphone.  Her whole body trembled in fear even though there was no trace of it in her voice as she sang the lyrics and strummed the acoustic guitar that was strapped over her shoulder.

She hatted performing live, but there was something deep down inside of her that needed to do it.  Not for the attention or fame, but just an inner voice that needed to be heard and the only way she knew to let it out was through her writing.

She finished the song to a smattering of applause at the open mic night and stood up, letting the next performer have their turn.  As she stepped off the stage there was a man waiting there.

“Terra, right?” he said, extending a hand.

She delicately took it in a weak handshake, “Yes…”.

“I’m David, you have an amazing voice.” he said as she brushed back the hair draped over the one side of her face and secured it behind her ear.

She half smiled, the dark lipstick curling in to something that would often scare small children.  She took a closer look at him, he seemed to be in his thirties with a bit of extra padding around his midsection, but he was wearing an expensive, taylored suit and looked out of place amoungst the mostly twenty something hipsters of the club.

“Thanks.” was her simple, short response.

He let her hand go and retrieved a card from his suit pocket before extending it to her.

“I represent an artists management company and I think you’d make a great addition to our stable of talent.”

She took the card from his hand and read it over, “The Management Company?  I’ve never heard of it.”

“Oh, we’ve been around for a long time, but we like to keep a low profile and let our artists take center stage.  You have real talent and your writing is amazing.  If you have time tomorrow I’d love to tell you all about it.”

“Well, I don’t know.  I have to work tomorrow.”

“Think about it and give me a call, if you don’t like what we have to offer, you can always just say no.”

“Ok, I’ll think about it.”

Tarra tucked the card in her pocket and walked past David when he stepped aside, she hurriedly put her guitar away and left the club behind as her shaking finally subsided as she walked in to the parking lot.

Tarra looked at the contract in front of her, she couldn’t believe what they were offering her.  A three record deal, a big signing bonus and a guaranteed advance.  She would be quiting her low paying job just as soon as she signed the paperwork.

David handed her his pen and she signed each copy of the contract until there was no more little stickies left.

“Congratulations Terra, welcome to the family.”

“Thanks.” she gave an honest smile for the first time that should could remember.

“I’ve booked you a recording studio for next week and setup a couple of interviews this week for you so you can find a producer to work with.  If that’s alright of course?”

“Yes, yes that’s fine.  Thanks David.” she replied as she stood up and shook his hand.

“Good, we’ll e-mail you the details.”

Terra looked through the glass at Jimmy, her producer.  She still was having trouble believing that it was all happening, but she’d been in the studio each day all week, recording take after take of her songs.

And Jimmy had been great at helping her, making suggestions on each take and working through the songs.

In fact the only issue she’d really had was on the first day, there had been some weird feedback in her headphones and Jimmy had taken most of the day to track down the issue.

After that things had gone perfectly.

She watched Jimmy flip a switch and his voice come over her headphones, “Ok Terra, ready to get started?”

“Yep!” she chirped back.

“Great, grab your guitar and let’s get started then.”

Terra looked over at the guitar rack, filled with instruments and reached for her acoustic that she’d left there yesterday, but her fingers paused just before they wrapped around it’s neck.

“Something the matter Terra?”

“No… I… no.” she stammered and retracted her hand slightly before moved to the next guitar and taking it in hand.  She slung it over her shoulder and walked back to the mike before sitting down on the stool.

She looked down at the glossy black body of the electric guitar and found the socket for the cord that was draped over the thumb screw of the mike stand.  She took it between her fingers and plugged it in, a little bit of feedback coursing through her headphones.

“That’s great Terra, good job.” Jimmy’s voice came over the headphones and she smiled, her light lipstick highlighting the smile on her face as a pleasant feeling washed over her.

Terra strummed the electric guitar and started playing one of her songs, it sounded different today, but somehow better.

Terra belted out the song as she worked the eclectic guitar, strumming power cords that filled the room.  Her eyes were fixed on the control room, two men were there, David and Jimmy.  She brushed back her honey blonde hair with her manicured nails as the guitar rubbed up against her light red dress that hugged her body.

It had been an amazing month in the studio, she’d found a whole new voice in her that she’d never knew existing.  And it didn’t hide behind bland clothes or hair draped in front of her face.  This voice was loud and proud of herself.

And it didn’t show up just when she was singing, it was with her all the time now.  When she’d gone to the hairdressers, it had been front and center when she’d asked for the blonde dye job.

It had been there again as she’d gone shopping for some new clothes too.  It wanted something tighter, something brighter, something that would get her noticed and the shoes it wanted… she was still trying to get used to the 4 inch heels!

She moved on to the next chorus in the song and made eye contact with David for just a second and a shiver ran down her spine to her pussy.  That was something else her new voice wasn’t ashamed of, sex.  The things it wanted to do to David and Jimmy (and pretty much any other man she’d seen lately) had caught her off guard the first time it had spoken up, but now she just rolled with it and let the fantasies take her way.

She finished up the song with a reverberating power chord and smiled.  It had been so easy to learn it, just like the other songs Jimmy had brought to her this week.  She hadn’t record any of her own songs for since Jimmy had suggest she give “Barbie loves her man” on Monday, then Tuesday had been “Sexy in my heels”, followed by “Strutting on stage” and “Falling to my knees”.

Today had been “In need of a man”, which was what she’d played for David when he’d arrived.

David waved at her through the glass as Jimmy’s voice came over her headphones, “That was great Terra, why don’t you take five.”

“Ok, thanks Jimmy.” she said as she set the guitar down on the rack and then sat down on the stood.  She closed her eyes for just a moment as the silence of the headphones filled her ears before opening them again and watching the two men talk behind the glass.

Terra’s fingers twirled her hair as her new voice whispered about all the sexy things she could do with two men at once filled her mind.

“So as you can see, she’d coming along nicely David.  Just as you expected, very susceptible to the subliminals along with the wave form enhancer.

“I knew she’d be perfect when I saw her perform on stage.  So unsure of herself but desperate to sing none the less.  How much longer do you think?”

“Oh, another week, two at max.  Take a look.” Jimmy said as he nodded towards Terra.

David cast his gaze through the glass at the young woman sitting on the stool.  She looked nothing like the meek, shy girl he’d meet in the club.  She was bold, confident and comfortable sitting in a room with two men staring at her.

She was also twirling her fingers in her hair with a glassy stare at them as the fingers of her other hand had reached down under her dress and had begun playing with her pussy.

“Yes, she does seem to be almost ready.”

Terra sat on the speaker, the pure white background of the photo shoot made her dark gloves and boots stand out along with the pink skirt and fishnet stockings she was wearing.

She wasn’t sure how her platinum blond hair would look against it, but honestly that was the last thing on her mind as the three men behind the camera captured all of her attention.

Jimmy was there, as her producer she trusted him completely and looked forward to their time in the studio together.  And not just because she’d get to suck his dick either, though that was a big part of it.  She giggled a bit at the double entendre remembering exactly how big Jimmy was.

No, she loved listening to Jimmy’s instructions coming over her headphones, and couldn’t wait to hear more of his ideas about the music.

David was there too, as her manager he’d done so much for her, so she was more than happy to spread her legs wide and fuck him in his office whenever he wanted.

Randy was new though, he was the photographer and while her pussy was moist like it was around any man, she hadn’t yet figured out how she was going to get him to fuck her.

That’s when her inner voice came to her rescue and a wicked smile cross her pink lips.

She set the guitar to the side, turned towards the camera and hooked her fingers under her t-shirt, pulling it up and letting her tits bounce freely.

She watched Randy turn to David with a quizzical look on his face.

“Go ahead, she’s ready to perform.” he replied.

Randy stepped out from behind the camera and walked over to her, he took her tits in his hands and squeezed them.  She let out a low moan as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes, a wave of pleasure rushing over her.

Soon enough she was bent over the speaker, her ass in the air as Randy pushed himself deep in to her pussy and she let out a cry of passion.

“So how are her band mates coming along?” Jimmy asked.

“On schedule, they should be ready in a couple of more weeks.  They weren’t quite as easy as Terra was.” David replied.

“Yea, she really took to it once we got past her initial resistance.”

“Another fine addition to the Bimbo and Dolls management company.  I’m sure they’ll be a big hit once we get them on stage together.”