The cold war bimbo programs had many proponents as well as many detractors.

The proponents pointed out the obvious uses of the bimbos in espionage and other areas.

The detractors pointed out their limited usefulness and complete lack of any meaningful successes.

A few programs had tried to broaden the usefulness of their bimbos, like the German program seen here.  The Germans altered the programming of their bimbos to be used in combat and executed several field trials with great success.

However, once deployed to the field an obvious flaw became apparent.  The field trails had pitted bimbo against bimbo and they had executed their missions without fail, however against the standard infantry of the enemy, the bimbos were completely ineffective.

Once they caught sight of the virile young men, their base programming took over and instead of firing at the enemy, they crumpled to their knees and took shot after shot of enemy cum to their faces.