Abigail looked in the mirror and sighed, another year had passed and she hadn’t accomplished any of her last years new years resolutions.

She was still the plain, mousy brunette with thick black glasses that she had been last year at this time.  Sure she was kind of cute and she never had to worry about her weight, but she was as thin as a stick and just kind of blended in with the scenery whenever she was in a crowd.

But this year was going to be different, she was finally going to make the changes she always promised but never followed through on.  She held the small trinket she’d found at the Christmas market tightly, “This year my new years resolution is that I’m going to change and finally get a date with Gary!” she said and almost thought she felt the trinket get a little warm.

She set it down on the counter and headed to bed, tomorrow she knew she’d head back to work and Gary would be there, ignoring her as usual.

Abigail walked in to the office and went straight to her cubical, dropped off her coat and got to work.  She was the first one in and it was still going to be a while before the rest of the office arrived.  As they did, she didn’t pay any attention to them, instead keeping her head buried in her work.

It wasn’t until mid morning that she came up for air and a bathroom break.  On her way back, as she walked along the hall, she looked over to Gary’s cubical and saw him there, talking to one of the other women in the office.  Her shoulders sank as the other woman flipped a long lock of blonde hair over her should and laughed at something Gary had said.

Without thinking she reached in to her pocket and gripped the trinket from the market, if she’d thought about it she wouldn’t have even remembered putting it there this morning before she left.

To her surprise, Gary turned in her direction and she heard his voice echo in her head, “Someone might notice her if she let her hair down.”

The trinket in her hand felt warm for a moment and Abigail felt her hair fall on to her shoulders, finally set free from the tight bun it had been in.

Gary’s voice came again, “Her hair is nice, but it could use some colour and style.”

Abigail felt the warmth in her hand again as her hair cascaded down her back and a blonde lock fell in front on her face.  She raised a hand and brushed it back, knocking her glasses down her nose a bit.

“She could use some better makeup.”

“She’s cute, but she dresses like an old maid.”

“Those clothes would look good on her if she had some curves.”

“Those glasses kind of make her look smart, but I bet she’s just a dumb bimbo behind them.”

The words came fast as the trinket grew hotter and hotter and she felt her body and clothes shift under the onslaught.

Abi looked at the trinket in her hand, it was cold and lifeless, as she pushed her glasses up her nose.  She didn’t need glasses, but she wanted to really look smart for her job, otherwise she might get fired.

She noticed Gary looking over at her and she smiled at him, he was cute and so she walked over to him.

“Like, hi Gary!  Happy new year! *giggle*” Abi said, jiggling her large breasts so Gary could get a good view of her cleavage through the low cut blouse she was wearing.

“Hi Abi, happy new year to you too.” Gary replied, staring at the large implants Abi had gotten over the holidays.

He’d been after her for a while, but he hadn’t manage to get a chance to ask her out yet.

“I see you got an early start to your new years resolutions.” he said, looking straight at her protruding breasts.

“God, yea, aren’t they great!” she replied, jiggling them again.

“Oh!  Come with me! *giggle*” she said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the storage room.  She closed the door behind them and turned on the lights.

“Like, do you want to see them?”

Gary just nodded dumbly as Abi unbuttoned her blouse and the reached behind her and unclasped her bra.  Two perfectly round breasts stood proudly on her chest and she smiled a millon watt beam of joy right at him as her whole body shivered and her nipples hardened.

Without thinking, Gary reached out and placed his hand on one of them, caressing it and then taking the hard nipple between his thumb and finger.

“Ooooooo… yea Gary… that feels… soooooooooo… gooooooood *giggle*” Abi said, bitting her lower lip and tilting her had back a bit and pushing her chest out.

Gary leaned in and took the other nipple between his lips and sucked.

“Mmmmmmm… like, harder!” she said as she placed her hands on his head and pulled him in to her bosom.

Gary didn’t need any other prompting and took her nipple between his teeth, using his hand to twist the other one and Abi squealed in delight.

Soon enough she was bent over a stack of boxes, her tiny skirt hiked up over her hips and Gary’s cock buried deep in to her pussy.  It was a good thing she always brought condoms with her as a few minutes later she felt him stiffen and release while still balls deep in her.

It only took a few minutes to get cleaned up and just before they left the room, Abi pulled Gary in by his tie and kissed him passionately.

She broke off the kiss and smiled, “So, like, do you want to maybe get dinner tonight?” she asked.

“You mean like a date?”

“Ugh hun.” she nodded back at him.

“Sure, sounds like fun as, long as we can have desert back at your place that is.”

“*giggle* Totally Gary, like anything you want!” she replied, pushing her lips to his once more and snaking her tongue in to his mouth.

She left the room first and headed back to her cubical, she couldn’t believe how well the new year had started off.  After all, she’d just made her new years resolution yesterday and she’d already accomplished it!