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Laura held up her phone and snapped a picture and then sent it to the client as the third question Kevin had asked still reverberated through her, “The job is never done.”

A moment later the response came back, “Perfect, pick you up in 10.”

She’d seen this client last week and he’d mentioned the industry event he had to go to, he was recently divorced and was looking for some arm candy to take with him when Kevin’s third rule had popped in to her head.

“Why don’t I go with you?” she had said before she even realized it.  It was a Saturday night event and she’d normally have been at home, but as Kevin had said, the job was never done so if she had to give up a Saturday night to make the client happy, she would do it.

She heard the client knock at her door and she walked to it and opened it, smiling at the older man stuffed in to a suit that didn’t fit very well.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Of course.” she replied and stepped forward.  He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close, placing a kiss on her lips, working his tongue in to her mouth and she responded in kind.

They made their way to the limo and he mauled her tits the entire ride, she moaned and cooed, letting him know he was doing just the right things to get her excited.

At the event she sat across from him and part way through the meal she’d felt his sock covered foot press up between her legs.  She’d parted them and he’d rubbed up against her bare pussy for the rest of the meal.

It had been weeks since she’d worn panties, one of her clients had told her how they just got in the way and since then she’d never found a need to wear them.

Once the event was over, they headed back to his home and to his bedroom.  He’d tossed her on to the bed, rolled her over and ripped the dress right off of her body.  She squealed in delight as he grabbed her hips and pulled her up, giving her ass a nice hard smack when it was in just the right place.

She heard his pants hit the floor and she wiggled her ass, inviting him to use her and she didn’t have to wait long until she felt him press up against her sphincter.

It wasn’t something she had known before taking the job, but she really loved anal sex, all of her clients told her it was true and the client was always right after all.

They also told her she was the best fuck they had had, so she did everything she could to make sure that was true as well.

She felt his hot cum flood her ass and she cried out as her orgasm rocked her.  Another one of her clients had told her she always came harder with anal and she’d been surprised to find out it was true moments later.

He pulled out and flopped down on the bed beside her, she crawled over and found his softening dick.  She took it between her lips, sucking the last of his cum from him, his hand reaching between her legs and finding her sopping wet pussy.

She bobbed up and down as he diddled her, he wouldn’t be hard again but that didn’t matter, he was still the client and after all, the job was never done, even if the client was.