“…and I pledge to rid the city of corruption if I’m elected.  Just as I have relentlessly fought crime in city streets, protecting the good citizens of this city, so too will I track down and weed out corrupt officials.  You have the Gilded Guardian’s word.” came the voice from the laptop, a press conference recorded earlier in the day and now replayed in the ambassadors chambers.

The Deputy Mayor clicked a key and the video froze on the smiling face of the Gilded Guardian, her golden skin shimmering in the mid day sun.

“As you can see, she is becoming quite the problem for the Mayor, with the election just weeks away she’s taken the lead in the polls and it doesn’t look like there’s anything he can do to stop her.”

“Yes, well if the Mayor wasn’t in the middle of three different corruption probes, it might be a different story.”  Dr. Taylor responded with a smirk.

“If two of those weren’t directly related to your relationship with him, no one would have even been looking for the other one.” The DM replied pointedly.

Dr. Taylor’s normally placid face darkened and a frown formed on his lips, “Perhaps so.  You would like me to do something about her then I assume.  I could send Lady Justice to pay her a visit?”

“What?  No, nothing so obvious.  Nothing that can be linked back to you or us for that matter.”

“Let me see what I can come up with.  Let the Mayor know I’ll take care of it.”

Gilda walked in to the bathroom to prepare for a good nights rest, the countless interviews and speeches needed to run for Mayor were exhausting.  Of course it wouldn’t have been necessary if the weak willed defuses in the Mayor’s office hadn’t fallen pray to that evil man’s influence.  

She looked in the mirror and let out a sigh, she focused her power and let her skin fade back to its normal colour, the golden tone and highlights on her face fading away.  She had to admit, she saved a fortune in cosmetics and it let her influence people in subtle ways that they seldom noticed.

Once finished, she walked back out to her bedroom and walked over to the bed, pulling down the sheets just as she heard the glass on the window behind her shatter.  Before she could turn around, she felt something lodge in her ass, she turned around and looked out of her penthouse window, the night lit up with the city lights, except a dark silhouette floating just outside.

She tensed, then a wave of dizziness came over her and her muscles relaxed.  She stepped forward but her legs gave out from under her and she dropped to her knees.

The figure outside floated in towards her, her nightstand light finally providing enough illumination for her to see Lady Justice smiling down on her, with a large duffel bag in her hand.

Then darkness engulfed her.

Gunny looked down the scope of her rifle at The Gilded Guardian, the dossier she had on her told her everything she needed to know for the job the Doc had assigned her.  As a hero, the Gilded Guardian wasn’t anything special, slightly enhanced strength, increased reflexes and a relatively minor power of changing her skin tone.

Of course it was still more than Gunny had had when she was a hero, but the Doc had given her the best tits around so she was so much happier now.

She loaded up the tranquilizer round, the Doc had made it special to ensure it worked quickly, then double checked to make sure LJ was in position.  She swivel the rifle back to her target and as she let out her breath, squeezed the trigger.

She watched the round hit it’s target and she giggled, stood up and jumped up and down, letting her massive tits sway as she did, “Like oh my god that was a totally perfect shot!  From, like…” she scrunched her brow and tried to remember the number, “… 2 kilometers!”

Gilda stirred awake and felt the restraints on her arms and legs, she was laid out on her bed, she recognized the ceiling as she opened her eyes.

She also recognized LJ standing over her along with a mass of wired running over the side of the bed.

“LJ, snap out of it!” she tried to scream, but it came out mumbled.

“Like, what’s that Gilda?  Don’t worry or anything, I’m almost totally done here!  But the Doc said you needed to, like, come around first.”

Gilda tried to shake off the effects, finally she managed to get her mouth to work properly.

“LJ, untie me!  You’re a hero of this city too!  Whatever he’s done to you… fight it!”

“Like, oh my gawd why would I do that?  The Doc is the best!  But like, he said to not waste any time, so talk to you soon!” LJ said as she pushed the programming helmet down on to Gilda’s head.

Gilda closed her eyes and tried to fight it as hard as she could, but the helmet was too powerful and soon her eyes opened, her jaw was slack and the programming was being fed in to her without any resistance.

“And so it is with great regret that I have to resign from the election for Mayor.  This new threat I’ve uncovered to the city is too great for me not too address it personally.  I know that this is all very last minute and with the election just two days away there will be no time to find someone else to run against the Mayor, but with his name cleared in the corruption investigations I’m quite confident that he will lead this city to even greater heights.  That is why I’m endorsing him and look forward to working with him in the future.”

The DM once more paused the video, it was the fifth time he’d watch it and he knew he’d been watching it many more times.  Dr. Taylor had delivered a fatal blow to the Mayor’s competition and the election was a shoe in now.

A thought crossed his mind, he wondered what Dr. Taylor had in store for her now that she’d announced she would be out of the public eye for the foreseeable future, fighting this new menace.  A menace he was sure only existed in whatever programming the Doctor had installed in her mind.

“GG, would you come in here please?”

GG stood up and walked from her desk in to the Mayor’s home office.  She flicked a few wayword strands of black hair back over her pale white sholder and adjusted her glasses before entering and closing the door behind her.

“Hiya boss, what do you need?”

“I’m afraid the menace has returned once more.” the Mayor said.

“Oh my god, I’ll defeat it!” she said as she pulled down her short skirt over her golden heels, then unbuttoned and removed her blouse.

She stood up straight and focused her power, her skin darkening to a golden hue, her hair lightening to almost white and then the golden triangles forming around her breasts and bum, making a shimmering gold bikini.

When she was done, she wiggled her ass over to the Mayor’s desk and walked around it, finding the menace sticking straight up from the Mayor’s lap.

“Like, it’s stronger then ever!  I won’t stop until I defeat it though, like you can totally count on me Mr. Mayor!” she said as she dropped to her knees and wrapper her lips around it.

She worked hard at sucking the energy out of the menace, but was unable to do it.  She stood up and straddle the Mayor, lowering herself down and trapping the menace in her pussy.

She fought as hard as she could, pushing the menace down, but each time it came back up and she forced herself back down on it.

“Oh my god, Mr. Mayor!  The menace is, like, just too strong!  I totally can’t defeat it, please help me!”

With a grunt the Mayor pushed her up and off of the menace and stood up himself, taking her by the hips, he pushed her down on to his desk.  Then, with a single thrust, pushed in to her ass.

“YESSSSSS! I’ll totally defeat the menace with your help Mr. Mayor!” she cried out as the menace worked it’s way deep in to her.  She fought it with everything she had, squeezing the menace as tightly as she could.

Finally she felt the menace grow even stronger and then she felt it’s power burst forth and in to her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Mr. Mayor!” she cried out as the orgasm washed over her and she went limp on to the desk.

She felt the menace pull out of her and by the time she’d recovered it had escaped once more, “I’m sorry Mr. Mayor, I like, totally let it escape again!”

“Don’t worry GG, I’m sure it will be back soon.  Now go get dressed and let me know what my next call is.”

“*giggle* Yes sir, Mr. Mayor!”