A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Shelia looked at the beautiful trees that surrounded her cabin for the last time as her body walked at a brisk pace behind the man that had caught her.

She was a passenger in her own body now, the implant had fully integrated itself now and it was in control.  They walked for quite a ways until she could hear the sound of chopper blades cutting thought the serene air of the forest and they walked out in to a clearing.

Moments later, she saw the helicopter come in to sight and her last hope that Darren hadn’t added her name to the “Interested Parties” list died.

She’d met Darren at some stupid fund raiser in Hollywood, she’d been hired as an “extra” to make the party more beautiful and it was easy enough work, better than her normal shift at the strip club at least.  All she really had to do was walk around, smile and look pretty.  If someone started talking to her she could nod her head along with whatever they were saying and then excuse herself after a bit and move on to the next group.

When she’d first met Darren, she knew it was going to be different.  When most of the men looked at her, they saw something pretty, a distraction for a few minutes that they could fantasize about later.  They’re eyes sparkled, their smiles warmed the room.  Darren looked at her with hungry, needful eyes.  They sent shivers down her spine and the last time she’d seen a look like that it had ended with a restraining order for a stalker at the club.

But Darren wasn’t just some loser she was going to dance for and have to have the bouncers toss him out, he was a Senator, a man of power that was used to getting his way even if it was from some mid western state.  But that also meant that she could use him, as long as she tread carefully and made sure to keep him in his place.  She was pretty sure the small group of aids that hovered around him would help with that as well, no one wanted to be on staff when a scandal hit after all.

And so she’d chatted him up, smiled and touched his arm.  Laughed at his dumb jokes, played with her hair, all the signals to show him she was interested.  By the time they left, they’d exchanged phone numbers.

The next few weeks had been a budding long distance texting relationship, she found ways to direct simple conversations to outrageous flirting and finally to some light sexting.

By the time he had his next event in California, he was having his staff setup a private dinner and room they could “relax” in afterwards.  She’d played along, having dinner and being coy as they talked afterwards.

He’d been aggressive, like she had known he would be, kissing her with tongue, fondling her ass and breasts.  She’d pulled back, demurring that he was married, that they couldn’t have sex.  She watched the rage build in his eyes, he was holding it in, but she could tell it wouldn’t last much longer, that’s when she’d suggested the hand job.

“I mean, it’s not really sex right?” she’d asked innocently and watched the wolf grin cross his face.

Soon enough she was wiping cum from her fingers and a satisfied smile adored his face.  He’d left a little while later, leaving behind a small jewelry box for her.  Inside was a pretty set of diamond ear rings which she was surprised to learn were worth over $5k when she sold them.

She’d left an hour or so later and after that she’d ramped up the sexting and he’d been easy to manipulate in to doing the same.  At that point, her worst case scenario would be having some photo’s she could sell for a pretty penny to the tabloids, but she was looking for more that a quick buck.

Two weeks later, he’d flown her out to his home state, she’d suggested she could get him off with her tits and he’d come between them, a satisfied man.  He’d left her another gift when he’d left and she’d headed back to California that night.

By the time he’d confirmedthe rumours of the mandatory registration act one night while they laid in bed, she’d been seeing him for almost a year.  She’d played innocent for quite a while and let him “corrupt” her in to sex after a few months and by this point she figured he was paying her well over $30k a month between the gifts and trips to see her.

Which worked out well when she had to convert all of her assets to something more durable… gold and platinum.

Once she had everything arranged, she headed across the border and deep in to the northern forest where she’d bought the cabin in untraceable cash.

Now she was leaving it for the last time, the blades of the helicopter speed up and they lifted off from the ground.

Shelia waited in the room, it was well lit with a single table in it, but she could see the overhead cameras.  She’d spent the last day or so going through processing, a boring and tedious procedure that only a government bureaucrat could have dreamed up, but that was done now.

Now she was waiting, though she didn’t know for what.  The previous attendant that had ushered her from station to station had told her body to sit in the chair and walked out.  Without any further commands, her body remained seated.

When the door finally opened, she wished she was back in the processing line.  Darren walked in, his wolfish grin spread across his face as he sat down in the chair across from her.

“Hello Shelia, how are you?” he asked.

“This host is 100% functional.” her body responded.

“Ah, still in basic command mode I see.  Well, don’t worry, that will change shortly.”

Unsurprisingly, his reassurance did nothing but worry her more.

“You know, when you disappeared, it really hurt.  I mean I thought we had something.  But I guess it was just about the money for you.  When the agents sweep through your apartment they didn’t find any of the gifts I’d given you.

Though for some reason they did show up in several pawn shops around your apartment.  I wonder how that could have happened?” he said, not expecting an answer.

“And running off without saying goodbye, that was a dagger through my heart.  I could have protected you from the registry you know, I’m a Senator after all!”

She knew he was lying, he didn’t have the kind of power and the insincere tone in his voice told her he was mocking her.

“If you hadn’t hurt me so much, I might have been inclined to speak with the agent on your behalf.  But he’s filed his report now and I’m afraid trying to bribe an agent is a federal crime.  The Judge didn’t look too kindly on a runner to begin with, but with the extra charges I’m afraid you’ve been moved to a level three convict.”

If she’d been able to move a muscle, her eyes would have widened and bulged, a level three conviction was unthinkable.

“But as I said, not to worry, the Judge was happy to accept my friend of the court offer to take you off of the public penal system and host you at my home.”

She fought to jump over the table and strangle his as hard as she could but her body remained ridged in the chair.

“I’m told all I have to do is provide you with the right command and I’ll be able to take you home with me right away.  Any last words?” he asked, chuckling, knowing there was no way for her to answer.

“Alpha. Gamma. Delta…” she heard the first few words of the command but then things started to spin, she felt the implant squeezing everything out of her mind as darkness engulfed her.

Shelia, or what had been Shelia, sat on the wicker chair, her legs parted, her bare pussy exposed, her hands on her knees, looking straight ahead.  The warmth of the summer sun beating down on the mid westered home of the Senator as she sat by the pool, the Senator taking his daily swim.

“Shelia I’m just about done, get ready.”  the Senator called from the pool.

Shelia turned and looked at him, raising her hand to her glasses and taking them off, folding them and placing them behind her in the chair.  Then she stood up and removed her dress, folding it and placing it with the glasses.

She walked over to the pool just as the Senator was stepping out, she bent down and grabbed the towel and dried him off as he stood there.  Once she was finished, she pulled his swim trunks down and wrapped her lips around his cold cock, warming it in her mouth until it stiffened and she could stroke up and down it’s length.

“You know I aways thought you’d look better as a blonde and I was right.” he said out loud but clearly not to her.

“And those new lips are the best present I ever bought you if I do say so myself.”

She continued to work up and down until she felt his hands take her head and pull her back off of him.  He guided her up and towards the cot by the chair she had been seated in.

“Take your position.” he said and she knew what he wanted.  She placed her feet at either side of the cot, reached down and bent over, steadying herself as she pushed her ass back towards the end of the cot.

His hands squeezed her ass and she let out a moan.  He pushed he hard cock up against her pussy and she pushed back even more, forcing it in to her.

He stroked in and out of her, her moans and cries of pleasure encouraging him on.

“God Shelia, I don’t know if your still in there, nobody does really, but I hope so.” he said.

Shelia let out another long, low moan in response.  In the furthest reached of her mind, a tiny voice was begging to be heard, but the implant paid it no attention and continued on with it’s programming.