A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Jennifer crawled around her room on all fours, the plush white carpet making it easy to do so physically, even if she was fighting it with every ounce of her will power.

A year ago she’d been the CFO of a major fortune 500 company, a rising star even in the new hell the country found itself in after the election.  She’d read up and follow each and every one of the Acts, making sure to steer clear of anything that could get her charged under them, but she couldn’t account for her subordinates sabotaging her on purpose.

They’d snuck in an extra account for themselves and funneled cash to it, but had her sign the paperwork with a bunch of others so that she hadn’t noticed.  Then, once they’d funneled off enough cash, they’d reported her to the authorities.

She’d fought it, producing evidence of their guilt, but it didn’t matter.  The Financial Responsibility Act made it quite clear that, as CFO, she was responsible for any and all fraud under her.

She’d been convicted of a level 2 offense and before sentencing had been decided, someone entered a friend of the court filling.  She’d read enough court transcripts in preparing for the trial to know what it meant, someone had put her on the “Interested Parties” list and the didn’t bode well for her sentencing.

When the judge finally handed down her sentence, 1 year of service, she was surprised to find out the “friend” of the court had been her ex, John.

She’d divorced him after only a year of marriage as they had gotten married when she was just 18 and soon realized her mistake.  After that she had finished school and worked hard to get to where she was.  She hadn’t heard from John since the divorce and she couldn’t imagine how he’d gained enough influence to add her name to the list, but he had and she would be spending the next year in service to him.

He’d taken her right from the courthouse and when they’d arrived at his home, she’d been surprised once more.  It was large, almost a mansion and well furnished as well.  

For the first few days it had gone mostly like she had expected, he’d used her body to release whatever pent up anger or guilt he had left over from their brief time together and then left her pretty much alone for a week or two.

What she hadn’t know at the time was that her short respite was actually just the time he needed to complete her new room.  He’d walked her in to it, smiling from ear to ear and she looked around and couldn’t quite figure out what she was looking at.

The room was white, not just the walls or carpet, but the ceiling, drapes, furniture, everything.  And there wasn’t much furniture to speak of either; a small desk, a half dresser, a large screen tv mounted too low on the wall and what looked like some kind of dog bed.  She could see an attached bathroom, which was all white as well.

She wanted to ask what the meaning of it was, what the room was for, but the implant didn’t let her move her lips or any other part of her body, instead simply standing there, waiting for his next command.

He held out a bag, “Here, strip and put this on.”

She took the bag and looked inside, there were several pink and white articles of clothing as well as a pair of shoes.  Her body set it down on the carpet and stripped naked, inside she burned with embarrassment but no matter how hard she fought it, the implant simply executed his commands quickly and efficiently.

She took the first article of clothing out of the bag and found it to be a skimpy pink bunny costume, with a tail and all.  Her body slipped it on and pulled out the next item, a think pink cocker, followed by a pair of pink bunny ears and cuffs.  A pair of pink fishnet stockings and pink platform heels completed the outfit and her body stood at attention in front of him.

He’d taken her in to the bathroom next and had her apply makeup, when he was satisfied he commanded her to take a good luck in the mirror and remember it, she was to apply it every day and do touch-ups as required.  Then he led her back out to the main room he started speaking again.

“From now on you are my house pet bunny, BunBun.  Get down on your hands and knees, pet’s don’t stand up.”

Her body responded and dropped to it’s knees.

He reached down and stroked the side of her head, her body responded by pushing in to his and and moving towards his legs.  He pushed his thumb between her lips and her body sucked on it as she tried desperately to bit it off.

He pulled out and smiled down at her and then turned and left.  Without any particular command, she managed to crawl around the room and inspected it.  She looked in the dresser and found it filled with identical costumes to the one she was wearing.  The desk drawers were empty and the “bed” was just big enough for her to lay down in the fetal position.

She tried to stand up, but the implant wouldn’t let her except for when she tried to use the toilet or check her makeup in the bathroom mirror.  Eventually she got board and crawled in to the bed and dozed off for a while.

John returned several hours later and fucked her, her face buried in the carpet, her ass as high up in the air as she could.  It was a scene he repeated several times a week.

But he’d also given her additional things to do; exercises that seemed to target specific muscle groups, positions to practice staying in, sounds to practice making, ways to move her body, how to respond to certain phrases and finally the masturbation.

Anytime she found herself without something to do, her body would turn on the TV, which played a loop of what she assumed was hand picked porn and start to masturbate to it.  The video was all of women in bunny outfits, much like hers, debasing themselves for the men in the videos.  The women in the video’s never spoke, never wanted anything, they only serviced them men in whatever way they chose.

As if the masturbation and porn wasn’t enough, she quickly found the implant would not let her cum no matter how hard she frigged herself.

To top it all off, John had given her one last example of the power of the implant when he’d asked “Would Jennifer like to go outside?”

She screamed yes at the top of her lungs but her lips did not move, the implant was now programmed only to respond to BunBun and since BunBun had not been asked a question, she couldn’t respond.

On the other hand, when he’d asked “Does BunBun want to have fun fun?” her body had bounced around the room and then quickly wrapper her lips around his shaft and sucked every last drop of cum from his body.  And that’s when her orgasm crashed over her.

It didn’t take for her long to realize she could only orgasm when his cum was in or on her.  It made the masturbation even worse, knowing it would never lead to a release, but her body continued to do it even as she fought it.

After a couple of months of exercise and practice, he’d introduced the next step in her training.  He’d had her get up on her feet, but crouch down on her haunches and hop around the room in her towering platform heels.

She fell more often than not, but her body kept practicing and the exercises had worked the parts of her legs that were needed to perform the action and so she eventually managed it.

She could only imagine how shameful she looked, hoping around the room, her hands held up in front of her as the stupid smile was plastered across her face.

After that he seemed to get in to a ritual.  Each day he’d come in after she’d done her exercises and practice, after she’d masturbated for several hours watching the video and ask “Does BunBun want to have fun fun?”

She’d hop over to him, suck his cock, she’d have a mind blowing orgasm and then he’d leave.

It went on for several months and eventually she stopped fighting it, even, if she was honest, started looking forward to the orgasm.  So much so that she’d started to actually participate in the daily ritual.

The first time she’d done it she’d almost broken down afterwards at what she’d done.  But she quickly rationalized it as the only thing she could actually do.  The implant would make her body do it anyway, so why fight it anymore?  Why not at least get some pleasure out of it?

She found the more she actively participated in it, the more control she had.  She could choose what sound to make next, to move up and down his shaft quickly or slowly, to keep her hands in front of her tits and tweak her nipples or extend them out and fondle his balls.

She embraced her new found freedom and even found she could extended it to other parts of her routine.  Like when she masturbated to the videos, if she engaged in it instead of being a passive bystander she could choose how deep to bury her fingers in her pussy, when to lick them clean, how often to squeeze her tits, when to moan and how often to slap her pussy fake an orgasm.

After a few months more, she was fully engaged in her new life and she couldn’t be happier.  That’s when John walked in one day and, like every day, her pussy had moistened and then he’d said it, “Does BunBun want to have fun fun?”

She’d hopped over and sucked him hard, but just as she was sure she was going to get her treat, he’d pulled her off of him.  Her tongue flicked out from between her lips and she’d tried to get back on to him, but instead he held her firmly away as he knelt down and laid back on to the carpet.

She was confused for a moment, but the implant knew what to do and she let it guide her.  She hopped over top of him until her pussy was right over his ridged dick and then she lowered herself down on to him, sliding his cock deep in to her pussy.  Then her body started to bounce up and down as she rode him, her hands held up in front of her as she did.

He didn’t last long that first time, she felt his hot cum enter her and her own orgasm washed over her.  Just before it crested, she heard her own voice for the first time in months, “BunBun is fun fun!”

She felt him deflating in her and her body took one, two hops back and then her lips wrapped around him and sucked every last drop of his cum from him.

And that was how it had been for the last year.  She was so used to the routine of it she didn’t really pay any attention to it any more.  All she did was look forward to the orgasm that came whenever John used her.  

Well, that’s how it had been up until a week ago, she hadn’t seen him for over a week and all the masturbation had really gotten her needy.  She hoped he’d come and use her soon.

When he finally opened the door again, something was different.  He had something in his hand and he walked over to the small desk and set it down.  She looked over and it was a tablet.

“So I know your still in there Jennifer and I just wanted to let you know that today is the last day of your sentence.  In just a few minutes your going to be a free woman again.”

Jennifer tried to process what he’d said but was having a hard time, she was desperate to get his cock in to her mouth but he hadn’t said the words yet.

“Of course, as a free woman you will be free to leave and never see me again.”

Jennifer was confused, a part of her was horrified she’d never she him again but another part, one that was growing louder and louder was desperate to run screaming from the room.

“And that means you won’t get your treat anymore.  But I guess that is how it has to be.”

The two parts of her fought for control, neither getting and advantage over the other.

“Of course, you could stay, if you ‘signed’ the contact I’ve written up for you on the tablet with a simple thumbprint.”

BunBun wanted to race over and press her thumb to the screen, Jennifer wanted to take the tablet and smack John across the face with it.

“I guess I can’t procrastinate any more.  Delta, capricorn, alpha, omega…”

The words burned their way in to her mind as the implant released control.

She looked up at John, her expression changing from hate to adoration from second to second.

Jennifer was about to stand up when he spoke once more, “Does BunBun want to have fun fun?”

A wave of desire overcame her and she got up on to her haunches and hopped towards John.

“Not yet BunBun, you have to sign it first.”  John said and pointed to the tablet.

BunBun took a single hop towards the desk.

Jennifer screamed at her to stop and fought as hard as she could.

BunBun took another hop.

Jennifer begged her to stop.

BunBun extended her hand towards the tablet.

Jennifer cried, pleaded for her to stop, John would be using them forever!

BunBun smiled and pressed her thumb in to the tablet and the screen flashed and Jennifer felt the implant activate once more.

Jennifer screamed as the implant force her out of her own mind and BunBun turned towards John who had laid down on the carpet and hopped over to him.

She mounted him and hopped up and down on his cock as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.

Her lips started to move as she increased her speed, “BunBun is fun fun!  BunBun is fun fun!  BunBun is fun fun! BunBun is fun fuuuuuugh!” she cried as John cam in her and her orgasm pushed the last whispers in the back of her mind out.