“Hey, what’s going on!?” Justine asked, holding the hem of her latex dress as she looked over to Donald.

“Oh, well I’ve decided to make some changes my dear.”  he responded.

“Changes, what the hell!”  she shouted with venom.  She turned to walk towards him when she noticed the black remote in his hand and he pressed a button.

Suddenly she could not move, “Wha…” she started to say but another button press took away her voice.

“That’s better, now then here we go.” he said and pressed yet another button.  Her black and white maid’s outfit came to life, flowing over her body, encase her completely in the latex material, the white fading from it until it disappeared completely.

It covered her legs and arms, then her hands and feet and then finally flowed up and over her head.  Then she felt it pull back from her breast, pussy and ass as it parted revealing all three.

“Yes, well that looks good, the maid’s work is done for the day after all.”  he said allowed to no one in particular and then pressed another button.

Justine felt her mind swirl around until nothing made sense.  Then suddenly it stopped and she was completely calm.

“Status?”  Donald asked.

“Drone is operating at 100% functionality.” Justine heard her voice respond.

“Good.  Drone assume position 5.”

Justine’s body walked over to Donald and turned around, spread it’s legs apart and bent over, grabbing her ankles.

She felt his dick press up against her bare pussy and an explosion of pleasure burst forth, as he pushed in to her, it only intensified.  But her body kept perfectly still, not making a sound as he began pushing deeper and deeper in to her.

Then he grabbed her hips and started to rock back and forth.  She didn’t think it could be any more pleasurable, but each stroke caused more and more pleasure as her mind tried to reconcile it with the total loss of control.

Then, after several minutes of fucking her, he came and his jizz exploded in to her.  Her body recoiled from the pleasure and her orgasm took her completely by surprise.

But that wasn’t the only thing that caught her off guard, a sudden flood of memories washed over her.  She’d been here before, many times over the last few months since he’d brought the remote home, each time it had been the same, her body obeyed.  Her mind tried to resist but when he came, so did she.

“Stand up and turn towards me.” he said and she obeyed.

“Are you ready yet Justine?” he asked.

“Nnnn…nnn…no Master.  I still fight it.  I’m sorry Master.”

“That’s alright, I have to admit I’m enjoy the process quite a bit.” he replied and pressed another button.

“Drone is ready for your command.”

“Masturbation mode, on the floor.” he said.

Justine’s body dropped to it’s knees and one latex covered hand dover for her pussy, the other grabbed one of her exposed breasts and squeezed.

The waves of pleasure coming from her fingers kept her on edge for hours.  She knew that when it was time for Donald to turn in, he’d use her again and maybe, if she was lucky, this time the pleasure would finally burn away the last bits of resistance she had.