A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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“Karrie, could you come here for a minute?” Tom called out.

“Sure!” she replied in a bubbly voice as she pushed her glasses up her nose and stood up.  She walked out from behind the registration table and headed over to Tom, her short skirt ruffling in the slight breeze.

It had been a slow day at the womens services fare, well for their booth at least.  The other booths were busier, but they had more staff and definitely had more eye catching ladies on hand.

“What can I do for you Tom?” she asked as she stood in front of him, another man standing beside him that she didn’t recognize.

“Would you get undressed please.”

“Of course!” she smiled and started to pull her small top off, then her skirt and finally started to pull her panties down.

“That’s good.” Tom replied and so she stopped and stood back up, her panties part way down her legs.

“As you can see, she’s fully compliant.  Look at her smile, the sparkle in her eyes behind those glasses, she’s just happy to be standing there having completed my orders, aren’t you Karrie?”

“Of course Tom, I’ll do anything for you.”

“And the sign behind you?  Women’s rights?  We can do it?  What rights do women have?  What can they do?”

“Oh women have no rights after the Domestic Harmony Act of 2021, the first new legislation the President signed in his second term!  Women can do anything they’re told to now.”

The other man nodded and then frowned slightly, “So you’ve gotten yourself an obedient one, there are those women that embraced the new act.  Is that supposed to impress me?”

“Karrie, tell this gentleman what you used to do and what you found.”

“I was a biochemist, working for a large pharmaceutical company on a mood stabilizing drug for violent offenders.  It was supposed to keep a person at a nice even keel, but it had a side effect, it opened the person up to any suggestion that was made.”

“And how did you come by this miracle drug?” the man asked.

“Oh that was easy.”  Tom responded, “Karrie  ran straight to her manager and told him everything, which just happened to be me at the time.  She even set up a demonstration, gave me all the details about how much to use for optimal results and everything.  She was so distracting in setting it up she didn’t notice I filled a needle with a the drug until I plunged it in to her arm.  By the time she realized what was happening, she was completely open to the effects of the drug.  What happened then Karrie?”

“Oh you told me how I should embrace the Act, how I was just a piece of property with no rights.  You told me you were my owner and how happy I was because of that!”  she beamed as the happiness shone through.

“And you have more of the drug?” the man asked.

“Of course, Karrie quit the next day, but I stayed on for a few months to make sure I’d scrubbed any record of the side effect.  Then it was easy enough to torpedo the project with a few bad results.  The company closed down the project and shortly afterwards I left as well.”

“And the tattoo?”  the other man asked.

“That, oh that, it’s half of the primary compound in the drug.  I was tired of having to inject her each time I wanted to make an adjustment so I have the other half on a rubber stamp, when the two parts touch she opens up her own mind for reprogramming now.”

The man looked up and down the row of booths, there were men at each one, some more than others, but he’d been to all of them already.

“I think we can do business, after a test subject of course.” he said and extended his hand.

Tom shook it and smiled, he knew that getting a booth at the womens services fare would work out.  

He turned back to Karrie and smiled, “Karrie, take our new investor back in to the booth and do what ever he wants.”

“Of course Tom!  Please sir, follow me.” she said, grabbing his hand and turning around, swinging her ass back and forth as she led him to the relative privacy the booth offered.

She didn’t know what he might want to do; a blow job, some simple sex or maybe anal.  It didn’t matter though she knew whatever it was, as soon as his cum hit her body her own orgasm would follow, because she was made to be used by men and that’s exactly what was about to happen.