Jessie peddled on the stationary bike, panting and out of breath after just 20 minutes.  She knew she was out of shape, but it surprised her exactly how out of shape she had gotten.

Sure, she’d added a few pounds over her college years, but seriously?  She’d done track in high school but now she could hardly get a simple 30 minutes of cardio do!

She walked back to the change room, got cleaned up and made a decision, no more slacking on the couch after work.  It was time to get back in shape.

Jessie looked in the mirror of the change room, she’d just finished an hour at the gym working out.  After a good six months of ramping up her routine, she’d dropped all of the extra weight she’d put on and then a few more pounds as well.

But as she looked at her body, she couldn’t help but see the extra skin that now hung lose.  It wasn’t a lot, just enough to be noticeable.  She looked down at her bag and picked up the jar of cream, it was labeled “Firm” and she’d never heard of the manufacturer before.

Her mind drifted back to the end of her workout, Brad, her personal trainer had looked quizically at her.

“Jessie, what’s the matter?”

“Well… nothing.”

“Look, you’ve come so far in the last few months.  Any of my other clients would be overjoyed… but I’ve seen that look before, you’re still not happy.”

“Sigh… it’s just… this.” she said, pulling a bit of extra skin from her arm.

“Ah, I see.  That’s a problem for a lot of people.  You can have surgery to take care of it if that’s what you want.”

“Ugh… I took a look at that on the internet, the scars are worse than the skin.”

“Yea… There might be… no…”

“Might be what?  Come on, don’t hold out on me Brad.”

“Well, it’s not legally ‘approved’ per say, but I know of this cream that a friend of mine brings in from overseas.  It works wonders, some of my clients with a lot more excess skin than you have used it and been very happy.”

“Are they any side effects?”

“Nothing long term, but it have some short term side effects.  Drowsiness is the big one so it recommended to apply just before you go to bed.”

“Sounds like I should try some, how much does it cost?”

“It’s not expensive, just $50 for a jar that should last a week.  I wouldn’t think you need more than 3 or 4 weeks to clear up what little excess skin you have.”


She turned jar over in her fingers several times before putting it back in her bag and heading home.

That night, just before bed, she opened the jar and applied the cream over the various area’s she thought needed it.  The smell was sweat, but strong and the cream rubbed entirely in to her skin quickly.

She laid back in bed under the covers and felt the drowsiness hit her as she fell asleep.

Jessie woke up and felt amazing.  It had been seven days since she’d started applying the cream and she could already see the difference, she couldn’t wait to see Brad later and tell him all about it.

She spent the day at work, distracted and unproductive, but when quitting time arrived she raced out of the office and straight to the gym.

Brad was waiting for her as she came out of the change room and walked straight to him.

“Hey Jessie, looking good.”

“Thanks Brad, that cream is amazing!  Take a look.” she replied and once more pulled at the skin under her arm, there was less of it and it bounced back more readily.

“That’s great.” Brad replied and reached in to his gym bag, “I assume you want another jar?”


Jessie rushed out of the change room and straight to where she assumed Brad would be waiting.  It had been three weeks since she’d started the cream and she couldn’t be happier.

All of her lose skin had vanished, her skin was tight and perfect.

She stopped short, looking around the gym and not seeing Brad.  A little panic set in and she rushed around, eventually she headed to the front desk.

“Excuse me?  Is Brad in today?”

“Oh, you must be Jessie.” the pretty blonde behind the counter said.

“Yes. Brad…”

“Yea, he wasn’t feeling well and called in sick.  He left his phone number for you and said you could reschedule in a couple of days.” the receptionist said and handed her a piece of paper.


Jessie headed back to the equipment and started her workout, but she couldn’t shake the uneasiness of not seeing Brad.  She rushed through her routine and headed home.

When she arrived she looked at the empty jar and dug out the last small dollops of cream with her fingers and rubbed it in to her body as best she could.

She fell asleep but tossed and turned all night.  The next morning she called in sick and stayed in bed, sending Brad a text message but receiving no reply.

Jessie’s hands shook as she pressed the stop button in her car.  Brad had finally texted her back, but instead of telling her he was going to be at the gym, had told her to come over to his place.

She’d quickly agreed, not even considering that it might be a little odd, all she wanted was another jar of the cream.

She stepped out of her car and walked up to his front door, nocking on it and waiting only a moment before it opened.  Brad stoop behind it smiling.

“Hi Jessie, come on it.”

“Th… thanks Brad.”

“I see you brought your gear, why don’t you get changed and we can go through your workout while you’re here.” Brad said and indicated a bathroom she could change in.

She looked down at the bag in her hand, she didn’t even remember picking it up, but she just nodded and headed in to the bathroom and changed.

An hour later, she stood before him, trembling not from the workout, but from her need of the cream.

“Brad… I… I mean… do you… have…”

“Any more of the cream?” Brad finished for her.

“Yes!” she shouted slightly without meaning to.

“Yea, I have so more, here.” he said and grabbed a jar from a table and tossed it to her.

She caught it mid air in both hands and hugged it to her body.  She unscrewed the top and took a deep breath of the sweat smell and without thinking, scooped a dollop from the jar and rubbed in in to her chest.  The a second in to her arms, a third in to her mid section and finally a forth on to her legs.

She let out a gasp and she felt it sink in to her skin and then the all to familiar drowsiness returned.  She knelt down and sprawled out on to the carpet to avoid falling and hurting herself.  As her eyes flickered shut, she saw Brad walk over and stand over her, the he knelt down beside her.

“That’s right Jessie, let the cream work its way all the way in to you.  You’re so tired but you can’t quite go to sleep yet, you have listen to what I have to say first.”

Jessie flirted with unconsciousness, but Brad’s words kept her from slumber.

“You know, that cream really does do a good job of firming up the body, but it does just as good of job of softening up the mind.  Your is so soft and pliable right now that it will accept anything I have to say as the truth.”

His words felt like the hands of a sculptor, reshaping her mind with each one he said.

“Now listen carefully Jessie.  Your old life is not important any more, it was just a dream.  Your new life, your real life, is that of a living sex doll.  Your body is made for pleasing others, your mind is an extension of that.  It is there only to find the best way of bringing pleasure to others.  Of course, as a doll, you have an owner and that is me, even if I choose to rent you out to others for a time.  I use you when and how I like and you are eager to be used.”

Jessie almost felt the invisible fingers kneed and reshape her mind until finally the blackness of unconsciousness consumed her.

Jessie Doll stood staring directly ahead, the jar of cream in her hand as her owner had instructed.  The flash of the camera filled the room but her eyes did not blink, instead she waited for her next command.

“Yea, you get it?” Brad asked to the man on the other end of the phone.

“Good, she’s ready any time, but I think I’ll keep her for the weekend at least.  Let’s say you drop by Monday and pick her up?”

“Perfect, see you then.” Brad responded and ended the call.

“All right, let’s really put the body through a workout.  Down on your knees and crawl over here.”

Jessie Doll dropped to the floor and left the jar behind as she crawled over to Brad, who had dropped his pants and sat down in a chair.

Her lips wrapped around his hard shaft and Jessie Doll did exactly what she was made for, bring pleasure to her owner.