‘Oh god… what was happening?  Where wash she?  What was she wearing?’ the thoughts ran through Malinda’s mind as she looked around what appeared to be an old warehouse with graffiti painted on it’s walls.

She looked around and saw several rows of women, all standing at attention in perfect lines.  That’s when she noticed her hair.

‘My hair’s not blonde, I’m a brunette!’ she thought as she stroked her latex covered fingers through the ends of hair.

That’s when it started to come back.

She’d been out with her friends on Friday night at a party, they were all getting lucky as usual and she wasn’t having any luck at all.  It wasn’t that she was some horrible hag or anything, but a few extra pounds and a bit too tall seemed to put off most guys she meet.

After a few drinks and a few failed attempts at conversation with the guys in the club, she decided to go out side and get some fresh air.

The next thing she knew there was someone behind her, putting a bag over her head and second later a stick of a needle in her ass.

A door on the other side of the room clicked open and her heart started to race, she tried to remember what had happened next and a sudden flash of memory took her back again.

This time she was strapped down to a bed, but she had on a black latex cat suit.  A man stood over her and grabbed her restrained hand, pushing her index finger down firmly on to a small pad.

She recognized it immediately, a control pad for a nanosuit, a nanosuit she was clearly wearing.

Her mind raced and put it together, they were nano-barons.  Gangs that grabbed people right off the street and used hacked nanosuits to sell them in to slavery.  It was of course highly illegal, but they shipped most of the slaves overseas where no one cared and even if they got free somehow, they wouldn’t find anyone to help them.

The man tapped the control several times and then smiled, she felt the nanosuit engulf her, squeeze her, reshape her and then she felt it enter her mind.

Memories of weeks, months, years? flooded back.  Her first owner had been a man in his 70’s in the Philippines, the second a young man, barely a man at all in Russia, her third, fourth, fifth, she’d lost count at some point.

Just like she’d lost track of all the things she had been.  The french maid, the slutty school girl, the bimbo, the seductress, the servant.  The list went on and on.

The footsteps echoing through the room brought her back to the moment and she panicked, making a run for the door.  But it was a mistake, they had left someone waiting for her and before she realized it he held up the tazer and the barbs pierced her skin and brought her to the floor.

Malinda woke up once more restrained, groggy and sore.

“You know, these new nanosuits are supposed to last longer then the old ones.”

“Well nothing last forever, you have to admit 10 years of continuous use is pretty impressive.”

“Hey look, the doll’s finally awake.”

Malinda rolled her head to the side to see two men talking, holding the nanosuit she had been wearing in their hands and one of them held a much more advanced looking controller in his free hand.

The words slowly sunk in and clearly a look of panic cross her face.  She’d been in the nanosuit for 10 years, how much longer would the new one last? 20? 30? longer?  Would she be dead by the time it ran out?

“Oh, hey, don’t worry.  You’re going to love the improvements in the new suit, it should last at least 100 years.  But don’t worry, it’s the latest generation so it’s going to keep you alive pretty much forever as long as we keep putting a new one on you that is.”

The both gave a little chuckle and she started to squirm, but his strong hands pushed her finger on to the control pad and she felt the nanosuit once more encase her.

Her panic should have been screamed at the top of her lungs, but the nanosuit bombarded her with pleasure and instead all that escaped her lips were the cries of orgasmic bliss as the orgasms washed over her once more.