She pulled the headphones from her head and dropped backwards on to the bed, exhausted from another session with the mix Tommy had given her.

At first she’d almost thrown away the USB stick, Tommy had been trying to get in her pants for months, but the geeky freshmen wasn’t her type and gave off a weird kind of vibe as well.

But he did know his music and had said it contained some super rare tracks she’d like.  So instead of pitching it, she plugged it in to her computer and browsed through the MP3s.  He hadn’t been lying about how rare some of them were, she’d been looking for some of the tracks for years.

She’d transfered it over to her phone and started listening, a little at first and then more and more.  Over the last few weeks it had grown in to an obsession, taking up much of her free time.  At first she hadn’t noticed her own bodies reaction to the music, how it seemed to perk up or how the sound seemed to put her on edge.

It was only when a track ended and she found her fingers absently playing with her nipple did she realize how wet her pussy was.  It didn’t bother her, in fact once she realized it she quickly learned to go with it and her fingers moved from her nipples to her pussy.

Each time she listen to the tracks she found new heights of pleasure and looked for ways to enhance the experience.  At some point, she wasn’t really sure when, she’d started to get “dressed” before listening.

Gone were the baggy sweatshirt and jeans, replaced with tight fitting tops and short skirts.

Soon after she stopped wearing her bra and panties.

Today’s outfit was a sheer top that she could easily see her hard nipples through, a tiny skirt that barely covered her pussy lips and a set of towering 6″ heels.

She’d put the headphones on, sat on the edge of the bed and masturbated as the songs played.  That had been hours ago and she’d been on edge throughout the entire session, only cumming when the final song played.

Now, as she basked in the afterglow, her hand unable to even grasp the headphones fully, the music still played behind her closed eyes.  But there was something else as well.

Without really thinking about it she managed to roll over and find her phone, she opened up her IM with Tommy and started typing.

“Thanks again for the mix, want to cum all over me and listen together?” she hit send, not even noticing the actual contents of when she had sent.

Her phone buzzed a moment later and his response, “Sure, I’ll cum over you any time.”, sent another small orgasm through her.

When it finally passed she stood up from the bed and headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up, she had to make sure she was presentable when Tommy arrived.  After all she had to show him how much she appreciated the mix and maybe, if she was lucky, he would cum all over her more than once.