Candice snapped the selfie while holding the doll and sent it to John, just like she had every day for the last two weeks before she left her apartment.

Before she had *permission* to leave the apartment she correct herself mentally.

She’d moved in to her new apartment three months ago and quickly found that she wanted to avoid her down the hall neighbour, John, at all costs.  Oh he’d never done anything directly to her those first few weeks, no, in fact he was very friendly.

But it was the kind of friendly that sent a chill down her spine and so she’d done everything she could to avoid him.

That was until he knocked on her door three weeks ago.  She’d decided she had had enough and was going to tell him to leave her alone so she opened the door.  As soon as she did, a wave of dizziness washed over her and she found herself being lead in to her own apartment by the arm.

The she was seated on her couch as the small plastic doll was placed on the coffee table in front of her.  For some reason her eyes wouldn’t look away from it.

He’d spoken the words that never left her mind anymore,  “Pay attention to the doll Candice.  It’s everything you want to be, everything you need to be.”

She’d gasped as he said the words and they seemed to push past her defenses and right in to her mind, “My empty headed blonde bimbo with a major exhibitionist streak.”

She’d orgasmed hard after that and he’d left her apartment without saying another word.  She’d almost convinced herself it was all a dream until the next day when she’d seen him in the hallway.  Instead of turning away or rushing for her apartment door, she found herself smiling and striding directly towards him, pulling down her top and exposing as much cleavage as possible as she did so.

She’d catted with him mindlessly for a good twenty minutes and even exchange phone numbers.  When she finally got back in to her apartment, there on the coffee table was the doll.

She almost had an orgasm just looking at it and she walked over and knelt down to get a better look at it.

John’s words came back to her, empty headed exhibitionist bimbo, and the orgasm came this time.

The next day she’d gone and gotten her hair dyed platinum blonde and extensions put in.  She’d visited the makeup counter and bought a whole new look for herself and she’d even done some clothes shopping.

She’d spent hours in front of her mirror and picked out the best outfit she could from her new purchases and then had texted John to see if he wanted to drop by.

He arrived shortly afterwards and she opened her door for him wearing a tight top that showed off her tits, a miniskirt that barely covered her ass and a pair of heels that almost made her as tall as him.

She’d flounced around half naked for him for most of the night until she found herself fully naked and between his legs, sucking on his cock.

He was holding the doll and with his thumb rubbing it’s pussy, she could feel each and every stroke of his thumb on her own pussy and when he came down her throat the biggest orgasm of her life rocked her.

The rest of the week had gone by quickly in a blur of tight outfits and orgasmic sex.  Each day when he left he’d told her to show off more and more skin during her normal day and by the end of the week, she’d learned it was easiest to take a selfie and send it to him before she left her apartment.

He’d liked the idea and told her not to leave without his blessing.

Today’s outfit was a cute little baby blue number she’d picked up last weekend.  He hadn’t seen it yet but she desperately wanted him to approve it, her tits barely stayed in the top and she knew they could pop out at any time, it made her wet just thinking about it.

Her phone binged with his reply, “Looks good doll, can’t wait to have those lips around me tonight.  Approved.”

Candice felt the small orgasm wash over her as she smiled and licked her lips, she couldn’t wait to have her lips wrapped around him either.  If she was lucky he’d let her blow him in front of the window, several of the neighbours in the building next door had discovered her exhibitionist streak over the last few weeks as she tended to masturbate in front of the window with the light on each night before going to bed.