Becka looked around the kitchen and opened a few cupboards, but they seemed to be mostly bare.  Ok, if she was honest it was her own fault, she was supposed to do the shopping this week but she figured Dean would do it if she left it long enough.

She’d been sharing a house with Dean for a few months, they’d been friends since public school and they’d agreed to split the rent.  Of course she hadn’t paid him for the rent yet either, it was hard when she was out of work, and, again if she was honest, wasn’t really looking for a job either.

No matter, Dean was always there for her.  She opened the last cupboard and found a box of cereal and whip cream.  She took a quick shot of the whip cream in to her mouth and then headed back to one of the cupboards where she saw a bowl.  She headed to the fridge and found some milk that still seemed to be good and poured it in to the bowl along with the cereal and then scrounged around for a spoon that looked clean.  Something else she was supposed to do.

She dug the spoon in to the bowl and shoveled it in to her mouth, the sweet taste of the sugary treat filling her mouth as she dribbled a bit of milk on to her bright yellow top that hung loosely on her body above the only clean underwear she could find which just happened to be Deans.

She must have been hungrier than she thought as she quickly took another scoop of cereal and milk and wolfed it down, which was followed by another and then another.

She was so focused on the cereal she didn’t even notice Dean walking in to the kitchen and standing behind her.

She did feel her body start to change, but paid it no mind as scoop after scoop found her mouth until finally it wasn’t enough and she pushed her face directly in to the bowl to slurp up as much of the cereal as she could.

By the time she came up for air, her long pink hair flowed down her shoulders on on to her expanding breasts, she look up and saw Dean standing there.

“You know Becka I wasn’t too sure how many pills to put in the milk, so I added a half dozen to the container, but the looks of it you probably got at least three doses worth from it.

She opened her mouth to say something but a dribble of milk came out of the corner of it and dropped down on to the top of her breasts just as the change hit her mind.

“There it is.  Now Becki your going to be my perfect little house bunny.  Eager to clean, cook, suck and fuck at all times.”

Becki’s eyes rolled back in her head as the massive orgasm washed over her.

When she came around, Dean’s strong hands were wrapped around her tiny waist as he lifted her up on to the counter.  He took a step back and snapped a picture with his phone as she played with her hair.

“That’s good Becki, now spread those legs.”

Becki giggle and spread her legs along the counter, pushing her pelvis up against the edge of the counter as Dean came up to her and dropped his pants.

Becki stared at his cock as her pussy moistened as he leaned in and gave her a kiss, probing her mouth with his tongue and she returned the favour.  His hands pulled down her shirt, releasing her tits from their confines and allowing him to squeeze them.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed her pussy up against his cock as best she could until he finally pulled back and reached down and pulled open the underwear and pushed himself inside of her.

She gasped and pulled him in tightly, trying to force his cock in deeper.  She bucked her hips, squealed and moaned as he fucked her until she finally felt his cum enter her pussy and she cried out in pure bliss as her own orgasm rocked her.

“God Becki, you’re going to be a lot more useful this way and now you don’t have to worry about finding a job, you have one already.”  Dean said as he pulled out of her and took a step back, watching his cum dribble out of her and on to the counter.

“Like, Becki has a job?”

“Of course you do, the house isn’t going to clean itself, whey don’t you start with the mess you’ve made on the counter.”

“Oh my gawd, like Becki’s so sorry!” she said and jumped down from the counter, turned around and started to lick the cum from the counter.

Dean gave a chuckle from behind and slapped her ass as she continued to lick up his cum.

“You know what Becki, I think after you get my breakfast ready each day you should get up on the counter until I come down and decide if I want to eat breakfast of fuck you.  What do you think?”

“Becki so wants to fuck and suck and cook and clean!”

“Of course you do, tell you what, finish cleaning the kitchen, do a load of laundry and do the shopping and when I get back from work I’ll let you give me a blow job.  How does that sound.”

“Becki can’t wait!  Beckie will be soooo horny when you get back she’ll totally suck all the cum from your yummy cock!”

Dean walked back to the bathroom and cleaned up before getting dressed for work, he could hardly wait to get home and see how good of job Becki had done.  Well, if he was being honest, he couldn’t wait to get back home and fuck Becki again.  But the old Becky hadn’t been honest with him for so long he guessed a little dishonesty with himself wouldn’t hurt anyone.