Lady Valiant moved quietly in to the warehouse where Colonel Chaos was plotting his latest evil plan.  She moved through the rafters until she could get a good look at the Colonel’s main table, maps and other objects spread all around it.  Right there, in the center of the table, was what she was looking for.

If you hadn’t know what it was, you would never have paid it a second glace.  The small glass orb looked like nothing more than a paper weight, for all she knew Chaos was using it as one!

But in the right hands it was a powerful magical artifact and her friend, the White Witch, needed it to heal the magical plague that was ravishing Europe.

Well, no use delaying it any longer, she repositioned herself and dropped down to the floor below, just on the other side of the table from the Colonel and landed with a thud.

“Lady Valiant!” the villain called out.

“Chaos, surrender now and I’ll go easy on you!”

“Minions!” he shouted, they never went easy but she quickly dispatched the two large men that rushed her, they were no match for her strength and speed.

“You’re henchmen can’t stop me.”  she said as she returned her gaze to Chaos but she stopped short of moving against him, in his hand was the orb.

“Of course not, but that’s not what they were meant to do.  Looking for this I presume?” he smirked as he twisted it and it sparkled in the light.

“Give it to me and I’ll only break an arm.” she scowled at him.

“Oh come now, Lady Valiant threatening to break my arm.  I don’t think so.  Why don’t we play a game?  How about fetch!” he said and brought back his arm and threw the orb as hard as he could away from himself.

She quickly moved, running towards it and then jumping in to the air, stretching out her hand to catch it and called out “NO!”

Suddenly a loud hum filled the room and she froze in place, “You should have spent more time investigating my lair Lady Valiant.  Perhaps then you would have noticed the Chaos Generator right behind you.”

She winced inwardly, it had been careless of her, the Chaos Generator produced a field where he could control everything inside of it.  The normal rules of the universe were suspended Chaos rained within it.

Colonel Chaos walked around in front of her and extended his hand in to the field.  Closing his eyes she watched him concentrate as her uniform disintegrated in front of her eyes.

The Colonel opened his eyes and smiled, “Yes, that’s much better.” he said with a chuckle.

Lady Valiant tried to fight, tried to move but nothing happened.

“Now then, let’s make a few improvements to that body.” he said and once more pushed his hand in to the field and concentrated.

Suddenly she could feel her body start to shift.  Her toned muscles softening, her strong legs thinning, her already tight waist constricting and her breasts growing large and heavy.

“And finally a few changes in the pretty little head of yours.” he said without opening his eyes.

She felt him invade her mind and twist it, stretch it, remold it.

Lewd Valet held the car door for Colonel Chaos and pushed her large tits out and shook them as he approached, “Like hiya boss!”

“Hi LV, how are you doing today?”

“Oh my god, I’m like so happy!  Check out my totally awesome new outfit!” she replied and turned around once so he could see it from every angle.

It was nothing more than a pair of high heels, a g-string made of little more than dental floss and two pasties over her nipples.

“Looks great LV.  Tell you what, why don’t you bend over at the waist and put your hands on the car door for me.”

“*giggle* like sure!”

LV waited eagerly for what was coming next, she felt him push up against her sphincter, “Oh yea boss, fuck LV’s ass!  LV loves it when you fuck her ass!”

He pushed in to her, “You know where I’m going today LV?”

“Fuck, go deeper! Deeper in to my ass boss!”

“Well yes.  But after that?” he replied with a grunt and a chuckle.

“Fuck who cares, just pound my ass!”

“Well, I’m off to the Leagues’ headquarters, it seems your not as important as that little orb is so they’ve made a deal with me.” he said and stroked in and out of her several times.

“They’re willing to overlook your plight as long as I give them the orb.  What do you think about that?”

“God I love your cock in my ass!  Ohhhhhh… does it like… ahhh… mean your going to… mmmmmmm… fuck LV’s ass every day?”

“That’s right.  *grunt* Every *grunt* fucking *grunt* day!” he said and she felt his cum enter her ass.


She collapsed against the car as her orgasm washed over her, turning around as she did and looking up at Colonel Chaos, a vapid smile on her face.

“Like, LV’s so totally going to get her ass fucked every day *giggle*” she said in a soft dreamy voice as she watched the Colonels cock soften and the last few drops of cum fall from it.

Crawling over to his feet, she licked the cum from the floor as Colonel Chaos entered the car and drove off to seal her fate with the League.