Oh god, what was happening to her?  Why was she letting him do this to her?  Why did it feel so good?

The clamps on her nipples pulled upwards as the thick leather collar around her neck squeezed just every so slightly.

He pulled on the chain and she let he head drop back even farther as she closed her eyes and let out a cry of pleasure.

She hated her nipples being played with, even just light caresses were normally too much, why did she agree to this?

The flash of the camera went off again and she opened her eyes to look at him, standing above her with a wide smile on his face.

“That’s good baby.  Just *tug* let *tug* the *tug* pleasure *tug* wash *tug* over *tug* you *tug*.”

She cried out as a series of orgasms stuck her as his voice filled her mind and the clamps pulled at her nipples.

She’d met Jack a few weeks ago at the supermarket and like most men, he was obviously drawn to her breasts.  It wasn’t like she tried to show them off, but they were large enough to at least give a hint at their size no matter what she wore.

She had been ready to politely turn him down if he asked her out, but when the small talk had finally made it around to the topic, she found herself agreeing to a coffee date.  There was something about his voice, his manor, his… presence… that just work its way in to her mind and she just couldn’t say no.

The coffee date had turned in to a dinner date, then in to a one night stand and then in to a week long fling and finally in to a full fledge obsession.

She’d let him do things she’d never let anyone else do.  Every time she’d wanted to say no, he’d asked to talk about it and by the time they were done, she’d completely reverse her stance.

Play with her nipples?  Absolutely not.  Well, maybe.  Ok, I’d love for you to play with them.  You could even put clamps on them.

Wear a collar and let you tie up my hands behind my back?  No.  Never.  Maybe.  If it’s something you want to try.  Ok but make sure the collar is tight and the rope is tighter.

Take photo of me tied up as you tug at my nipple clamps?  No way in hell.  Not going to happen.  Well maybe if they’re in good taste.  Sure but only if you promise to post them on-line as well for everyone to see.

Another tug brought her back to the moment as another orgasm shook her and she opened her eyes as the flash of the camera went off again.

A few second later the flash filled the room once more but she could see Jack walking around to the other end of the ottoman she was laid across.  His hands, one still holding the chain, laid on to her knees and pushed them apart as he gave the chain another yank.

She felt his cock push up against her pussy and she let out a squeal of excitement as he pushed in to her, causing her to rock forward and her nipples to pull against the clamps.

Orgasm after orgasm washed over her as he pushed in and pulled out, causing her body to rock back and forth, causing her nipples to pull against the clamps as the flash of the camera continued to go off on it’s own.

“That’s good baby, you’re doing great, the fans are going to love this set.”

Her mind, awash in pleasure barely registered the fact she had fans, all she wanted was more of him in her.

“You know the fans have been asking if you do anal, what do you think?”

Even with the pleasure running through her she understood what he was saying.  While her mouth was unable to form the words though her moans of pleasure, her mind screamed no.  Never anal, no one had touched her back door and that would never change.

Another cry of pleasure came from her as he pulled hard on the chain and slammed deep in to her pussy.  A massive orgasm crested as she felt him cum in side of her and her whole body arched and then collapsed.

A smile crossed her lips as the camera flashed again and she once more resolved that anal was never going to happen.  

But deep down, a little voice of doubt echoed through her mind.  She’d said no to so many things she was eagerly doing now, could she really say no to him now?

The voice that had said no faded in to the background and was gone by the time she felt another tug on her nipples.

She brought her head up and looked at Jack, spreading her legs as far as she could and pivoting her pelvis up so he could see her asshole.

“Of course Jack, I’d *love* for you to fuck my ass next time.  Maybe you can stick a gag in my mouth and pierce my nipples to so you can really pull on them hard!”

“‘bout time you finally broke baby.  I’ve got great plans for you in my film company and I was wondering if you’d every come around.  How does being a fetish porn star sound to you?”

“It sounds great! I can’t wait for my first film!”

“That’s good ’cause it’s going to be tomorrow, just after I give my director a call and let him know to expect you.  Make sure to call in to work and let them know your quitting, effective immediately.”

He gave another hard tug on the chain and this time it was hard enough for the clamps to let go of her nipples, the blood rushed back in to them and another series of orgasms came over her as the only thought in her mind was how great her new career was going to be.