“Hey Mike, so what did you need to talk about that was so urgent?” Cassandra asked as she watched him in the Skype window.

“Well, it’s about your sister, Christine.”

“Well, duh.  It’s not like I’d talk to you about anything else.” she scoffed back at him.

It wasn’t like Mike was, per say, a bad person or anything, but they’d never gotten along.  And after he’d married her sister things had gone down hill fast.  Before Mike, she and her sister had been inseparable, doing everything together.  Now she hardly saw Christine and when she did, Mike was always there too.

“Yea, well, she’s been acting kind of strange lately.”

“Strange?  What do you mean?”  Could it be that Christine had finally had enough of Mike, maybe she was thinking of leaving him.  She’d have to call her right after she was finished listening to Mike moan about it.

“Well, you know how you two were inseparable in high school, the two hottest cheerleaders?” Mike asked and Cassandra scrunched her forehead as she heard him typing something on his computer.

“Cheer… leaders?  I mean, I was class president, but I don’t know if I’d call that cheer leading.”

She heard more typing as he spoke again, “Oh come on, you remember, Chrissy and Cassie.  The blonde and brunette bombshells that had all the guys trying to hit on them.  I mean, you still have your high school team sweater on and your hair in pigtails!”

Cassie looked down at her sweater, her two large breasts stretching it out like it always had and her twin pig tails hanging down the sides of her head, just touching the tops of her breasts.

“Uh… well yea.  I mean those were the best days of my life after all.”

“I’ll say, all those nights the three of us snuck back to the room the two of you shared and you ate out your sister as I fucked your pussy?”

She could still hear the clicking of the keyboard as Mike spoke, “What?!?  I… we… I mean…”

“And all the teachers you slept with… I mean both men and women… how else were you ever going to graduate being such a total bimbo?  It’s not like you had a boyfriend to help you out and do your homework for you like Chrissy did.”

“Like… yea, god I totally loved high school!”

“Remember Mrs. Connel?  You came to school early and hid under her desk, then when she sat down you nuzzled up and started to lick her pussy through her panties?  Hahaha… the look on her face and she almost got fired too!”

“*giggle* She like would have totally got fired, if like, I hadn’t let Mr. Thompson fuck my ass over his desk! *giggle*”

“Ah the good old days, eh Cassie.  Anyway the reason I called you was that Chrissy is kind of feeling lonely with me still on my business trip and I was wondering if you could slip over and lick her pussy until she came?”

“Oh my gawd!  Of course Mike, I’d totally love to!”

“Great, thanks Cassie, I’ll have to make it up to you when I get home.”

“Of course Mike, like, maybe you could fuck me like we used to in high school!  It would be totally cool to have a three way with Chrissy again!”

“Sure, sounds good.”

Mike watched the Skype session that his wife had started when Cassie arrived at their home.  His bitchy sister in laws head was buried between his wife’s thighs and Chrissy was holding on to her sisters pig tails as she pull her even closer to her.

With his free hand he hunted and pecked out another command in to the window on the display, “After high school, with no job and no boyfriend, Cassie had come to live with Mike and Chrissy as their live in maid.  Cassie found cleaning and cooking to be highly sexually arousing, but just slightly less so than obeying the orders of Mike and Chrissy.  It wasn’t long until her constant sexual arousal sent her over the edge and she begged Mike and Chrissy to let her be their obedient, mindless sex slave.  Mike and Chrissy agreed and now she spends her days cooking, cleaning and taking care of the house.  But when night comes her owners use her body for their pleasure and she couldn’t be happier.”

As he hit enter, he watched Chrissy’s orgasm crest as she bucked her hips with Cassie still held firmly in place.  Then he watched Cassie’s orgasm shake her body and the two women collapsed on to the bed, Cassie’s face still buried in his wife’s pussy.

It was a good thing he was heading home tomorrow, he didn’t know how many more clean towels he could order before someone started asking questions.  Well, you know, that and he couldn’t wait to finally bury his dick in to his use-to-be-bitchy sister in law.