“Uhmmm… Like Cory, Nikki’s head hurts…”

I looked over at Nikki on the bed as she rubbed her head through her long blonde hair.

“Oh, is it that time again baby?”

“Like, what time?  I mean… what’s going on?”

“Yep, must be.  Alright Nikki, get up and let’s go.”  I replied as I walked over to the bed as she stood up and I took her hand.

Leading her from the bedroom we headed down stairs, then down to the basement where we walked over to the far side to the empty wall.  Pulling out my phone, I typed in the security code and a loud click echoed through the basement as the false wall came free of it’s latch and swung open slightly.

Wrapping my fingers around the edge, I pulled it the rest of the way open and the small room behind it came in to view.

The walls were covered in photos of a woman; mousy, bespectacled, a little over weight and clearly shy of the world.

“That… that’s me?!”  Nikki said as I lead her to the chair in front of the desk where a large monitor was attached to a laptop.

“That’s right Nikki, that was you.”  I responded as she squirmed slightly as she sat down, unsure if she should fight me or not.

I grabbed the headphones from the desk and put them on her head, then turned on the monitor and booted up the laptop, starting the program before closing the false wall and walking away.

“Hello Nikki, how are you feeling?” her own voice came over the headphones as an video of the plain looking girl appeared on the monitor in the otherwise pitch black room.  Or at least she recognized it as her voice even if it didn’t really sound like her.

“My head hurts…” she finally replied as the recording continued on without waiting for her.

“I imagine your head hurts by now, but don’t worry, we’ll fix that soon enough.  I know it must seem strange, but just a few years ago you were me.  A plain brunette introvert that couldn’t get a date for the life of her.

Assuming everything has gone well, and since your watching this, it has, I’m a hot blonde bimbo that needs to beat the guys off with a stick.”

Nikki scrunched her forehead and tried to think, but it was so hard.  Had she really been the girl on the screen?  Hadn’t she always been a blonde?

She looked intently at the monitor as the girl continued to talk.

“I made this program to change my life, I’m tired of being the wall flower, never getting asked to the prom, always be the last to picked for everything.

The program runs on the laptop and alters my mind.  It takes away my fear of talking to people, gives me the drive to go to the gym, focuses me on the things that are important to make me popular.

Unfortunately it doesn’t last forever so it needs to be re-enforced once in a while.  Hence the headache, which is an early warning sign that I need to spend some time with the program again.  I imagine it should be starting to fade away already.”

Nikki listen to the soothing voice and absently mindedly nodded in agreement, her headache was fading quickly.

“The program is going to take several hours to run, to re-enforce the changes I want and so just sit back and relax as I repeat the messages again and again.”

Nikki relaxed as the girl had told her too as the screen faded black for a moment and then the girl re-appeared, speaking directly to her in a forceful voice.

“I am not afraid to talk to strangers.”

The girl faded from the screen again and then emerged once more.

“I like dressing up and show off my body.”

The cycle repeated several times as the messages continued.

“I like going to the gym to keep myself in shape.”

“I want to be the object of mens desire.”

“Thinking is not as important as flirting.”

“My appearance is the most important think in my life.”

Nikki felt the messages sink in to her mind, she’d known them for so long but they felt like an epiphany as each one was spoken.

Suddenly the girl on the screen came back but there was something different about her.  Her hair was now blonde and she looked much more like Nikki than the mousy girl from before and she was holding several cards in front of her.

“I want big tits.” the blonde read from the card in front of her and then she faded out once more.

When she came back, Nikki noticed a hand from off screen take the top card from the pile and the girl look down and read the next card.

“I like being told what to do.”

The cards came away one at a time as they were read.

“I only think about having sex and looking pretty.”

“Sex is all that I’m good for.”

“I want to please Cory more than anything.”

“Cory is the only man for me, I’d do anything for him.”

Nikki knew the words were true and her mind filled with a burning desire to get back to Cory.  When the next message appeared, Nikki recognized her own image on the monitor.

“Nikki loves to suck and fuck.”

“Nikki belongs to Cory.”

“Nikki is Cory’s big titted blonde bimbo sex doll.”

Cory head back up stairs and back in to the living room where FiFi was dusting the book shelves.  At one time, the former librarian would have been able to recite many of the passages from the books from memory, but that was before Cory and subverted Nicole’s program for his own uses.

It had been pure luck that he’d stumbled across her at a club one night, they’d hooked up and he’d ended up back at her place.  The sex had been good but in the morning when he’d suggested another round before he left, she’d complained of a headache.  He’d taken the hint, but before he left he’d taken a shower.

When he’d come out, Nikki had been no where to be found.  Not wanting to leave without saying goodbye he’d headed down to the basement and found her sitting in front of a laptop with headphones on.  He’d walked up behind her and cleared his throat but she did respond.  He was about to walk away when he finally recognized the woman on the screen, a very different Nikki.

He’d snapped his fingers in front of her to no effect, then he’d pulled one of the ear phones slightly from her head and listen to what was being said.  He wasn’t a nerd or anything, but even he could understand what was going on.

Since then he’d added several of his own ideas to her program and “shared” it with a few other women that now lived in the house with him.

Nikki was of course still his favorite, but FiFi, Candi and Bambi would keep him entertained while Nikki succumbed to her own invention once more.