She held up the camera and took the picture, sending it to her ex Tim, “See what you’re missing bastard?”

The breakup had been bad, she’d found in cheating on her with some floozy at the office and taken him for half of everything in the divorce.  Though it wasn’t like he couldn’t afford it, it was one of the only reasons she’d married him in the first place, he was loaded.  It certainly hadn’t been for his looks, he was slightly below average and defiantly out of her league.

She smoothed her dress out and headed to the door, she’d received and invite to try an exclusive dating service, “The Perfect Match”.

She’d been contacted by their VIP service and send a hand picked match.  She’d clicked on the profile and the screen had gone white for a moment before loading up.  When it did, she had to admit it sent a shiver through her entire body.  He was perfect, a few years older than her, recently divorced and looking for a casual relationship.

To top things off he was handsome!

She closed the door behind her and headed to the elevator down to the lobby of her condo tower, when she left the building a limo was waiting for her.  The drive held the door and a few minutes later it whisked her away, out of the crowded downtown to a high end neighbourhood and pulled up in front of an impressive house.

She went up and was about to knock on the door when it opened, “Oh, hi!” she said, partly startled by his sudden appearance and partly by the shiver of pleasure that ran down her spin.

“Hello, you look lovely tonight Patricia!”

“Thank you Johnathan.” she managed to stumble out as he extended a hand, his palm up, for her to take.

Her hand touched his and a jolt of energy ran up her arm, down her body and right to her pussy.

By the time they had reach the dinning room, her arms were around him, her lips on his, her tongue was in he mouth and his hands were sliding her dress down around her breasts.

They stumbled back towards the table and he pushed the place settings off of it, sending the crashing to the ground as he hiked her up on to it.  A gentle pushed backwards had her laying on her back, her legs in the air as he suckled her breasts and then pushed his dick in to her sopping wet pussy.

He pounded her for several minutes, then without warning pulled out and rolled her over.  Without asking he pushed the tip of his dick on to her sphincter, “Fuck… wait…” she got out before he pushed in to her ass and the next thing to come out of her mouth was a cry of pure bliss as the pleasure exploded from her stretched asshole.

She threw her head back as he continued to slam in and out of her ass and she suddenly caught a reflection of them in the mirrored door of a cabinet.

There behind her, fucking her ass was Tim.

“T… T… T… Tim… What?!?” she got out between gasp of pleasure.

A hard slap came down on her ass, “God they do good work, A Perfect Match to say the least!”

Suddenly the image of Johnathan/Tim’s profile from the site flashed before her eyes;

“Looking to fuck my ex-wife’s ass whenever I want like the cheap whore she is without having to put up with all her other bullshit.”

Another slap landed on her ass and the image disappeared, “Yes!  Fuck my whore ass!”, the words came out without her even thinking about them.

Her perfect match wanted to fuck her ass like the cheap whore she was, who was she to stop him?

She looked back over her shouldered and smiled, “Yes baby, use my ass, cum in my ass, make me your dirty little anal slut!”

She felt him cum in to her bowels and her own orgasm crashed over her, when it finally subsided he had pulled out and slapped his softening cock against her ass several times to get the last of the cum to spray on to it.

“God that felt good.  You know what?  I think I’ll call you Patti from now on.  How does that sound?”

Before she could answer another slap came down on her ass.

“Patti *smack* Patti *smack* Patti *smack* Patti *smack*” he repeated, landing a blow each time.

Finally she could take no more, “YES! FUCK YES! PATTIIIIIII!” she cried as another orgasm washed over her.

He walked away and Patti laid on the table, basking in the aftermath of Johnathan’s onslaught.  God, she was so lucky to have come across his profile, he was a perfect match for her and she was going to make sure she did everything she could be a perfect match for him as well.