Monica looked over at Dave and gave a coy look, “What?”

“Nothing.” he smiled back at her and snickered a bit.

“Come on Dave, what is it?” Monica said, letting her arms fall to her sides and then using the to push herself up a bit on the chair.

“Well… I mean… it’s silly, but… well the shoes.”

“What about them?” she asked, spreading her legs and looking down at her sneakers through her bare thighs.

“Really?  Come on.  I mean, on the chair?  Were you born in a barn or something?”

“God Dave, it’s not like they’re dirty or anything, they’re just house shoes.”

“I know, but it’s just…”

“Fine.  Whatever.” she replied and reached down and slipped one, then the other off and tossed them to the side.


“Oh yea.  Really happy.” he replied and snickered again.

She didn’t know what had gotten in to Dave recently, he always been a friend.  Recently when she’d lost her job, he’d let her crash there until she got back on her feet, but things had gotten a bit strange a few weeks ago.

He’d brought home a new TV and been bragging about how much better it was than the old one or something, but she’d just mostly ignored him.  The next day, when she’d sat down to watch her day time talk shows, she had had to admit it did look really good.  In fact, better than she had thought possible, but after a few hours of watching, she’d become use to it and didn’t think of it again.

But since the new TV had arrived, Dave had been acting nervous around her, almost like he was waiting to ask her something embarrassing.  She’d brushed it off until today, but he’d really started to act on edge when he’d gotten home and hadn’t left the living room even to go to the bathroom.

“Bout time.” she heard him mumble under his breath.

“About time for what?” she asked.

“Nothing… I mean, can I ask you a question?”


“Have you ever been, you know, attracted to me?”

“Well… no… no really.  Sorry Dave, your just a friend.”

“Oh, that’s ok.  I was just curious, that’s all.” he replied and stood up from the couch and walked over to her.  She watched him unzip his pants and then let them fall to the floor, his stiff shaft springing from them and bounced up and down.

Her eyes tracked it’s every movement until he pressed it to her lips and she opened her mouth and let it in.  SHe looked up at him as she started to suck his cock.  She bobbed her head back and forth as her fingers worked their way down to her pussy and slide in.

Soon, she felt his cum enter her mouth and she swallowed virtually every drop, with only a little dribbling down the corner of her mouth.

He pulled back and grabbed his pants and pulled them up once more.

“Monica… you have a bit of…” he said, pointing to the corner of his lip.

“Oh… opps!” she replied and used a slick finger to push the cum in to her mouth and then sucked on her own juices for a moment.

“I’ve to to hit the bathroom, be right back Dave.” she said and walked, naked, towards the hallway.

Dave picked up the TV remote and quickly entered the administrators code, the programmed script came up on screen:

  • Watching this TV is good and there is nothing special about it.
  • Being naked in front of Dave is natural and good.
  • Dave is trustworthy and smart.
  • Pleasing Dave is important.
  • A roommate should make sure make the other one comfortable and happy.
  • When you see Dave’s cock you should take it in to the closest hole.
  • Sucking or fucking Dave is a perfectly natural and reasonable thing to do.

He scrolled down and selected the “Add” button:

  • Dave’s pleasure should come before your own.
  • Dave is smarter and better than you, you should let him make all the decisions for you.
  • Dave is the only man you are interested in, no one else matters.

He hit save and exited the menu.

If things moved along as the manual said, the new commands should take hold more quickly than the first ones had, now that she was primed, she would be much easier to mold in to the perfect roommate.