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Giselle smiled and wiggled her ass as the two men entered the pool room.  She’d put on a skimpy outfit and made sure to forget the bra as The Gamesman had company over, a very special guest.

“Ah, so I finally get to see the results of my loan?” The Twister said, a smile on his face.

“Yes, Giselle, or as she is also know, NightStorm, took to your conversion suit better than I expected really.”

“She must have had quite a deep seeded need to capture you, the suits work best on those kinds.”


“Oh yes, the more focused on you they are, the easier it is for the suit to worm it’s way in to their mind and twist it all around.  Though her desire to see you brought to justice should really have been obvious, I mean, who comes all the way out here just to track down an enemy that hasn’t actually pull a heist in how long?”

“I suppose so, when you put it that way.”

“Now then, as for the payment…”

“Oh, of course.  Giselle, would you play a game of pool with The Twister here for me?  I have a few things to do.”

“Of course Master, it would be my pleasure.” she responded and smiled.  She turned around and walked over to him as her Master left the room.

“Please sir, go ahead and break.” she said as she handed him a cue and let her top drop open, exposing her tits.

“Thank you.” he replied and walked to the front of the table and broke the balls, nearly missing the pack and only moving a few of them.

“Darn, your turn Giselle.” he said and handed her back the cue.

She walked over to the table, swaying her ass from side to side and then bent over the table, sticking her ass out as far as it would go.

“Umm, could you help me aim mister?”

He walked over behind her and placed his hand on her ass and the leaned forward slightly.  She wiggled her ass again and could feel his dick hardening.

“Oh, feels like you’ve got your own stick all ready to play!” she said as she looked over her should at his and licked her lips.

Without replying he placed his other hand on her ass as well and squeezed both of her cheeks hard.

“Ah… That feels so good!  Tell me, do you have some balls I could play with too?”

She reached back and pulled her panties down, then used her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart.

“Maybe there’s another game you’d like to play?”

He unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor as she moaned and spread her legs apart.  His cock shoved in to her pussy and she cried out in pleasure as he began fucking her hard.

“Fuck yes!  Fuck my hot little pussy!”

He slammed in hard and then pulled out and repeated it again and again.  She could feel him getting close and place a hand on his chest.

“Baby, I love your cock in my pussy, but I’d *really* love it if you pushed that big hard piece of man meat in to my tight little ass!”

He didn’t hesitate and moved up slightly to target her ass.  He pushed in hard and she started to cum as soon as he did.  She didn’t stop until he pulled out one last time and his cum dripped from her sphincter.

She laid on the pool table and smiled, a happy contented smile as she knew The Gameman had won again.  He’d told her today’s game was with The Twister, for the Twister to win he had to cum in her pussy, for The Gamesman, he had to cum in her ass.

As always, The Gamesman had won again and she was so happy to have been able to help him do it.  Maybe, if she’d done well enough, he’d play another game with her tonight and she knew he’s win that one as well.