Tom walked up to his new home’s door, he’d just purchased it a few weeks ago and it wasn’t completely furnished yet, but that didn’t matter as he’d have to sell it now.

Perhaps he’d been presumptuous in assuming he’d get the promotion when his boss had announced his retirement, but he’d been with the company longer than the others and no one had doubted he’d get it, except Charlotte.

She’d only joined the company three years ago, but had risen quickly, her determination and drive left the others in the dust, even him if he was honest about it.  But loyalty counted for something right?  

Apparently not as today they’d announced Charlotte as the new VP, leaving him woefully unable to pay for the new house he’d just bought.

He reached down to put his keys in the lock and that’s when he noticed the card stuffed in to the door jam, his name written across the envelop in familiar hand writing.

He pulled it out of the jam and unlocked his door and then entered his home.  He took a step in as he started to open the card when he noticed Charlotte standing in the living room a vapid smile on her face standing beside a bunch of balloons.

Tom’s own smile widened as he hurriedly tore open the envelope and pulled the card out, inside was more writing; “Congrats on the promotion Tom!  You’re friend Henry.”

He scanned down to the bottom of the card, “P.S. The magic phrase is ‘Best boss ever!’”

He walked over to her and whispered the phrase in to her ear and then stepped back as he watched her blink several times.

“Oh hi Tom, I’m glad your home, I just had to come over and tell you in person that I’ve declined the promotion and they’ve decided to give you the job instead!”

“Really, well that’s great news Charlotte, thanks.”

“No problem Tom, I’m going to make sure to do everything I can to make you as successful as possible in your new job!  I’m going to dedicate myself 100% to you, anything you want or need, just let me know!”

“Thanks, I’m glad your willing to work under me Charlotte.”

“Of course Tom!  You’re going to be the best boss ever!”

Tom smiled, “You know I kind of like it when you call be Boss, why don’t you keep doing that.”

“Sure Boss, anything else?”

Tom walked over to the lone chair in the room and sat down on it, “Well, since your here and it’s been a long hard day, why don’t you give me a little strip tease to help me relax.”

“You got it Boss.”  Charlotte replied and started to wiggle her body to music that only she could hear, soon she had slipped out of the dress and was naked before him.  Her hands roamed over her body, squeezing her breasts, sliding over her pussy, slipping between both sets of lips as moans escaped her.

“Damn Charlotte, you’ve got one hot little body.”

“Thanks Boss, I’m going to work hard to keep it hard and sexy for you.”

“Yea, but that didn’t help me relax at all.  Get over here and let’s see what you can do about that.”

“Of course Boss!” Charlotte said and quickly moved over to Tom, her hands reaching down and unbuttoning his pants, unzipping his fly and pulling both pants and underwear down around his ankles.

She knelt on to chair, placing one hand on his shoulder, warped the other around his hard shaft and guided it to her waiting pussy.  Then she lowered herself down, pushing him all the way in to herself.

“Oh god Boss, that feels so good!” she cried out as she wiggled her hips.

Tom reached up and grabbed her breasts, giving them a squeeze, eliciting a squeal of pleasure from her.

“Mmmmm… squeeze them harder Boss!” she said, raising herself up and then sliding back down him.

Tom moved his hands down to her hips and started to guide her pace, speeding it up and slowing it down in turn.

“Fuck yes Boss!  Guide my pussy up and down your big hard cock!”  she said, placing her open hands on his chest and throwing her head back.

He sped her up and she felt him stiffen even more inside of her.

“Please Boss, cum inside of me!” she cried out and Tom obliged her, sending his load deep in to her.

He watched her whole body shake and spasm as her orgasm took hold of her.  When it finally receded, she rose from his lap and knelt down between his legs, taking his dick in to her mouth and sucking the last bits of cum from him.

Finally, when there was no more left, she smiled up at him, “God I knew you were going to be the best boss every, but I could never imagined just how good you really are!”

Tom smiled back at her and stroked her hair as she took his softening member back in to her mouth as if it belonged there.

“Oh, Charlotte, remind me to send a thank you card to Henry when I get in to the office tomorrow, will you?”

Charlotte tilted her head up slightly and nodded while she suckled him.

He was sure he wasn’t going to be the best boss ever, no, the things she would be doing for him would certainly exclude him from that title, but all that really mattered was that Henry was the best friend ever.