“So let me get this straight, you’re the worlds best salesman and what your selling is servitude?” Shelia asked incredulously as the man stood in the middle of her living room.

Normally she wouldn’t have let a door to door salesman in, but she had to admit there was something about him that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

It wasn’t like he was handsome, no, no one would say that about him.  He wasn’t ugly either, just common.  He would easily blend in to any crowd and you’d never notice him.

It wasn’t like his sales pitch was all that great.  In truth, she couldn’t even tell you what he was selling before she found herself inviting him inside.  No, he seemed to talk around in circles but never actually make a claim or provide any real information as far as she could tell.

When she’d finally managed to get a word in edgewise she’d been listening to him for over half an hour.  Half an hour she didn’t really have time to waste as she was getting ready to go to a charity fund raiser in a few hours, she had to look her best as they were doing an auction of the single ladies and she want to make sure she fetched the highest bid.  All for charity of course.

“That’s right, servitude, it’s the hottest thing on the market!  You can’t afford not to have it can you?  I mean you’ve already sampled it, how did it make you feel?”

“Sampled it?”

“Well, yes, I mean take a look.” he said and waved in her general direction.

She looked down at herself, her thin housecoat hanging open, her body exposed to a complete stranger.

“What the…” she screamed and covered herself up.

“Oh come now, don’t be like that, it’s not like you didn’t want to do it.  I mean, take a look at that body, if it isn’t meant to be shown off, I don’t know what is.  And really, didn’t it feel good?”

She wanted to shout no at the top of her lungs, but something in the back of her mind niggled at her.  Suddenly she remembered him telling her to open her housecoat, to show him her body, the sudden rush of pleasure of doing so, the wave of happiness at having obeyed.

“I… I…”

“It felt so good to obey, not to have to think, to just do as you were told and let the pleasure roll over you.  Wouldn’t it be great to feel like that all the time?”

“Well… I… maybe… I guess so.” she managed to stutter out.  She was so confused, she knew she should say no, but it felt so good to say yes.

“That’s right.  That’s what I’m selling.  Pure, unadulterated, servitude.  No need to think, no need to worry.  Just obey and serve.  It’s really quite simple isn’t it?” he said, reaching down to his satchel and pulling out some papers and a pen.

“Yes… so simple.”

“That’s right, simple, just like you.  Now why don’t you have a seat and we can go over the paperwork.”

“Ok.” was all that came from her as she walked around the couch and sat down.

He came over and sat beside her, ruffuling through the papers until he found the one he was looking for.

“Ah, here we go.  Why don’t you get comforable and play with your pussy as we go through these.”

He hand snaked down between her legs and her fingers slide easily in to her pussy.

“Now this sales contract is for the purchase of servitude.  It confirms your desire to obey and serve.  It also lays out the scope of your servitude, which as you have upgraded to the total servitude package, is utter compliance with any command.  Just sign here at the bottom, with your free hand of course.”

She took the pen he proffered to her and signed where he pointed.  She gasped as she completed her signature as she took ownership of the the total servitude package.

“Good, now then, this contract outlines the payment plan.”  he said and put another piece of paper before her.

“Payment for the total servitude package, is of course, your free will.  I will take ownership of your free will and use it as I see fit.  That includes transferring it someone else, either temporarily or permanently at my sole discretion.  Just sign here at the bottom.”

Her fingers pushed deeper in to her pussy as her other hand scrawled her name across the page.  She felt her will siphon off as she did so until there was none left.

“Perfect!  Now stuff your pussy full of those fingers and cum for your new owner.”

Shelia jammed her fingers deep in to herself and orgasmed as her owner commanded.

“Another satisfied customer, I really am the best salesman in the world.  I think I deserve a bonus, don’t you Shelia?”

“Yes Master, what kind of bonus would you like?”

“I’ve been watching those tits for almost an hour now, let’s see them wrapped around my cock.”

Shelia stood up and stepped in from of him, she lowered herself down and worked his pants from him and then leaned in, wrapping her tits around his dick.  Pleasure coursed through her with each stroke of his shaft between her tits until she felt his hot cum hit her chin and splash on to her chest.

“Maaaassssttttteeeerrr!” she cried out as her orgasm took hold of her and she collapsed in to his lap.

“Very good Shelia, now pay attention.  You have to get ready for the party tonight and the big auction.  Whoever puts in the winning bid at the action is going to be the new owner of your free will.”

Shelia’s pussy moistened even more at the thought of being sold to the highest bidder, then she remembered last year.  Don McAlistor had pushed the bidding for her up until there was no one left and she’d had to go on a “date” with him.  He’d pestered her for months afterwards for another but he really wasn’t her type and she’d finally had to be nasty to get him to stop.

The salesman looked down at her and smiled, “That’s right, Don purchased my services just the other day.  Though it didn’t take the best salesman in the world to sell him on the idea of owning your ass.  Now cum to the thought of fucking Don on the way home tonight in his limo.”

Shelia’s mind flashed to the image of her riding Don’s cock in the back seat of the limo, her body squirming in pleasure as he man handled her body.  Then her orgasm, both in her fantasy and in her body came over her and she cried out in pleasure.