Lindsay listen to the music as they drove through the city streets, just one ear bud in place so she could also listen to the instructions from the driver as well.

“…and remember, this one likes oral at lot, so make sure to keep those lips around his cock as much as possible.”

“Yes Sir.” she replied and ran her fingers through her hair again before looking down and making sure her cleavage was still in place.

As they drove, Lindsay thought back to her days working in the dinner, she could hardly believe it was just six months ago now.  She’d been shy and reserved, talking to the customers only as much as required and would never have shown so much skin.

But one night, near closing, three men had walked in and taken a booth.  They’d talk amongst themselves while they waited for their food, occasionally glancing over in her direction.  One of them seemed to be arguing with the other about something but they stopped as soon as she approached with their food.

When they’d left, they’d given her a generous tip and a business card.  She would have thrown it out, except it had a code on the back to redeem for free music at a site she hadn’t heard of before, but free was free and so she’d downloaded some songs when she got home.

A week later, they’d come back in, once more at the end of the night and this time she’d felt something stir in her.  She actually flirted with one of them and was excited when he flirted back.

Like last time, they’d left a good tip and a card.  She’d been listening to the first set of songs all week and now with more, she hardly took her headphones off except to work of course.

The third week, only one of the three came in, but it was the one she had hoped would return.  As it was near the end of the night and no one else was in the dinner, she’d sat with him for a bit a flirted even more.

Suddenly a naughty thought popped in to her head and as he was eating, she reached down and started to stroke his dick through his pants.

Minutes later, she’d unzipped his pants and fished his dick out, stroking it with her hand as he ate.

“Geez mister, your so big… and hard…” she didn’t know where it had came from, but suddenly she felt the need to unbutton her top and push her tits out so he could get a look at them.

As she stroked his cock, she closed her eyes and moaned slightly.  Minutes passed and she felt his stiffen and a stream of cum shoot out of him.

She gasped and giggled, yes actually giggled, as he came on her hand.

Then, before she knew what was happening, she felt him stuff something in between her breasts.  She looked down at a crisp $100 bill and a small orgasm washed over her.

He smiled at her, “You know the others didn’t believe me when I said you had it in you, but you do don’t you.”

“It?” she asked, confused.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of work to do on your appearance, but the music has already done it’s job on that tiny little brain of yours hasn’t it?  I mean, the music is powerful, but there has to be something there to begin with for it to do it’s job.”

“It’s job?”

“Yes,” he said and held up another $100 bill, “I’ll give you this if you get down under the table and give me a blow job right now.”

Her mouth opened and she tried to say no, but all that came out was “Yes!”

She’d blown him right then and there and later, when she’d cleaned up and finished work, he’d been waiting for her at her apartment.

There, he’d told her all about her new life.  Her new job.  Her new owner.

And here she was, just like he’d told her, a high class whore on her way to her next client.

Soon she’d have her lips wrapped around a man’s cock she’d never met before and be loving every minute of it, not because of the pleasure that came from the actual work, not that was just a fringe benefit.  No she’d be loving every minute of it because she knew she was being paid to do it and that was far better than any physical pleasure the act could provide.

Of course, she never saw the money, she was too high class for that, her owners took care of all those details.  No it was enough for her know know that money was exchanging hands for her services and she could hardly wait to get on her knees and earn her wage.