Jennifer opened the present and frowned, ok so it was only their six month anniversary, but come on, a phone case?

She pulled it out and flipped it over, on the back was some blonde bimbo in a bikini.

“I thought she kind of looked like you, you know, but not as pretty of course!” Craig explained and she tried to smile.

She started to tell him what she though of it but he continued on before she could, “And it’s got an extra battery in it… because you were complaining of draining your phone all the time… you know?”

Well, that was kind of thoughtful she guessed, “Thanks Craig, it’s… great.” she managed to get out before picking up her phone and sliding it in to the case.  At the bottom was a connector to plug in to her phone and so she did.

Almost instantly a popup appeared on her phone, asking to install the cases application.  Without thinking she clicked ‘yes’ and opened the app.

It didn’t give much information, just the battery level, which said 300% and that was about it so she closed it and didn’t give it another thought.

She flipped the phone over again and took a second look at the bimbo on the back.  The woman was an impossible standard to obtain, her long blonde hair, tiny waist and large, obviously fake breasts looked nothing like her.  Well, if she was honest, even though her brown hair and body didn’t match, they could almost be sisters if you only looked at their faces.

She decided to give him a pass, at least he’d remembered after all and in a few days she was actually kind of glad.  The extra battery power was really coming in handy as she seemed to be spending more and more time on her phone.

After about a week a nagging feeling that had been simmering for days, finally made it’s way to the front of her mind.  She needed to go to the gym more.

She wasn’t sure where the thought had come from, but there it was and with no rebuttal she could muster, she changed her twice weekly gym schedule to five times a week.  It wasn’t long before the extra time at the gym really started to show either, those few extra pounds she’d been trying to shed for years seemed to just melt away.  

But maybe that wasn’t only the extra time at the gym, she’d hadn’t had any cravings for snacks or anything for weeks either.  Between eating better and more time at the gym, her body quickly became a match for the bimbo on the back of her phone.

The other thing that changed was her time with Craig.  Oh, he’d been ok in bed, spending time to make sure her needs were taken care of course.  But recently he’d had to spend less and less time to get her warmed up and virtually no time to make her cum.  And not just cum once, but twice or three times.  The other night she’d cum just from giving him a blowjob and that had never happened before.

She stared in to her reflection at the gym as she worked out and realized something was wrong.  Well, not wrong, just not right.  She stared at her reflection for a while longer before what it was popped in to her head.  Her hair, she really had to go to the salon and get it taken care of.

When she’d arrived at Craig’s apartment, her newly coloured hair and extensions flowing down her shoulders, a broad smile was on her face.  Craig opened the door and she nearly jumped him in the hallway.  He managed to swing the door closed and her hands roamed over his body, pushing him back as they stumbled towards the bedroom.

The fell back on to the bed and she quickly stripped him of his pants, her lips wrapping around his shaft as her head bobbed up and down, her platinum blonde hair flying everywhere as she did.

She closed her eyes and imagined what she must look like, her tight body in her skimpy outfit (for some reason she’d started to wear less and less these last few weeks), her blonde hair flying as she worked him in and out of her mouth.

The thought almost mad her cum right then and there but she managed to hold off long enough to taste his cum flow down her throat.  The orgasm rocked her and her mind emptied.

She felt him started to deflate and instinctively sucked harder.  When every last drop of cum was sucked from him she pulled back slightly, held him in her hands and kissed the tip of his dick and then giggled, “Mmmmmm… Thanks Craig, I totally needed that!”

He smiled and reached down, petting the side of her face and another orgasm came over her.

The rest of that week had been a blur, she’d orgasmed so many times she’d lost count and by the end of it, she had moved in to Craig’s apartment so she could spend more time with him.

And by more time, she meant more time with his dick inside of her.  In her mouth, in her pussy, she’d even let him stick it in her ass once, but he’d seemed disappointed in the experience and hadn’t tried again.

He’d even tried to stick it between her small breast, but there just wasn’t enough there to make that very practical.  It was the next day when she knew what she needed to do.

She’d made the doctors appointment without telling him and even gone for the consult alone, but when it finally was time have the surgery, she broke down and told him.

She was afraid at what he might think, but afterwards she realized she shouldn’t have been, he was always supportive of her and this time was no different.  He took time off work to take care of her afterwards and even helped her massage the implants several times a day.

As always, his touch sent waves of pleasure through her, even with the discomfort of the recent surgery.  Those first few days had been the worst, but after that her orgasms returned and by the second week the doctor had cleared her to resume “normal” activity.

Craig’s cock sliding between her new tits for the first time nearly demolished what little was left of her mind and she came with each thrust he made.

The next morning she’d gotten up and tossed on a skimpy white top, Craig had left some time ago for work, so she picked up her phone which was laying face down on the night stand.

The image on the back stared up at her and she smiled, turned the phone around and snapped a selfie in the mirror, sending it to him with a message attached.

“OMG, like this was the best present ever lover!”

She giggled and fell back on to the bed, her fingers sliding down to her pussy as she masturbated to the thought of herself in the little black bikini.  She knew she wouldn’t cum of course, god no, only Craig made her cum now, but it was still fun to play with her clit for a while.  

She’d have to try and track down the bikini online later, just the though of her posing for Craig in it moistened her pussy even more, she couldn’t wait to feel what it was like to have him fucking her while she wore it.