Daphne held her hand on her head as she exposed her tits and stared at the man sitting in the chair across from hers.

She tried to stand up and run away, tried to scream out for help, but her body simply started to gyrate it’s hips and tilt it’s head back as her hand snaked it’s way down over her right breast on it’s way to sliding under her bikini bottom.

A moan escaped her lips as her fingers found her sensitive pussy lips and it wasn’t forced, no, he’d done something to her whole body to make it far more sensitive than normal.  As her head titled back even farther, she looked up at the ceiling, the large flag just in her field of view behind her, and she cursed her decision to wear the bikini to the party.

And not because it was to skimpy or revealing, no, pretty much everyone was in a bikini or tight shorts or whatever, after all it was a pool party.  But looking back on it, maybe wearing an American flag bikini to the Canada day party hadn’t been such a good idea.

It was the July 4th weekend too after all and here she was forced to spend it in Canada, celebrating Canada Day, all because her best friend was getting married to a Canadian.  If she was being honest, she resented that fact that Cathy was getting married before her and she had been taking it out on her fiance and his friends and family.

She’d laid it on thick, making sure to take every opportunity to tell anyone and everyone how much better America was, how much better *Americans* were.  But no matter how obnoxious she’d been, those easy going Canadians had just smiled and nodded, she could almost feel their sympathy flowing out of them and washing over her.

It only made her go farther to try and get one of them to react.

Her fingers pushed in to her pussy and she opened her mouth wide and let out a cry of pleasure as she bounced up and down, trying to push them in deeper.

Her head jerked back upright, her eyes meeting his as he held the phone steady in his hand recording her masturbating in front of him.

She’d met him just a few hours ago, some friend of a friend of the groom, he hadn’t shown up to any of the other events so far but for some reason he’d bade a bee line for her and started up a conversation.

By this point she was in full on rant mode; taking down the Canadian health care system, the gun laws, the lack of patriotism.  He’d listened and smiled, but she never felt the same kind of sympathy she did from the others.  There was no kindness behind his eyes, just a hardness she had never seen before in anyone’s eyes.

Finally, she’d driven off everyone else from around her and when they had been alone, he’d maneuvered himself beside and wrapped his arm around her waist.  She had wanted to slap him, but instead her body had simply stopped talking as he guided her way from the party and out to his car.

They’d driven in silence for a while, out of the suburbs and in to the country until he turned down a long driveway to an old country home.  It was a little run down, but was back from the road far enough that no one would notice them.

Her fingers pulled free of her pussy and she cried out, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!” as her hand moved up to her mouth and she licked them clean.  He spread his legs and undid his housecoat, letting his dick hang free as her eyes fixated on it without her consent.

She felt a smile cross her lips as she leaned forward and and crawled across the old leather foot stood and then down on to the floor until she came face to dick with him.  Her lips curled around the tip of his dick and slowly made their way over it and on to his shaft.

Like her pussy lips, he’d done something to her mouth as well, the feeling of his length sliding over her lips send wave after wave of pleasure through her body and even if she had been able to, she doubted she would have stopped.

She managed to look up at him, his phone still recording every moment of her debasing display.

It had been just a few minutes ago that he’d lead her in to the room, the large American flag hanging on the wall behind the old, well worn, leather chair.

He’d given her a smile command, “Sit.” and she’d done so without thinking.  He’d walked out of the room and a few minutes later returned in a red and white “Canadian” themed house coat and taken a seat across from her in a nearly identical chair.

He leaned forward in the chair he’d stared at her for several long moments, a strange tingling sensation moving over her from spot to spot as his stare shifted to different parts of her.

Finally, he’d smiled and leaned back and she felt her body start to move, taking up a kneeling position on the chair as he pulled out his phone from a pocket in the house coat.

The slurping of her mouth over his dick penetrated the pleasure for just a moment as she felt him stiffen in her mouth and her body pulled back, her hands wrapping around his shaft and jerking it hard as she squatted down further.  The cum flew from his tip, spurting on to her face as her orgasm crested and she cried out in pleasure like she’d never felt before.

They arrived back at the party some time later, returning to virtually the same spot as they had been at before, but this time she kept quiet and simply looked around at the guests.  He then left her standing there as he headed over to the groom and started to talk to him, pulling out his phone and showing him what she could only assume was the video from the house.

She hadn’t noticed before how hot some of they guys were and looking at some of the ones she had thought were good looking had seemed to get uglier the longer she looked at them.

When he returned, he smiled and held up a still from the video, her face covered in his cum, a look of utter satisfaction on it.

“So remember how that felt?” he asked.

She did, far better than she would have liked and there was a need somewhere deep in the back of her mind to feel it again, but all she said was a simple “Yes.”

“Good.  Now my friends here were sick and tired of your constant bitching, but they were fine with putting up with it until you showed up today in that bikini.  That was the last straw and so they called me in to help out with the problem.

Don’t worry about the video showing up on the Internet or something, it was just to show Charles.

I’m sure you think you’ve learned your lesson, but just in case, I’ve left a you few ‘improvements’ to you to make sure.

You may have noticed that all the Canadians here are suddenly a lot more attractive and the Americans… well… less so.”

Her mouth dropped open as she looked around and realized it was true.

“And that feeling…” he said, holding up the image once more, “well, you’re only going to get that from a Canadian from now on.  No more orgasms from Americans I’m afraid.”

Her head spun and his words, the memory of such pleasure causing her pussy to get wet once more, she could hardly think of what it would be like with a Canadian inside of her.

“That’s right, your going to be a total slut for Canadian dick from now on.  I’m sure you’re going to be a real hit at the reception.”

She tried to steady herself, to get herself together and managed some semblance reason to say something.

“But… but… I have to go home… Monday!”

“Well, maybe if you ask Cathy nicely, she can set you up with one of her fiance’s friends.  I’m sure one of them would be willing to ‘chat’ with you on the Internet until you can move to Canada.”

Her knees almost gave out from under her and she reached out to steady herself, finding one of the other guests having just arrived beside her.  She looked up once she’d gotten her footing again and saw one of the grooms men and smiled a broad stupid grin at the Canadian as the pleasure rushed down her arm heading straight for her pussy.

“Hi!” she blurted out.

“Well hello there.  Need a hand?”

“Oh yea… I think I need more than just a hand.” she replied as she moved in to him and pushed her body up against his.  She looked around and finding the change room shed, she grabbed his hand and strung him along behind her as she raced for it.

Moments later, her ass was in the air, her American bikini strewn across the floor, as he rammed his dick in to her as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her.  She didn’t know how long it was, the pleasure burning away any sense of time, but when he finally came inside of her, she heard her voice echo in the confines of the small room as she came, “Oooooohhhhhhh Caaaaaannnnnnaaaadaaaaaa!”

Happy Canada day!

The Hands That Lead