“See… look… I told you… it’s some kind of fun house mirror!”  Lacey said, her hands on each of her two friends, Kimberly and Sofia, shoulder with her third friend, Tabitha, at the of the line.

The four friends had been inseparable from high school and even now that they had all graduated college, they still hung out all the time as they tried to get their careers started.  Today they’d crashed a neighbourhood party and when Lacey had found the mirror she had raced to find her other friends and show them.

“But how is it possible?”  Kimberly asked, “I mean the reflection doesn’t look anything like us.  Well, ok they look like the idealised versions of us, but nothing like reality.”

“Yea, but it’s cool, so who cares how it’s done?”  Sofia said as she blew a kiss at the mirror or whatever it was.

Lacey smiled, the mirror showing her the perfect white teeth that didn’t match her own.

It wasn’t like any of them were ugly or anything, but who didn’t have something they thought they could improve?

Sofia had great mocha skin, but she had always been overweight and kind of a loner until the four of them had hooked up.

Kimberly was the classic nerd, her short hair and glasses hid what would have been otherwise a pretty face.

Tabitha was… well… average in just about every way.

And as for herself, she’d always been self conscious about her teeth.  Growing up without much money her family hadn’t been able to afford braces so they kind of went every which way.

But the mirror didn’t show any of those things.  Tabitha was a hot blonde that would draw attention no matter where she was.  Sofia was a curvy goddess, Kimberly was a radiant beauty and her smile shone through her smile.

Suddenly the mirror shimmered and Lacey found herself unable to move, her friends seemed frozen in place as well as their reflections no longer moved either.

Then the mirror shimmered again and their refection looked “right”.  But it was wrong, she could feel the slim figure of Sofia beside her, could feel Kimberly’s hand on her thin waist, could feel the cool air on her exposed skin.

The the mirror shimmered once more and with it her mind seemed to warp and twist as well until the reflection was once more of the four friends standing in front of it.

Laci smiled and giggled, “Oh my god, look guys!” she said looking down at her slender body.

“You look amazing Laci!” Kimmi said.

“We all do!” Sofia in a thick accent.

“Yea, we’re totally hot!” Tabbi jumped up and down and then slipped in front of her friends and gave them all a hug.

Her body against her own send a wave of pleasure through Laci, right to her pussy and she barely contained a moan.  Sofia wasn’t so shy and let out a low, soft moan.

“Oh god, that feels good!” Kimmi said allowed and turned to Laci, a hunger in her eyes before she leaned in and planted a kiss on Laci’s lips.

Laci’s mind emptied and instinct took over, she pushed her tongue in to Kimmi’s mouth and the two of them started to make out.

“No fair!” Tabbi said and pouted.

“Aie, not fair at all.”  Sofia replied before leaning in and kissing Tabbi.

The four friends stumbled out of the bathroom and in to the bedroom, collapsing on to the bed in a mass of arms and legs, lips and tits, as their hands went for each others lingerie.

Soon they were naked, exploring each others bodies and orgasms crashed over each of them in turn as they pushed deeper and deeper in to each other.

Laci was laying face down, Tabbi licking her pussy from behind as she faced the door when it opened and a man stepped in to the room.

She tried to keep her eyes open as Tabbi continued to dart her tongue in and out of her.  Finally she recognized the man, he was their neighbour, slightly older, nothing special, but he was legendary for throwing the best parties.

Before she could form a word with her mouth he was right in front of her, dropping his pants and his dick springing up in front of her face.  He followed it with her head only for a few seconds before the need overcame her and she wrapped her lips around it.

Her slurping must have caught the attention of the others a soon all four were crowded around him, vying for his attention.

Finally, after each had had a turn, he grabbed her head and pushed it down on to his shaft.  She let him guide her up and down, deeper and deeper each time until she felt him pushed down and holder her in place as he came down her throat.

Her orgasm rocked her and she could barely hear the moans and whines of her friends at being denied.

Eventually she managed to regain some sense of composure and looked up at him, his smiling face beaming down like some kind of god.

“I wondered how long it would be until you four trouble makers finally found my magic mirror.  I’m glad to see the results weren’t disappointing.  Now then, get that lingerie back on and head down to the party, you have guests to entertain.”

Laci nearly jumped up and started to dress, just as the others did the same and all four of them hurried towards the door, only to stop when his voiced came from behind them once more.

“And ladies, if you do a good job and all my guests leave satisfied, I might just fuck one of you tonight.  Understand?”

“Yes Sir!” they all said at once and turned back to the doorway and headed downstairs.

She didn’t know if it would be her or not, but she was determined to make sure that at least one of her best friends got fucked tonight no matter what.