Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting the sex bot help desk, it’s our pleasure to answer any and all of your questions.

We’re happy to inform you that our customers security and privacy are among our highest priorities, that’s why your sex bot is never connected to a network for any reason.

Upgrades are provided through your sex bot’s physical upgrade port with our official upgrade dongle (pictured below, please make sure to verify the authentic upgrade seal at the base of the dongle before use):

Or through verified sex bot to sex bot contact (see more details here).

Of course we know some of our customers are more technically advanced and wish to modify their sex bot themselves and we fully support this with the “User Modifications Mode”, which will disable the sex bot to sex bot upgrade option for your unit.

As always, your sex bot’s memory subsystem does not directly record any interactions, but instead processes the significant parts of the experience and integrates it directly in to it’s core programming.  This ensures that no technological process or court order can recover your private information from any sex bot.

It’s been our pleasure to answer your questions today and feel free to contact us again if you have any further concerns about your sex bot.


sex bot #868445