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Kimmi leaned back and propped herself upright with her hand as she pushed her hair to one side with the other one and looked at the video camera.  The flash on the still camera beside it went off and a little tingle of pleasure ran through her body as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as a soft moan escaped her lips.

She let herself fall backwards on to the couch and brought her hands to her tits, pushing them together through the fabric of her tiny black top as she opened her eyes and licked her lips.

Looking at the two large fake globes sticking up from her chest, deeply tanned from so many trips to the tanning salon, to her flat and toned tummy brought nothing by pleasure to her even if that hadn’t always been the case.

She could still remember being in school, being a teaching assistant, wanting to accomplish something with her life, but it seemed like some distant dream now.  Some childish desire, like being a princess or an astronaut, not something that would ever really come to pass.

A year ago, when she’d first met David she had still believed in those things, but she had matured so much after meeting David and he’d shown her that it was time to put those silly dreams away and instead be what she was meant to be.

The flash of the camera brought her back to the moment and she slide her hands down the side of her tits, over her stomach and wiggled them beneath the denim of her pants until the reached her clit and she started to buck her hips as she played with herself.

A man walked in from behind the camera, naked, his large dick hanging between his legs, semi-erect, and she let out a gasp, “Oh my god…” she almost moaned as her eyes were transfix on him.

He grabbed her forearms and pulled her hands from her pants, guiding them instead to his shaft that she eagerly started to stroke.  Letting go of her arms, he reached down and unbuckled her belt and pulled her pants down, exposing her bare pussy before unzipping her top and letting her tits hang free.

At first David had shown her how to be sexy and flirty, to be submissive and eager, how to be perfect arm candy for him to walk around the quad with, and she’d loved it just like he’d told her she would.

He’d also show her how to be a complete slut in the bedroom, or for that matter, anywhere else he might like to have a quickly.  She’d taken to it quickly, learning what he liked, how she should respond, how to play whatever role he wanted her to and he’d seemed satisfied with her for a while.

But she’d known that there were other women out there, better looking ones, smarter ones and that it was only a matter of time before one of them caught his eye, so she’d gone to the plastic surgeon to get her first set of implants.

The man’s cock pushed up against her pussy lips and she looked down between her tits and let out a squeal of delight as he slide in to her, “Yes baby, push that fucking cock in to my tight little pussy!”

It didn’t take long before he got in to a rhythm and was hammering away at her, it almost reminded her of the last time she’d fucked David.

At first, David had made love to her, not just fucked her, but that hadn’t lasted long.  A month of so after the first time they’d had sex, David had started to change, paying less and less attention to her during sex and instead focusing on his own pleasure instead.  She didn’t mind though, he was using her just like she was meant to be used and that provided more pleasure than any old cock could.

He’d started branching out to, fucking her face, cumming on her tits and eventually fucking her ass.  Then he’d told her to start talking dirty during sex and she’d been happy to comply.  Each and every time was more degrading, more humiliating, more pleasurable with a body rocking orgasm at the end.

She felt the man’s hands on her hips grip her tightly as his rhythm ended and he lifted her off the couch and held her tightly against his body as he walked to the side of the couch and set her down on the arm.  Then in one swift motion he turned and flipped her over, pushing her face down in to the seat and pushing her ass up in to the air.

This time his cock didn’t push up against her pussy, but instead her ass and she turned her head back to the camera and cried out “Fuck yes!  Take my ass!  Fuck my ass!  Cum in my ass!  Make my your fucking anal whore!”

He pushed in deep and she tried to buck her hips back against him as best as she could.

As she had know, David did eventually tire of her, no matter how dirty or degrading the sex, he’d used her in every conceivable way and that’s when his eye turned to another.

At first she had been worried, what would she do if she lost him?  But she should have know not to worry about it, David was way smarter than her and he’d come up with the perfect solution, which was why her ass was being reamed by a man she’d never met before today.

She felt his cum empty in to her ass, “Fuck yes!  Fill my ass with your hot jizz baby!  Fill your dirty little whore’s ass till it spills ooooouuuuuuutttttttt!”

Her whole body shook as the orgasm crashed over her and she spasmed several times before collapsing from the pleasure.

She smiled and giggled as the camera’s flash went off several more times, both capturing her face and then her ass with the cum running down her leg.

David had been so thoughtful to get her in to porn, now her body could be used just like it was supposed to be and even after sending David the bulk of her earnings, she could still afford to dress like the complete slut she was.