Josh looked at the website and chuckled, “ – Your dream bimbo delivered right to your front door!”

It was clearly a joke of some kind, maybe an escort site or some poor saps only cry for help, but either way it did seem to be well done.  It looked professionally written and expensive as well, it even let you upload a photo to work from.

Josh hovered his mouse over the close button, but hesitated for an instant, it was just after dinner on Sunday, Game of Thrones didn’t start for a couple of hours, what else was he going to do?

He moved his mouse back away from the close button and instead to the sign up button and clicked on it.  Entering his “fake” e-mail address he used for his porn sites he quickly moved through the details until he was done.

Then the site brought him to it’s main feature, a placeholder on the left for an image, filled with just a generic female outline and a series of options on the right hand side.

He clicked on the placeholder and a file dialog appeared, he rummaged through his pictures until he found the one he was looking for.  

He’d taken in t a few months ago at the new years party his neighbours, Haley and Vanessa had thrown, in it Haley held her glass of champaign  up high and smiled that amazing smile she lit up any room with.

Josh sighed and clicked ok, sending the image to the site, maybe it would let him photoshop it or something, give him something to jerk off to later at worst.

He hesitated only momentarily when the site asked for his address, but slightly longer when it asked for her’s.  But since it hadn’t asked for any other personal details he’d submitted both.

He started to select options and then, when it was finished, hit save.

Haley was on the couch with Vanessa relaxing just before bedtime when the knock came to the apartment door, which was odd with how late it was, but Vanessa got up to answer it anyway.  A moment later Vanessa walked back in to the living room with two men following her, but the look on her face was far away, “V, who are those men?”

Vanessa didn’t respond and before Haley could get up, one of them pointed a pen like object at her and a sudden flash emanated from it, causing Haley’s mind to go blank.

Haley woke up some time later, her body felt heavy and she could hardly move, but she could feel the warm water all around her and there was something on her head as well.

She managed to open her eyes and saw her bathroom walls all around her, she was neck deep in the bathtub which will nearly filled to the brim.  But there was something off about the water, it was clear and warm but seemed almost like gelatin, she could see a small amount of it trying to overflow the tub but instead of gravity pulling it to the floor, it stayed in place and even pulled back a little.

Suddenly a hand appeared before her face and she tried to scream, but her jaw opened slowly and only a meek squeak escaped it.

The hand touched whatever was on her head and words appeared in front of her eyes.

“ – Nano programming kit active.”

“Physical option selected: Breasts – Round, high, fake.”

The “water” or whatever it was around her breasts started to warm even more and her chest felt tight as she looked down and watched her breasts start to change.  When it finished, they were exactly as the message had indicated, sitting high up on her chest, overtly round and clearly fake, the only thing that remained of her old breasts were the two piercings through her nipples.

“Physical option selected: Hair removal.”

Haley watched as all the hair from her body floated to the top of the water and then dissolved.

“Physical option selected: Heels only.”

Haley felt her feet started to shift and contort until they seemed to be in a permanent arch.

“Mental option selected: Sex bot.”

A sudden wave of dizziness came over her as she felt something enter her mind, it started at the back of her head and moved forward until she felt it just behind her eyes and then she lost focus until it left with a sudden *pop*.

Sex bot Haley’s eyes focused on the wall beyond the text, no longer concerned with what it said, she waited for the next series of programming to begin.

“Sex bot programming selected: Bimbo.”

“Sex bot programming selected: French maid.”

“Sex bot programming selected: Party girl.”

Sex bot Haley received each one and stored it along with dozens of more options selected by it’s owner.

Josh rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock, it was just after 1 am and the knock at the door repeated.  Stumbling out of bed he staggered to the door and looked through the peep hole, his mouth nearly dropping to the floor at what he say.

He unlocked the door and swung it open, standing there was his dream girl in a pink dress and holding a glass of champaign, just like in the photo he’d submitted to the website.

Before he could collect himself, she walk past him and in to his kitchen, standing by the fridge, striking a pose in her heels and staring at him with the perfect “come fuck me” look he’d dreamt of seeing on her face so many times.

“I’ve got to be dreaming…” he said aloud but to no one in particular.

She smiled and responded anyway, “No master, Fuck Toy Haley is yours to command.”

He pinched himself to no effect and then frowned, ‘Is this some kind of game?’ he wondered, but couldn’t for the life of him imagine why she would participate if it was.

“Alright, I’ll bite, show me your panties.”

She smiled again, lifted up her dress to reveal her pink panties.

“Fuck it, it’s got to be a dream.” he said as he step forward and took the glass from her hand, pouring it down the front of her dress.

She giggled and pushed her tits out as he licked the champaign from her cleavage, then she reached behind her head and untied the dress, letting it fall away.

Josh moved down her cleavage and then took her pierced nippled between his lips and started to suck.  Moans escaped from her lips as his hand found her other exposed breast and squeezed.

He finally pulled away, taking her nipple with him until it slipped from his mouth and pulled her away from the stove to the table, bending her over and pulled her dress up over her hips, then pulling her panties down around her ankles.

He slid in to her and started to rock back and forth, then he pressed on hand on her lower back and reached out with the other, grabbing her hair and pulling her upwards.

That’s when he noticed the small birth mark between her shoulder blades, it almost looked like a little gear and was why he’d fantasized about her so many times this way.  The feeling of his dick inside of her, the small cries of pleasure coming from her as he slammed in and out of her, it was real, she was real.

The realization slammed home and his dick hardened even more, the site had worked, it had turned his neighbour in to the sex bot of his dreams and he was fucking her right there on his kitchen table!

He pulled hack hard on her hair, pulling her up from the table and back against his chest.

“Who are you?” he growled.

“I am Fuck Toy Haley, your personal sex bot!” she cried out in pleasure.

“Who am I?”

“You are my owner! My Master!”

“What is your programming?”

“I am programmed to serve and obey Master!”

He bounced her up and down on his shaft, unable to hold on any longer he fired his load in to her.

“Maaasssssstttteeeerrrrrr!” she cried, her own orgasm causing her body to twitch as the cum ran down her legs.

Josh knocked on the apartment door and a moment latter Vanessa answered, “Oh hi Josh, finally here to pick up the rest of the stuff you stored in my spare room?”

“Ugh… yea… sure.” he responded, unsure of what was going to happen before but not really expecting this.

“Fuck Toy Haley, go and retrieve your owners belongings.” Vanessa said and Haley walked in to the apartment and towards the bedroom that she had shared with Vanessa.

“You know Josh, you should really come up with a better name for your sex bot.”

“Yea, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, but I kind of like it now.”

“Well, I guess to each his own.  Say Josh, I know you just got your sex bot, but if you ever want to do a threesome, I’d love to join in some time, there’s just something about it that turns me on.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.”

Josh smiled and watched Haley emerge from the bedroom with a suitcase full of clothes.

“I think it might take a few trips, is that all right Vanessa?”

“Of course, I think I have a spare key she can use.”

“Thanks.  Talk to you later.”

Josh walked back to his apartment and logged on to his computer, going back to, but only finding an error message saying the site was down, he’d have to check later, after all having two dream bimbo’s would be better than just one.

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