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Sandra put her fingers in to her pussy as she knelt by the door to her room.  Well, it was actually a room in Henry’s condo that he’d renovated just for their play dates, but she thought of it as hers.

She’d been seeing him for almost six months; at first once a week, then twice and now sometimes even more often.  She no longer worried about money, Henry was very generous, always buying her little gifts here and there on top of the fees the company charged, he’d even bought her the implants that now hung from her chest.

It was strange really, she’d never thought about breast augmentation before and Henry had never said anything about it, but after each session with him, she felt more and more sure that her breasts were too small.

Her first instinct had been to review the training material again, to see if it had anything to say about it, but it didn’t have anything directly relating even if it did make her feel better afterwards.

Those first few months withe Henry had been so good to her, that she’d even turned down a few other clients that had requested her.  Stacey had told her that it could happen before she agreed to the job but Sandra hadn’t believed her at the time.

Thinking back on it, she couldn’t quite remember when she’d started calling herself Sandra.  Or for that matter when she had started to think of herself as Sandra instead of Casandra, but each time she did a smile crossed her face and she felt a warm glow wash over her.

She looked up at Henry as she played with herself and formed her lips in to a near perfect ‘O’ as she let out a moan.  She could see almost the entire room, it didn’t match anything else in Henry’s condo, the fake wood paneling, the rustic look, almost like some kind of farmers coup to keep chickens or rabbits in.

She felt the bunny ears on her head and smiled.  She definitely remembered the first time she’d worn them.  She’d shown up for their appointment and he was dressed in a tuxedo.  He’d handed her a box and told her to go change, which she gladly did.

She’d found the bunny uniform inside of the box, complete with a ears, and quickly changed in to it.

Surprisingly, instead of fucking her right there and then when she emerged, he wrapped his arm around her waist and escorted her out of the condo and down the hall to the elevator.

When they arrived at another unit in the building, there was some kind of costume party going on.  Everything from superheros to fairy tales seemed to be represented, but she had to admit that she hardly noticed, something else was distracting her.

Each step she took in the costume seemed to send a heat wave right to her pussy and she was so distracted by it that all she could do was hang on to Henry’s arm for dear life, hoping her sopping wet pussy wouldn’t run down her leg for everyone to see.

Unfortunately, that thought only made her wetter.

She lost track of how long they were there for, or who Henry talked to, she didn’t open her own mouth for fear of the only sound to come out would be a lewd moan followed by the sound of her knees striking the floor.

By the time he took her back to his condo, she was almost humping his leg in the elevator.

They’d entered his unit, she’d jumped up in to his arms and kissed him, forcing her tongue in to his mouth while he grabbed her ass and held her up.

They, well, fucked like bunnies for several hours after that and she came so many times she lost count.

Since then, she’d played the horny little rabbit every time he’d called on her.

Sandra watched Henry hold up his hand and curl his finger in a come hither motion, her heart raced and she pushed herself from the wall.  Staying on her haunches, she hopped over to his chair and wiggled her way between his legs, his simple house coat falling open and revealing his hard shaft.

She looked up at him and opened her mouth, placing it just before his shaft and then wiggled her nose.  It had taken a lot of practice to wiggle her nose, but it was worth it every time she saw that look in his eyes when she did it.

Without any hesitation, she plunged down on to him, taking him all the way in to her throat and pushing her nose up against his pelvis.  Once more wiggling her nose, as well as shaking her ass at the same time, the puffy white tail stuck in to her sphincter swaying from side to side.

It had been another gift from Henry and at first she’d been a little bit hesitant, after all, she’d never stuck anything in… there… before.  But like always, she went to the training program for guidance and soon enough she knew the gift was something she should accept without question.

Sandra felt Henry’s shaft push even deeper in to her throat and then twitch just before she tasted his cum run down in to her belly, another gift from Henry and she accepted like she did every other time, showing her appreciation by orgasming herself.