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Sandi leaned back in the limo and pushed her new tits out, brushing her hair over her shoulder so as not to cover them up but show off how long her hair had gotten.

It had been a year since the first time she’d fucked Henry and he had taken her out to dinner to celebrate.  It wasn’t often she got out of her room in Henry’s condo these days, well other than to the salon of course, where she tanned and primped herself up for Henry.  It had only made sense, she was spending so much time at his condo anyway, one day she just didn’t leave, instead spending her “down” time in her room until Henry came in to use her.

So tonight she’d gone all out, putting on the heavy makeup and the tight little black dress that now was around her waist.  They finished dinner just a little while ago, her dinner consisting of salad and carrots, it had sent shivers of pleasure down her spine right to her pussy all meal long.

She’d finally been unable to take it any longer and instead of desert, she’d sunk under the table and feasted on the only meat she ever craved these days, Henry’s hard cock.

She could hear Henry’s fork clank against his plate as he ate his dessert, apple pie if she had heard right, thought it was hard to hear over the slurping of her enhanced lips around his shaft.  She sped up her pace as each sound meant he was getting close and closer to finishing the pie and she desperately wanted her own treat before he finished.

She got her wish, the taste of his cum hitting her belly as another clank of the fork echoed through her mind and her orgasm came like it always did.

She’d managed to get back up to her seat without anyone noticing and then excused herself to the bathroom to “freshen up”, re-applying her makeup and making sure she’d gotten every last drop and none had spilled on her dress.  She smiled and her pussy tingled as she realized she had.

They’d headed out to the limo, but instead of heading home, Henry had said he had to make a stop on the way and so as soon as he left the car, she’d pulled her dress down put herself on display for when he returned.

It wasn’t long before he did, holding in his hands several boxes she smiled and wiggled her tits from side to side.  He smiled at her and as always a warmth spread over her, making her pussy even more slick as he placed the boxes on the seat across from her.

Then he lifted her legs up and sat down, leaning in and burying his face between her tits.  She placed her hands on his head and cooed in satisfaction as his lips moved to her nipple and started to suck, his hand taking the other nipple between it’s thumb and forefinger and gently twisting it.

He played with her body all the way home, his fingers in and out of her pussy and then her mouth.  His tongue on her tits and then in her mouth, her body quivering with delight with each new stroke, lick and flick.

She looked over at the boxes once more as Henry continued, she wanted to ask about them, but she knew better.  If they were for her, Henry would tell her and if not, they were none of her business.

There was a time when she would have asked anyway, but that was long ago, well before the epiphany she’d had a few months ago.

It had come to her just after the last time she’d reviewed the training program from the company.  She’d been using it less and less, but once in a while she’d still found it comforting to review it.  But she hadn’t used it since she’d realized that she was Henry’s pet.

The epiphany had made perfect sense as soon as it had entered her mind.  Henry provided the roof over her head, the clothes on her back, the food she ate and played with her whenever he wanted to.  She spent her days dressed as a bunny rabbit and played in her pen, her only desire to make Henry happy.

So of course she was his pet bunny rabbit, and after that, everything else just made more and more sense.  She spent her days exercising and making herself look good so she could be the best little fuck bunny should could be for him.

She’d known just how to do that too, asking, no practically begging him, to send her back to the plastic surgeon.  She needed bigger tits and lip injections to be the best fuck bunny she could be and fortunately Henry had let her go, well at least after she finally let him pull her tail out and use her ass to finish in for the first time.

She had to admit she didn’t really know why she’d held out so long, the orgasm that washed over her burned away any doubt that she’d let him fuck her ass any time he wanted to.

She felt him lift her legs up and slide out from under them as the limo had come to a stop, he opened the door and she pulled up her dress, sad that he was no longer playing with her, but sure he’d do far more once they got up to her room.

She followed along behind him, a slight bounce in her step as if she was almost hopping along, her tits swaying up and down and struggling to stay in the dress as they did.

When the arrived at home, Henry handed her the boxes, “Go to your room and put these on.” he commanded and her pussy buzzed with delight as she nearly ran down the hallway, eager to open the boxes.

She tore in to them and pulled out the dull pink material inside, she instantly knew what it was and quickly undressed.  She worked the pink material over her body, putting on each piece in turn until it covered virtually all of her skin.  Then she found the bottle of liquid and squirted some out in to her covered hand, rubbing it all over the material.

Henry entered the room and smiled, Sandi hunched down in her shiny pink latex bunny suit, a look of pure joy on her face as she wiggled her nose.  Her large breasts hung out of the cutout in the latex and he knew there were similar cutouts for her pussy and ass, but what really drew his attention was the words on her forehead, just under the long pink ears, “Bunny Slut Sandi”.

His grin grew even wider as he walked over to her and clipped on to her collar a leash and then started to lead her around the room.  She’d perfected her hop months ago but he never tired of watching her ass bounce with each hop around the room.

He took her around the the chair and sat down, spreading his legs and letting her wrap her lips around his dick while he looked down, reading the words from her bobbing forehead.

Suddenly his phone chimed, disturbing him only for a moment before he reached down in to his house coat pocket and pulled it out quickly unlocking it to see the new message.

From: The Perfect Escort
To: Henry
Subject: Congratulations on your purchase.

Dear Henry,

Thank you for making your final installment on your perfect escort, we know you’ll be happy with your purchase.

If you have any additional needs, please feel free to get touch any time.

Thank you for your business.

The Perfect Escort
A division of The Perfect Match dating site.

Henry smiled and looked down at Sandi once more, yes, he was very happy with his purchase, thought he’d found it hard to believe at first.

But Tom had been very insistent that they could deliver what they claimed and that his own Perfect Escort, Stacey, was everything he’d requested and more.

He’d been right, at first he’d thought Casandra would be just a fun distraction, a simple business transaction who would play along for an hour or two.  But the first time she’d come over and he saw her orgasm, from what he was honestly sure was a less than stellar performance on his part, he knew there was something different about the company.

It hadn’t taken long after that for his to lose any inhibitions he had about how far he wanted to go.  Now looking down at the final product, his dick between her inflated lips, the look of pure adoration in his pets eyes, he knew there was only one thing missing.

After all, who ever heard of someone just having one bunny rabbit, didn’t they always come in pairs?