“Hey mister, aren’t you a little bit old for this resort?” the hot young woman said to me as I walked down the beach.

To be honest, she was probably right and she certainly didn’t mean anything by it.  It was just one of those things you only learned from life experience and she didn’t have enough yet to know that telling someone they were “old” wasn’t something anyone liked to hear.

The resort did cater to a youth crowd but at this time of year there weren’t many around as they’d all gone back to school, but there were always a few on the beach, no matter what the season.

“I don’t know, shouldn’t you be in school?” I shot back.

“Well, yea, but I took a year off to, you know, find myself.”

That seemed about right, I could see the conflict behind her eyes, her high grades but boring outlook as a doctor verses her beauty and easy life of partying that came with it.

Now you might think that “I could see the conflict behind her eyes” is just a turn of speech, but in my case it is most certainly not.  I can really see in to the minds of others and given the right circumstances push them along a different path.

It’s why I came to this resort, at this time of year.  Women like… Sandra, yes that was her name, were full of conflict about themselves and the perfect subjects for me.

“I do know, when I was young I walked down a beach very similar to this one with the same question.  I’m Tobias by the way.” I said, extending my hand.

“Sandra.” she said and took it.  I moved around beside her and started to walk away from the peer with her as we talked.

“So let me guess, you’re going to school to become… a doctor?”

“Yes!  How did you know?” she said and I saw several cascades of thought start to form in her mind.

One was surprise that I had guess right, another was that I thought she “looked” like a doctor, another was confidence in choice and several more.

I quickly pushed each in the direction I wanted.  Surprise gave way to how obvious that someone as smart as I was would know such things.  Her pride in “looking like” a doctor spiraled down in to doubt that anything but her looks were important.  Her confidence turned to indecision and fear about the choices she had made.

“I have a knack for these things.”  I replied as we walked farther down the beach.

“For example, I bet your having second thoughts about being a doctor because… well, I’ll be blunt, your obvious beauty.”

She blushed and nodded as another flood of thoughts formed.  Was she really having second thoughts?  Was she really thinking about being nothing more than a party girl?  How would she ever support herself?

Once more I pushed those swirling thoughts in to the direction I wanted.

Of course she was having second thoughts, and third and fourth, in fact hadn’t she already really made up her mind?  Wasn’t that why she was on a beach in the middle of the school year?

Was being a party girl really that bad?  Not a care in the world, just going from party to party being the center of attention.

And was money that important?  Lots of women traded on their good looks for money, they seemed to get by alright didn’t they?

I watched her raise a hand to her forehead as she staggered just a bit as the swirling thoughts settled in her mind.

“Don’t be embarrassed about it, it’s natural to be unsure of these things.  That’s why trusting someone with more experience is a good idea.”

More thoughts formed and I pushed on them again.

Embarrassed?  No, she was proud of her body; she wanted to show it off, liked showing it off, was turned on when she showed it off.

Trust?  Yes, she trusted him; he was more experienced than she was, he knew all the answers, she just had to accept what he said was right.

I felt her lean in and wrap an arm around me as she looked up in to my face, her eyes wide with wonder.

“A beautiful little girl like you just needs to do as she’s told, not worry about anything but being a perfect little sex doll for men.”

Little girl?  Well, yes, she was just a silly little girl, not a though in her head but how to look good and have fun.

Sex doll?  Of course!  Her body was the most important thing about her.  Men lusted after it and she was only too eager to put out for them.

“And of course a doll like you needs an owner to take care of her.”

I watched the swirling mess of her mind solidify, the doctor to be lost as my latest creation formed a whole new outlook on life just as we walked up to my beach front home.

“Mister…” she said as her face scrunched in to confusion until she realized what as wrong, “Master, may I ask a question?”

The joy in her face as the word escaped her lips was palatable as goose bumps formed across her body.

“Of course you may.”

“How may I serve you best Master?”

I smiled and took her face in my hand, “Well, I have another resort on the other side of the island which is looking for some new staff.  It caters to a more… upscale… clientele.  I think they will appreciate your skills very much Sandi.”

She tilted her head to the side a bit and pushed in to my hand, turning her head just enough to place her lips on to the palm of my hand before closing her eyes and letting out a little moan.

“But before that, I think I’ll help you get some more life experience.” I said as I pulled her in and placed my lips on to hers.

Her tongue darted in to my mouth as she pushed her tits up against my chest as she stood on her tippy toes and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I do so enjoy this time of year, it gives me time to ensure my guests on this side of the island get my personal attention and provides me with new staff for my resort on the other side of the island at the same time.