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Hacked email transmission OTTI corp Translated from Japanese: Mr. CEO, surgery of the experimental breast implant system is successful. Hostile female US agent now is now can be make think do of the OTTI corporation control and is ready for shipment. New implant have drug inside make possible for change attitude/mind to accept any new truth. Mood change hormones inside breast are remote control distribute for no can resist. She now love giant tits and makeup and sex. Perfect! Dr. Kana Matsuyama

Hmmmm, I think this is one of those spam messages like “Bill Gates wants to give you $1000.”

OTTII would never be so careless as to let an e-mail leak, they are the best, most powerful company in the world, surely their IT department is as well.

Let alone use technology that left such an easily detectable trace, I mean those implants would set off all kinds of metal detectors I’m sure and refilling the drugs and hormones seems like a pretty big hassle.

OTTII only makes the most user friendly products, such a design flaw would never come out of their engineering department.


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