Ok, so maybe they were too old to be out trick or treating, but hey, they weren’t hurting anyone so what did it matter?

Well, maybe they were hurting each other a little bit, after all they’d made a bet before coming out as to who could get the most candy and they’d been sabotaging each other all night.  So much so there were only a few candies in the bottom of the pot she’d brought with her.

“God this thing is getting heavy!” Wendy said as she reposition the flower pot up her body once more.

“Well, you’re the one who decided to bring it!” Brenda said, her own bunny ears flopping forward once more.

“Suckers!” Tracy said and pointed at the two of them, wagging her tail from side to side as the three friends walked through the park to the houses on the other side.

Ok, maybe bringing the pot was a bad idea, but it completed her costume after all and they had to put the candy somewhere!

“Hey ladies, can I get a picture?” some guy asked, holding up his phone.

“Sure!”  Tracey said before Wendy could respond and Brenda shuffled in closer at the same time.

He held up the camera and the flash went off, but it was far brighter than she’d expected and she blinked several times before it went off again, and again.

“Now just stay there ladies, I want to get some selfies.” the man said as he walked around them and stood close to Barbra.

Wendy’s head was swimming in confusion, still spinning, but for some reasons, she didn’t want to move.

Out of the corner of her eyes she saw another flash as he extended his phone in front of Barbra and him and then started speaking.

“So what’s your name?”


“Well Babs, I love your smile.  Such a beautiful smile on the lips of a cute little pink bunny rabbit.  I bet those lips looks better better wrapped around a nice hard cock don’t they?  I mean a cute pink bunny rabbit like you must suck pretty much every cock that she can get her lips around, doesn’t she?“

Wendy managed to stay focused long enough to watch Barbra’s head nod up and down in agreement with each statement the man said.

Then he moved over to Tracy and took another selfie, the flash sending Wendy spiraling again.

“And what’s your name?”

“S… Stacy.”

“I like your tail Stacy.  Well, let me rephrase, I like how hot a piece of tail you are Stacy. You were wiggling that ass for all you were worth there a moment ago, I bet you just can’t get enough attention for your ass.  And by attention I mean cock of course.  A hot anal animal like you must just go wild every time she’d got a cock up her ass.  Begging for it, crying out in need, begging for it to be pushed deeper and deeper until she feels hot cum fill her bowels.”

Wendy watched her friends eyes gloss over and her head nodded, just like Barbra’s had.

“And you, young lady, what is your name?” he said as he stretched his arm out around her shoulder and the phone flashed right in front of her face.

It took her a moment to respond, but she managed to get the word out, “Wendy.”

“I like your honey pot Wendy.” he said and she managed to move her head enough to look down at the pot she was holding.

“No, no.  Not that one, this one.” he said and snaked his hand around, rubbing the front of her skirt.

“You know, a girl with such a sweet honey pot must just love getting it stuffed full of honey all the time?  And of course when I say honey, I mean cum, but you knew that by now didn’t you?  I bet each time you get a load of cum in your pussy you get happier and happier.  I’d say that if you could fill that entire honey pot your holding by the time the sun comes up, well, you’d just be the happiest woman on the planet, wouldn’t you?”

She felt her head nodding, she really did have a sweet pussy and she did love getting it stuffed full of cum as much as she could.  And who wouldn’t want to be the happiest woman in the world?

By the time she’d finished her train of thought, the man had left, leaving the three friends still posing for the photo.  All at once they stood upright, looked at each other and headed in different directions.

After all, they all knew what they needed and there was no point in getting in each other’s way.  I mean, that’s not what friends did, right?

Happy Halloween!