Amelia answered the door and frowned, the man standing in front of her was dressed in a suit and tie and clearly was a door to door salesman as he gripped his case tightly in his left hand.

“I’m not interested.” she said as she started to close the door.

“But ma’am, you haven’t even heard what I’m offering.  Wouldn’t you like to earn a little extra income?”

Something in the back of her head told her she should just continue to close the door in his face, but something else made her stop.  After all she’d been laid off just a few weeks ago.  She’d bought the house a few years ago and rented out the basement, which covered off most of the mortgage, but having another source of income until she found another full time job couldn’t hurt.

“Well…” she equivocated and saw the broad smile cross the man’s face.

He wasted no time and stepped in to her house, closing the door behind him as he spoke, “A very wise decision, Miss.  Now as you know, everything is about the sharing economy these days and so it’s no surprise that it’s extended to home owners too now.”

Amelia frowned, “You mean like Airbnb?”

“Oh, no Ma’am.  Nothing like that, I know you already have a renter, I was speaking to him earlier.”

Amelia thought of Johnathan that rented her basement, he was a great tenant; quiet, kept to himself, divorced she thought.

“You see, young beautiful homeowners like yourself have all kinds of assets they don’t take full advantage of.”


“Oh yes, assets they don’t even know they have.  Hidden assets, ones that are out of site.”

“What kind of hidden assets?” she replied, trying to think of what he was talking about.

“Well, it’s hard to tell for sure when you’re covering them up all the time.  Why don’t we expose some of them and see what we have to work with?  Just take that top off and we can get started.”

Amelia looked down at the long baggy shirt she had been wearing, it went well past her thighs, almost down to her knees and then unbuttoned it, letting it fall down her back and exposing her bare breasts.  Something seemed wrong with doing it, but he was talking about her hidden assets and she really couldn’t afford to not use all of the assets she had.

“Oh my, that’s a very nice little set of assets there, but I think there’s still more hidden assets that need to be uncovered…” he said and Amelia looked down at her panties quizzically before hooking her thumbs in to each side and sliding them down.

“Are… are… there and more… hidden… assets?” she managed to get out between breaths, for some reason her nipples had hardened and her pussy was buzzing with delight.

“Hummm… I’m not sure, why don’t you turn around and let me see?”

She gasped a little as she turned around, placing her hands on the counter top and bending over, pulling the shirt over her ass and letting it fall to the floor.

He placed a hand on her ass and then a sheet of paper and an pen in front of her, “I think we’ve found all your hidden assets now Amelia!  But how best to use them in this sharing economy?”

She moaned as his hand slide down between her ass cheeks and his fingers ran between her legs and over her pussy lips. She pushed back against him, trying to get him to rub her pussy harder.

“Oh god… how?” she nearly cried out in need as she tried to read the paper in front of her, she only managed to get through the title, ‘Asset Sharing Agreement’.

She felt his fingers slide in to her pussy and she bit her lower lip and tossed her head back.

“You’re in luck, I’ve found someone that wants to do a short term rental on your assets, once or twice a week!  Just sign the agreement in front of you and you’ll be making money from your hidden assets before you know it!”

She rocked back against his hand, pushing his fingers deeper in to her pussy and she cried out in passion as she tool the pen in between her fingers and scribbled her name at the bottom of the page.  She came hard as she finished and almost collapsed on to the floor, only managing to hold herself steady by her grip on the counter.

“Very good Amelia, your all ready to participate in the sharing economy of tomorrow!  Make sure to read the details before you engage in your first appointment with Johnathan.  Which by the way is in 10 minutes.” the man said, tapping his watch and walking towards the door.

Amelia managed to pull herself together and pick up the paper, there were a few paragraphs about her responsibilities and one about her clients, but near the bottom was the rate list:

$5     Hand Job
$10   Titty Fuck
$20   Blow Job
$50   Vaginal Sex
$100 Anal Sex

A shiver ran through her as she read it, if she could get Johnathan to fuck her ass just 10 times a month she’d nearly as much as what he paid in rent!

She smiled and sashed her hips from side to side as she walked naked to the basement door, unlocked the deadbolt and the chain guard and opened the door.

Maybe, if she offered him a discount on the rent she could really get her money’s worth from her hidden assets, she thought as her shoes echoed down the stairwell and she saw Johnathan waiting for her at the bottom of them.