Genevieve sat across from Russ as he sat down, her long hair cascading down her shoulder and her hands tightly gripped under the table as her pussy buzzed with pleasure.

She’d been at the restaurant for the last 30 minutes waiting for him, it wasn’t that he was late, just that she had been early to make sure she was there when he arrived.

“Hi Gena, you look nice tonight.” he said and a wave of pleasure rolled down her spine and sent her stomach muscles twitching.

She bowed her head slightly before replying, “Thank you Russ.  Do you like my outfit?” she said as she pushed her breasts out a bit more so he could get a good look at them.

“Not bad, you could be showing a bit more skin thought in all honesty.”

“I’m sorry Russ, I’ll do better next time!” she responded and lowered her head a bit more, getting a face full of her own breasts.

I wasn’t that long ago that she would never have show them off like this, or for that matter have ever considered getting implants.  Her breasts had always been a large C cup and even that she had tried to cover up as much as possible.

But then again, she’d never been one for make up or dress up either, but things had changed.

She’d come out of a bad breakup, she’d dumped her boyfriend after getting tired of him always making decisions for her.  It wasn’t big things, but little things, like what restaurant they’d go to, or what show they would see.

For his part he’d complained about how late she was every time they had a date and how she never even tried to look presentable.

In the aftermath, a friend had suggested she try an exclusive dating site that she’d met her current boyfriend on.  She’d seemed over the moon with him and never stopped gushing about how great he was so she decided to give it a try.

At first she’d been disappointed.  The men were old, fat and bald.  Nothing she would be interested in and just as she was about to sign off in disgust, she received a message from the VIP services group.

“Hi, I’m Tammi, your personal VIP concierge!  Some of our members don’t make their profiles public and one of our other VIP members has matched with you, if you’d like to see more about him, just click here to see his profile.”

She decided to give it a go and for a moment after clicking on the link her screen flashed white and then Russ’ profile came up.

She’d had to do a double take in disbelief at his profile, he was perfect!

He was nearly twice her age, exactly what she was looking for, someone with experience.

He was heavy set, which was fine as she was the one that was supposed to have the sexy body.

He was nearly bald, which was not a problem as she had enough hair for the both of them!

“Searching for the perfect plastic fuck doll.  Big fake tits and lips, a banging body and makeup that would make a whore blush.  Must be a docile little doll in public and a wild slut in bed.  Willing to take raw clay and mold it in to a finished product.”

She nearly came as she read the last words, he really was perfect.

That had been six months ago, during their first date he’d laid out his plans for her; workouts at the gym, new diet, new clothing guidelines, a new salon and he’d even given her the card to a plastic surgeon.

Each date they’d have would start out at a restaurant, of his choosing of course, where he’d critic her progress and clothing choices, just like tonight.

But tonight was different, tonight was their six month anniversary and on that plan he’d laid out that first night, this was an important date.  If she passed his inspection tonight, she’d get to move in with him.

The thought send another wave of pleasure to her pussy and pushed her breasts out again, leaned her head back slight, closing her eyes as a moan escaped her inflated lips.

He order dinner for them, a salad for her and steak for him, and she slid each leaf between her lips like it was ambrosia.

They finished up and let the restaurant, his arm wrapped around her waist, his hand firmly planted on her ass as she hung on to him for dear life.

As soon as they entered his house it was like a switch flipped in her mind.  A wicked grim cross her face as she leaned in and pushed herself up against him, finding his mouth with her tongue and his belt buckle with her fingers.

Before they were in the living room his pants were on the floor and her hands were wrapped around his cock, “Oh god baby, your cock is sooooo big. I want to suck it so bad.  I want to suck it all the way down my throat until my face is buried deep in to your crotch!”

He grabbed her by the hair and grinned as he pushed her down, “Then what are you waiting for slut?”

The word sent a shiver down her spin as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her fake lips around his cock and sucked it in.

He grabbed her head with both hands and worked her head up and down his shaft.  With her hands free she pulled her top down, exposing her tits and then undid her skirt, freeing her bare pussy to the cool air of the room.

He fucked her face hard for several minutes, the sound of her choking and gagging filling the room as the saliva ran down her face and on to her tits.  He finally pulled out and yanked her up by her hair, almost dragging her over to the couch and bending her over it’s arm.

She reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks wide, “Oh fuck yes!  What’s it going to be tonight baby, are you going to fuck my pussy or my ass?” she said as she wiggled on the edge of the arm.

She felt his hand land firmly on her ass cheek and the sound echo throughout the room, “Both!  Yes!  Fuck both of them, first my pussy then my ass!  I want to fell your cum deep in my ass!” she cried out as another and then another blow landed.

Then his cock pushed up against her outer pussy lips and she pushed back, trying to impale herself on it, “That’s right baby, fuck my tight little cunt!  Stretch it with that big piece of man meat I love so much!”

She cried out in pleasure as he stroked back and forth, her face buried in the cushions of the couch until he pulled out and moved up to her ass and pushed in.

“Fuck yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Ream my ass like the dirty little slut I am!” she cried out as he pulled back and then pushed forward again.

Through the waves of pleasure she felt his hand settle on her lower back and then his other hand grab her hair and pull her upwards.  Her back arched until it felt like it might break, but across the room she could see her reflection in the mirror he’d placed right in line with her.

The look of carnal pleasure on her face as her puffy lips formed a near perfect circle, her massive fake tits bouncing unnaturally on her chest as Russ held her hair and fucked her ass sent her over the edge and her first orgasm washed over her.

“Oh god Russ, I’m cumming!  I’m cuuuummmmmmiiiiiinnnnng!”

Her eyes rolled back in to her head as he continued to pound her ass, words escaped her lips but she didn’t consciously form them, “More… fuck slut more… fuck your anal slut more…”

The words rolled out of her mouth as orgasm after orgasm shook her, but it wasn’t until she felt his cum enter her bowels that what little was left of her mind collapsed completely in the massive orgasm that followed.

By the time she recovered, Russ had gone to the bathroom and left her face down on the couch, a giggle escaped her lips in the afterglow as she thought just how lucky she had been to find him.

Maybe, after her next set of implants, she’d be perfect for him, but if not, she was sure he’d tell her exactly what she had to do to be his perfect match.

And that was all plastic fuck doll like her could ever want.