In the days of my youth I was impulsive, never thinking about the long term, only living or the day.  But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things, things that I would never even have noticed before.

Take these three young ladies for example, I met them a year ago while I was walking around the university campus.  They were all freshmen at the time and had found each other via a craigslist ad wanting to share an off campus apartment.

In my youth, I’d have been impulsive, twisting reality around them to meet my immediate needs.

The blonde, Ellen, would have been a eager cock sucking bimbo, the African American (political correctness is import you know), Trista, would have been a ghetto trash hooker (well, up to a point at least) and the brunette, Annabell would probably have been addicted to anal sex.

I would have spent the day with them and dumped them on the side of the road when I was done with them.

But experience has taught me to savior these moments, to let them blossom on their own and take in the sweet aroma that flows off of them.

I’d learned that just a little push could sometimes create the most unexpected results, and these three were no exception.

That day on campus, I’d altered each one’s reality with just one simple change, “Women are sexual objects”.

Along with this change I’d inserted the knowledge of how and when to contact me again.  With such subtle changes I find a year is the minimum for all the intricacies of it to bubble up to the surface.

Each one had accepted the reality and altered their futures to match this simple new outlook on life.

Ellen had been studying to become a doctor, her dream had been to be a GP and help families stay healthy for their entire lives.  Surprisingly she was still going through to be a doctor, but had changed her specialty from a GP to psychiatry, and a specific branch of psychiatry to boot, sexual surrogacy.

The change had taken her down a path where she could use her body to best help those in need, she was planning on providing the best service possible to those poor men and women that had problems with sex.  She was dedicated now, open to performing whatever “therapy” was need to ensure her future patients had a fulfilling and beneficial session each and every time.

Trisha, or as she preferred to be called now, Trixy, had been working on her legal degree.  She’d seen how hard it was for the poor and downtrodden to get proper legal representation and she was going to dedicate her life to giving them the best she could offer.  It had taken a few months for her to fully commit to the change I’d made, at first it was just a little extra partying, a little less studying, a little more time at the gym.  But after a few months, she’d filed the paperwork to change her major to Arts and had joined the Universities female basketball team.

She’d always been an athlete in high school, basketball was her sport and with her height she had been quite successful at it, but University level was so much harder, especially since she hadn’t played much recently.  However, she found the other girls on the team very helpful and in no time she’d hooked up with one of them after practice.  It wasn’t long afterwards that she’d been passed around to nearly the entire team, licking each pussy eagerly and supporting the team in every way she could with her body.

She wasn’t good enough to go pro, but she was sure that Gina, one of her teammates was and she’d been focusing her tongue on Gina’s clit for the last several weeks with the hopes of landing a supporting role in Gina’s future career in the WNBA.

Annabell was the most surprising of all though, the future business tycoon had never been fat, but had a few extra pounds on her when I’d first met her.  Shed been so focused on her studies that she’d never really paid attention to her looks.  She’d only hung with the other two because splitting the rent three ways made so much more sense than her renting a place all by herself.

Her change had been almost immediate, fusing together her financial know how with her new reality.  She’d quickly started to focus on her body, spending time at the gym, changing her fashion choices and going to the salon.  She’d done the math for what options she had; working at a strip club could be profitable but was a high volume business, porn had too short of life span for the performers, escorting seemed good but had too high of risk, and so she’d quickly settled on being a trophy wife.

She’d honed her body in to a perfect 10, gone to the surgeon and invested in her future will big implants then focused on landing a big fish, fortunately her business class was filled with lots of potential whales.  The top prospect seemed out of reach, he was handsome and came from a family with old money, but likewise already had a stunning, long term girlfriend.  The same with the second most eligible guy.  But number three was a different story all together.

His parents were new money, rich from the tech biz and he was clearly a geek.  Overweight, scares from acne on his face and poorly dressed, he didn’t have a girlfriend and that was all that matter to her.  She’d made her move on him just a few weeks ago, he was putty in her hands and before he knew it he had asked her out on a date.

She’d played shy and coy, but had given him a hand job by the end of the night.  On the second date he’d hardly been able to keep his hands off of her and she’d finished the night with a blow job.  They hadn’t even left his apartment for the third date and she’d faked an orgasm the likes of which he’d never seen before.

That’s when she knew she had him, she’d be Mrs Whale in no time and the thought send shivers up and down her spine.

What had surprised me the most thought was just how ruthless she was, the little minx was already looking at his friends to see if any of them were a step up.  There was no doubt she’d be upgrading to someone new just as soon as she found a bigger whale to harpoon with her body.

I savored the changes, exploring each one as the three friends strolled around my pool in their bikinis, each one providing a succulent treat to my senses.

In my younger days I would have bedded all three of them before the night was over and kick them out before dawn, sending them on to their new lives.  But that was then, this was now and I had already decided I’d be sending Trixy and Ellen on their way.  Though in Ellen I implanted a check-in with me once she had her practice up and running, something told me her female patients were not going to be getting the text book treatment, but something a little me specialized to reflect Ellen’s own views of women.

As for Annabell, I shifted reality around her just a bit, making me the most eligible bachelor she knew, and she stopped in her tracks, letting her friends walk on ahead and in to the house.  She turned to me and her eyes lit up, her thousand watt smile spreading across her face as she walked over to me as I lounged in the recliner under the umbrella.

“Hi!  You have a beautiful, expensive house.” she beamed as I watched the gears turn in her head.  She recognized money when she saw it and she quickly looked at my ring finger, the empty space on it sent a shiver down her spine to her pussy.

“Is it?  I hadn’t really noticed, I have so many of them it’s hard to tell one from the next after a while.”

I watched her knees quiver a little as the information set in.

“Hey, I’m heading to my country home for a couple of weeks, want to join me?” I said as her eyes lit up.

“YES!  I… I mean… sure, I’d love to.” she managed to stammer out in her excitement.

I extended my hand and she placed her in it, I pulled her down so that she was sitting on my lap and when she felt my stiff member under her, she wiggled her ass and leaned back against my chest.

She’d was going to be fun to play with for a week or two, I’d have her call her boyfriend and make up some excuse about a distant relative dying or something, it wasn’t like he was going anywhere any time soon.

It was going to be interesting to see just how far she would go to land her whale and I already knew how far I was going to push her.

After all, I may be more experienced than in my youth, but my first instinct was usually right and I couldn’t wait to see if she’d become an anal queen all on her own when I told her it was the only way I’d fuck her.

After all, I’m older now, but I’m not *that* old.