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There are few things in this world as important as a good secretary.

My apologies, I meant personal assistant, you can’t be too politically correct these days.

Take Malinda here, she’s been with me for almost three years now and has been the model personal assistant.  Punctual, practical and efficient.

She manages my schedule and travel arrangements and takes care of just about everything else for me, and I didn’t even have to make any changes to her.

Well, perhaps a few little changes, her perchance to dress like an old lady did have to go.

You see I have lived a long life.  I’ve seen great nations rise and fall, empires flush and burn out, religions come and go.  But threw most of it I paid little attention to *how* I lived my life.

I wandered threw history with little regard to those around me, taking pleasure where I found it, creating it when I needed it and caring little for the rest of the world.

That changed a few hundred years ago, as humanity started to globalize I found myself being questioned more and more.  So I started to pay attention, but quickly realised the world of man was boring.

And so after a hundred years or so of accumulating wealth, I decided to hire someone to take care of the details for me.

Since then I’ve had dozens of assistants over the decades and done well by them.

I guess my luck had to run out eventually though and it was with Malinda.