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Of course Malika also underestimated me as well, the drug would have kept a normal person unconscious for hours, but on me it lasted only a few minutes.

I woke up, hands and feet bound as the waves of the water gently rocked the boat up and down as she piloted it out of the port.

I simply “vanished” the ropes, let my head clear for a moment and then took a quick look around.

There was a large selection of drugs in a duffel bag, it would have seemed she had intended to keep me well under control with them until she… well, I really wasn’t sure what she had planned on doing, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked it.

Instead I “vanished” them as well an the headed up on deck, she didn’t hear me step up behind her and by the time she realized I was there it was too late.

Of course Mali is still employed by me, though she had been demoted to secretary, she seem quite happy with the title now.

I didn’t take any chances, wiping away her entire mind and remaking her body to be more useful in her new job.

I might have gone a little too far with the oral fixation, this photo was taken just a few days ago and even for the couple of seconds it took to take it she couldn’t help but put something between her lips.

Of course her first job as my secretary is to schedule the interviews for her replacement as my personal assistant, but she hasn’t complained yet.

Once I’ve hired someone I won’t be needing her, but I have a few friends on the west coast that are in the adult movie business.  I’m sure one of them can use a bottled blonde Asian with massive fake tits and a severe oral fixation.