A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Tammy snapped the photo and sighed as it was submitted to the web site, a moment later the big green check mark appeared “All checks passed!” read the text under it.

The site was a god send, using AI and who knows what other dark magic to do it’s work, it checked her appearance against all of the Acts passed since *he* had taken office.  It wouldn’t do to get caught on some minor offence after working so hard to be a free woman these days.

There were so few left, at least in the middle and lower class, the top 1% seemed to always get a break and it was no different with the passage of the Taxation and Incentives Transformation Act of 2022.  The top 1% were excluded, both men and women, thought the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the 99%.

The Act had transferred almost the entire tax load on to women, leaving men virtually tax free.  That had made it almost impossible for a woman to earn a living without falling behind in her tax load.

Of course the act also laid out the “incentives” for keeping up with your tax load, a level 2 conviction with a minimum 3 years of service.  For repeat offenders it was an summary level 3 conviction.

Of course there were loop holes in the Act, the first and most commonly used one was marriage.  A married woman transferred all her assets and earning to her husband, making them tax free.  Of course the Restoration of Marriage Act of 2020 had redefined marriage in the more traditional sense.  The woman became the property of the man, just like it had been in the bible, and so lost all of her rights.  And when the woman vowed to “honour and obey”, that was now a legally enforceable contract.  She’d seen some marriage vows that went in to pages of details, making the wife little more than an object in the home, equivalent to no more than a piece of furniture.

The other loop hole was the tax shelter.  Or as it was more commonly called, a brothel.  A woman could willingly take employment at a government run tax shelter and her earnings were tax free.  Of course few women that took that option ever left the brothel, their implants making sure that they performed to the clients expectations and incentivising the woman to meet those expectations on her own.  By he time a woman had earned enough to live the rest of her life on, there was little more than a nymphomaniac left.

And then there was what she, and her friends, were trying to do.  Make a living without getting behind.

Currently there were six of them living in the small one bedroom apartment, sharing the rent and expenses, and if she was honest they should really be getting two more to join them.

She was already working 3 jobs, a full 120 hours a week, leaving her barely enough time to keep her appearance in line with the Acts and catch a few hours of sleep each night.

Even so, she was only just above water on her taxes, able only to afford an ancient phone that kept crashing every couple of days.

She put her phone in to her purse and headed out to her first job of the day, a minimum wage sales clerk at the men’s store in the mall.  If she was lucky she’d only be groped a dozen times or so, if she was unlucky she’d be bent over the table in the back room, which seemed to happen at least once a week these days.

Tammy sat in the living room with her room mates, all six of them home at the same time was a rarity, an honestly a good thing as otherwise they’d have driven each other crazy.

“So Tammy, what do you think about getting another room mate?” Sheila, a cute girl next door brunette, asked tentatively.

Tammy took a quick look around at the other women’s faces and she could see it in their eyes, they were all thinking the same thing.  No one wanted to, but they knew they had to.

“Well… how is everyone doing?” Tammy asked and looked to her right to Krista.

“I… I’m underwater… but just a bit!” the tall redhead replied.

“I just lost one of my jobs.” Tina, the small Asian, raven haired beauty said.  She didn’t need to say anything else, they all knew she was in trouble.

“I’m doing ok.” Sheila said and seemed confident about it.

“I could really use some more help.” Barbra, a blonde with an athletic body said.

“Me too.” Julia chimed in last, the mousy brunette pushed her glasses up her nose as she did so.

“Well, that’s four to two, I think that says it all doesn’t it?”

All of them lowered their heads in resignation.  The six of them living in the small apartment was hard enough, but adding a seventh would make it almost impossible.  But they’d been lucky to find this place at all, especially since it was located right downtown.

Most apartment buildings had strict rules on the number of unrelated women that could live in one unit.  This building though was owned by a woman and had no such rules.  In fact the owner encouraged women to share units and even would help find people to share a unit with if they didn’t have enough.

“I’ll take a look at the board in the morning.” Sheila said and they all nodded.

“Well, on that happy note I’m going to go to bed while I’m still only sharing it with two other people!” Tammy said and headed to the bedroom, it was her week to have the bedroom, they rotated through on a schedule.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Julia said, one of the other two she was sharing the room with and Barbra nodded along to make it the trifecta.


The load speaker blared and Tammy rolled over on to Julia as she tried to comprehend what was going on.

“Oh shit, the IRS!” Barbra nearly screamed as she jumped out of be and started to dress.

The words finally penetrated Tammy and she followed suit, what could the IRS want at… 3 am in the morning?“

Soon all six room mates were dressed and in the living room as the loud speakers continued to blare from the front lawn of the apartment building.

“What do you think it is?”  Sheila asked.

“Is it a raid of some kind?”  Tina asked.

“Did someone fall behind?”

“Are we in trouble?”

“Should we make a break for it?”

The questions swirled around the room without an answers.

“Ok, just stop it.  We’re not ‘making a run for it’, that’s a level two felony.  There’s no point speculating what’s happening, that will just drive us all nuts.”  Tammy said in a stern voice and flopped down on the couch.

The others followed suit and for a good half hour or so no one spoke, then the knock came at the door.

All six of them looked at each other until Sheila finally stood up and answered.  The man in the plain black suit and tie entered the room and closed the door behind him.

“Ok ladies, I have six tenants listed here.” he said as he pointed at each one and counted them.

“When I call your name, speak up.” he instructed them and then called each of them one at a time.

“Good, everyone is here that should be.  Eh-hem.” he cleared his throat and started to read from an obviously prepared statement from the tablet he was holding.

“This is your official noticed that this building is now the property of the IRS.  The previous own has been convicted of a level three offence of failure to pay her taxes and is now awaiting sentencing.

As such, a full review of all tenants has been conducted and in accordance with the Taxation and Incentives Transformation Act of 2022 this building has been declared a tax shelter.”

Tammy’s gut fell to the floor, where would they find another apartment building that would let the six of them live, let alone 7!

“In addition, our review has found that over 50% of the tenants in the building have outstanding tax bills and, once again, in accordance with the Taxation and Incentives Transformation Act of 2022, all tenants are here by ordered to perform a one year assignment in the tax shelter or until all outstanding tax debts are paid off.”

This time Tammy’s jaw fell to the floor, she’d worked so hard to avoid the tax shelters and now, because others had fallen behind, she was getting lumped in with them.

“But…” she started to protest but the agent would have none of it.

“You have been served on this 21st day of the 12th month of 2022.” he finished and then pressed a button at the bottom of his tablet.

Suddenly Tammy felt her implant take control and her body stood straight up from the couch.  The agent took each woman in turn to the side, photographed her with the tablet, both with her clothing on and naked.  Then when all six of them stood in the middle of the room, naked and ashamed, he turned to leave.

Just as he approached the door, he turned back, “Oh, there will be a processing agent coming by shortly, until then why don’t you have some fun.” he said and then pressed another button on the tablet before closing the door.

Tammy’s body turned to Tina and they both stepped towards each other, then embraced and kissed passionately.

In minutes all six of them were squirming on the floor, their fingers, lips and tongues exploring each others bodies against their wills.  But as humiliating as it was, the pleasure their implants were sending through them sent them careening towards orgasm as each minute passed by.

It was hard to tell how long it took, but when all six of them orgasmed at the same time the room was filled with the sound of their passion.  When silence returned, it was only for a moment until a strangers voice filled the room.

“Very well done ladies, I’m sure that video will bring each of you many clients.” he said and Tammy looked up to see him holding his tablet, presumably recording the orgy.  She wondered if their orgasm had only occurred when it did because he had triggered it and then she chastised herself, of course it had.

She was sure they would have wriggled around on the floor, pleasuring each other all night if he hadn’t arrived.  It was only a matter of how long he had been recording them before he triggered the final crescendo that was in question.

“All right ladies, follow me.” he said and then walked out of the room.  All six of them fell in to line behind him, still naked, as they walked to the elevator and eventually out of the apartment building to a waiting bus.

Tammy looked at the apartment from the doorway in surprise, they’d been gone for a week, taken to an IRS processing centre where their bodies had been poked and prodded before the real training had started.

Of course, that week didn’t count against her assignment at the tax shelter.

Instead, it just prepared her for the next year.  The implant had taken her through dozen of training sessions as she learned the best way to give a blow job, how to best use her body to please a man or woman, what kinds of kinks and fetishes she could expect over the next year and all kinds of other lessons that she would have preferred to never know about.

Of course each lesson was repeated several times, the implant controlling her actions at first while sending waves of pleasure through her.  Then as the repetitions continued it’s control would lessen slightly and it would send mild jolts of discomfort through her if she didn’t follow what was expected of her.

She’d pick up on it quickly, and even though she hated it, had gone along with it.  And it was good that she had, Sheila and Barbra were still at the processing centre having failed their final tests at the end of the week.

On the other hand, she’d passed her final test with flying colours.  Giving a blow job while another man penetrated her pussy seemed like a no brainier now, in fact she had to admit that she even kind of liked it.

Walking the rest of the way in to the apartment she was amazed at how different it was now.  They’d completely renovated it, gone were the Ikea shelves and furniture, replace with modern high end units.  The living room had been converted in to a proper second bedroom and all the fixtures and finished upgraded.  The beds nearly filled each room and it must have cost a fortune, but she guessed a brothel had too look it’s best, especially one in the middle of the city.

Tina, Krista and Julia followed her in to the apartment and pretty much had the same reaction.

“I call dibs on the main bedroom!” Julia called out.

“Me too!” Krista said as the two rushed to he main bedroom.

“I guess that leaves us with this one.” Tina said and nodded at the large bed in the middle of the room.

Tammy guessed all of them had changed after the processing centre, but she was still amazed at how much Julia had changed.  Gone was the mousy shy woman, replaced with a bubbly energetic girl.  Clearly she had taken the training program to heart far more than the other three.

But even Tina and Krista were different, just in more subtle ways.  Tina had been outgoing and vocal, but after a few days at the processing centre she’d started to recede in to herself, taking on a much more demure and submissive attitude to what was going on.

Krista on the other hand had blossomed as well, she had always hated the stereo type of the fiery red head, but now she seemed to embrace it.

As for herself, she had to admit that before she might have been considered a bit of a prude.  Sex was something to be avoided if possible and if not, to be tolerated.  But after a week of the implant pulsing pleasure through her body, she looked forward to it now.

Tammy walked over to the bed and collapsed on to it, Tina following along behind her.  Sleep came quickly as she knew her first appointment of the day would come early the next morning.

Tammy cried out as her client pushed his dick in to her pussy, “Oh god yes!  Fuck my tight little pussy baby!”

He was one of her regulars, he liked it when she encouraged him and the little tickle of pleasure in the back of her head told her she liked it too.

She’d been working at the tax shelter for nearly three months and had a regular stable of clients, she was earning more money than she’d ever dreamed of before and working a tenth of the time.

“Come on… harder… I need that cock of yours buried deep in my cunt baby!” another trickle of pleasure coursed through her, stronger than last time.  She knew that using more degrading terms like cunt turned him on even more, and she seemed to like it too.

She felt him release and she cried out as her own orgasm came over her.  For the first few weeks, those orgasms had been triggered by the implant, but since then she found she didn’t need it and that when she orgasmed on her own it was so much more pleasurable.

The man collapsed on top of her and she let out a grunt under his weight, but he was still inside of her and so she savoured the pleasure until he finally rolled off of her and it stopped as his dick slide from between her pussy lips.

‘God, why couldn’t they stay inside of her forever?’ she through to herself as he dressed and left.

Moments later she felt Tina’s tongue lapping against her pussy, licking at the cum that was dribbling from it.

“Fuck Tina, if your going to do that don’t half ass it and get that tongue all the way in there!” she said and Tina eagerly complied.

Tammy had to admit that having Tina as a bedmate had turned out great.  Over the last few months Tina had completely changed, she was now a complete submissive, eager to do whatever anyone told her.  Tammy had taken advantage of it and Tina was now her personal little muff diver.  There were few nights in the bed that Tina wasn’t curled up between Tammy’s legs, nuzzling her pussy for all she was worth.  Waking up to her talented little tongue never got old either.

Her other bedmate was Shelia, it had taken a full two additional weeks at the processing center before she had returned to the apartment and she had not fared well for the extra time spent there.  Gone was the cute girl that everyone wanted to be friends with, who would do anything for a friend, who’s eyes lit up a room as soon as she entered it.  All that was left in those eyes was hunger, hunger for the pleasure that came from sex, any kind of sex.

Shelia had quickly become known in the tax shelter as the girl that the kinkiest of clients would call upon, she’d perform any role, endure any fetish without complaint.

Barbra had only spent one extra week at the processing center and had come out a little better, the blonde who Tammy had almost considered a sister, was now a complete bimbo.  She giggled and bounced around without a care in the world and talked like some valley girl from the 80’s.

Krista had continued down her path of the fiery redhead, finding clients that desired that kind of woman and embracing it completely.  She could often be heard “talking down” to her clients in the main bedroom and their quiet whimpers barely making it through the door.

Julia was the standout though, she’d only lasted a little more than a month before a well off client made an offer to buy out her assignment and make her his wife.

Apparently the ceremony was quite beautiful and the vows quite reasonable all things considered.

Tina finished licking the last drops of cum from Tammy’s pussy and Tammy sighed in contentment.  It was going to be another hour or so before her next client, maybe she’d have Tina join her in the shower and make sure she’d gotten every last drop of that cum after all.

Tammy sat across from the IRS agent, a full 12 months had passed and she had been looking forward to this day.

“Well Miss, this is your yearly review and I have to say you have performed very well.” the agent said.

“Thank you.” she replied with a smile.

That was an understatement.  She was one of the top performers in the tax shelter, she had dozens of regular clients that paid top dollar for her.

Though she had to admit she did fell a bit of resentment towards Barbra, or Barbie as she liked to be called now.  It hadn’t taken Barbie long to “upgrade” herself from the encouragement that her clients provided her.

Several boob jobs later, along with a slew of other procedures, had made Barbie the top performer in the tax shelter.  Of course, the athletic frame of Barbra had been completely replaced with a Barbie doll hour glass set of curves, monster tits and lips and an insatiable appetite for cock, but it drew in the customers, that was for sure.

Sheila on the other hand had been a poor performer in the tax shelter.  Her need for kinky, degrading sex had limited her appeal.  That wasn’t to say that those that were her clients weren’t a dedicated group, just that there were not enough of them to make up for their numbers.  However, Tammy had to admit that Sheila didn’t really seem to care all that much, she often remained bound and gaged throughout the day even if she didn’t have a client coming in.

Krista had a similar problem, though she had more than enough clients to keep her earning up, she seemed quite satisfied with her new role in life and Tammy doubted she’d be leaving the tax shelter any time soon.

Tina, oh sweet Tina, how Tammy loved that talented little tongue of hers.  Tina’s problem wasn’t getting clients, or keeping them, no Tina’s problem was Tammy.  Tammy kept her busily licking pussy, cleaning the apartment and cooking for the others while Tammy worked throughout the day.

“Now then, your account is clear and your service to the tax shelter is complete.”

“Yes!” she cried out loud before slapping her hands over her mouth, “Sorry.”

“No need to be Miss, it’s a common reaction. I have some paperwork for you to sign.” he replied and pushed two stacks of paper towards her.

“This one,” he said pointing to the one on the left, “is your release paperwork.  Sign it and you walk out the door with your earnings above and beyond your tax bill.”

She’d done the math, she’d earned enough to live off of for at least five years.

“On the other hand, this one is a five year renewal of your service contract.”

Her eyes went wide, service renewal?  Five years?  Something in the back of her mind buzzed and her pussy moistened.

“But… but… why would… I…” she stammered out.

“Well as you know, all earning here at the tax shelter are tax exempt.  You’ve earned enough to live off of for a few years, but that will run out eventually.  Think of what you could earn as a top performer after five years?  You could be set for life.”

“Life… but… five years…”

“Of course there are a few other perks.  I’m told at the rate Tina is going she’ll be here for at least another five years.  Who knows, maybe after your five years you’ll have earned enough to buy out her service contract?”

Tammy’s mind flashed back to the night before, Tina’s tongue buried in her pussy as she straddled Tina’s face, a large dildo in her own hand as she reamed the Asian’s tight little pussy with it.

Tina had cum hard after licking Tammy to her own orgasm.  What would it be like to have Tina at her beck and call for the rest of her life?

“I’ll tell you what, as an added bonus, if you sign this contract right now…” he said, standing up revealing he wasn’t wearing any pants.  Then he took his hard cock in his hand and tapped the five year service contract with it.

Tammy’s eyes were glued to the budging dick that bounced up and down in front of her.

“…I’ll be your first client and fuck you right here bent over by desk.”

Tammy’s pussy was on fire, without thinking she grabbed the pen and signed her name to the contract that supported the magnificent cock in front of her, then she leaned forward and took it between her lips, sucking it all the way in to her throat.

The agent carefully took the document from beneath her as she sucked away, placing them well out of harms way as he grabbed her head and pulled her across the desk until her ass was at the edge of it.

Then he walked around behind her, pushed up her dress to reveal her bare pussy and pushed in to it.

“Oh god, fuck this tax shelter whore baby!  Pound my needy little cunt with your fucking brute of a cock!  Make me the best whore in this entire whore house!” she cried out as he fucked her fast and hard.

He came inside of her and her entire body shook with the force of her orgasm.  When it passed she laid there on his desk, a wide grin on her face.

Maybe being a tax shelter whore wasn’t so bad, after all she got all the cock she wanted, which it turned out was quite a lot, and an eager pussy licking whore to call her own.  It really couldn’t get any better could it?