Kimmy sat on the toilet and applied a new coat of lip gloss, her panties down around her knees, as she tried as hard as she could to resist the urge to comply.

She’d known putting on the panties before coming in to work would get her in trouble, but there were so few outlets she had left to exert her free will that when she realized he hadn’t specifically said not to wear them the day before, she’d had to put them on.

Six months ago she’d owned the restaurant, The Eastern Kilt, that she now severed tables at but that seemed like a lifetime ago.  She’d opened it and had great success; the mix of scantily clad women and great food drew in customers from near and far.

So what if she was taking advantage of the servers?  They made good tips and they really didn’t have much to complain about, well maybe a little.  After she’d implemented a ‘cut’ of their tips for the house, well, they weren’t happy but they could always work somewhere else if it was that much of a problem.

And when she started to take a ‘uniform tax’ from their pay checks they threatened to quit, but she couldn’t have them representing her business in old, dirty clothes and after a while they settled back down.

Well, all except Dan.  He was the bartender/assistant manager and he’d been the loudest one to complain, especially since he didn’t even wear the ‘uniform’.  But he too had settled in line eventually and things had been going well.

She wasn’t’ sure how he’d done it; maybe he’d infected her computer with something?  It had been acting up for a while before it happened.  Or put something in her tea?  Had it tasted better after he changed it to a new brand?

She couldn’t be sure, but one day he’d walked in to her office and started talking about the business.  By the time he’d left she’d agreed to waive his uniform fee.

It had confused her quite a bit, because it wasn’t like he’d argued with her about it or tried to reason with her, at some point in the conversation he’d mentioned it would be a good idea to drop it and she’d agreed with him.

She hadn’t connected it at the time, but a small shiver of pleasure ran down her spine when she’d agreed with him and a smile, an unusual sight on her face, crossed her lips.

Over the next few weeks Dan had started making more… suggestions?  No, that was the right word for them, they were more like orders framed as ideas.

Get rid of the uniform tax for everyone?  Sure.

But still provide the uniforms for free?  Why not.

Give back the tip money?  Sure, they deserve it.

Heather didn’t come in and you’re short handed?  Sure I can work her shift for her.

She quit and she had three more shifts this week?  Ok, I can do those.

Wear the uniform to fit in with the rest of the servers?  Well, I did make it mandatory for all servers, so I guess I have to.

Sign off on the new uniform design?  Well I haven’t seen it but I’ve been so busy working shifts on the floor I’ll have to trust you.

More paperwork to sign?  Ok, just give me the pen.

It wasn’t for another week or so that she realized she’d signed over the restaurant to Dan, or for that matter power of attorney as well.  It was also when Dan dropped all pretences.

Go to the gym, put on more makeup, put your hair in pig tails, flirt with the customers more, take more shifts, move in to this apartment I rented for you.

She was sure he’d sold her house and everything in it, probably her car as well.  The first time she’d set foot in the apartment he’d come with her.  She wasn’t sure why at first, until she saw the contents of it.

Plaster on the walls were Idols and pop stars, the furniture was brightly coloured and gaudy.  It was as if the apartment had been designed by a 14 year old girl.

“You’re going to fit in perfectly here Kimberly.” he’d whispered in her ear as he stood behind her, blocking her from her first instinct to run down the hall screaming.

The words were powerful, suddenly the fear turned to joy, the hate to love, it was perfect!

He’d escorted her in to the bedroom, showing her the closet.  It was filled with trashy, skimpy outfits she’d never have worn.

“Aren’t they amazing?  A whole closet filled with your favourite kinds of outfits.  Why don’t you put one on?”

She’d hesitated for a moment, but his words got her going again, “You love being naked in front of people.”

She’d knelt down and started to undo her shoes when his voice filed the room again, “No, no, no, always bend at the waist.”

Her legs straightened up and she bent over, her tiny skirt showing off her panties to him as she finished taking off her shoes.

Then her skirt and top, along with her panties and bra, quickly hit the floor.  She turned towards him, showing off the body she’d worked hard at for the last couple of months of going to the gym.

A tickle of pleasure blossomed in her pussy, she really did love being naked in front of him.

Soon she had a sparkly red mini-dress on with matching pumps as she showed it off to him.  He stood up and wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her back out of the apartment and down to his car.  Soon they were out at a dance club, on the floor as he held her tightly against him.  He grab her ass and squeezed, a moan escaped her lips until his lips covered hers and her tongue probed his mouth.

She didn’t known how long they danced for, but she remembered him turning her around at one point and pawing at her breasts.  She’d pushed her ass in to his crotch in response and before they left the floor she knew he’d pulled her dress up and fingered her pussy as everyone watched.

The first orgasm had surprised her, the second encouraged her and the third had been most welcome.

He’d taken her back to her new apartment and fucked her hard and fast, telling her how much she loved it, how much of a slut she was, how much she needed his cock inside of her.

She’d orgasmed so many times she thought she might die right then and there.  But instead he’d left her laying there on the bed, drooling and whimpering from it.

After that he’d opened the special events room at the pub, she’d known he’d been doing renovations, expanding in to the unit next door, but had no idea what was going on until he took in to the new area.

It was a long table, seating at least 10 and it looked like it could expand for more.  At the far end of the room was an small lounge area, a couch and two chairs and a sturdy looking coffee table, to one side of the couch was another table with a stereo on it.

He’d closed the door behind them and guided her down to the lounge area and taken her hand, helping up on to the coffee table.  Then he’d turned on the stereo and smiled.

“When your on this table you dance and strip.  When your naked in this room you fuck and suck.” he said with a stern, questioning look on his face.

In response her body started to move, her hands roaming over it as the music played.  When the song ended and the next began she took off her top, on the next song she took off her skirt.

Dan had made himself comfortable on the couch and as soon as the third song finished she stepped off the table, bent over at the waist and fished his dick from his pants, wrapping her lips around it and sucking it dry.

Since then she’d performed in the special events room many times, often for Dan, sometimes for other customers or guests Dan invited to the restaurant.  But it always ended the same way, her bend over, sucking and fucking the one or more men in the room.

She finished applying her lip gloss, let her panties fall to the floor and then stood up.  She stepped out of the panties and bent over, at the waist of course, and picked them up, tossing them in the trash just as she left.

She headed straight for the special events room, where she knew Dan was waiting, after all she’d put the panties on so he’d have to take away one more way she could exert her free will.  Soon there would be none left and, just like he’d told her, she’d be his perfectly willing little slave.

And that made her pussy wetter than anything else.