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Tracy looked up quickly as she slide the dildo between her tits and then took it and slapped her nipple repeatedly with it.  It send a shiver of pleasure through her body with each strike.

“Mmmmm… John, I love my big fake tits!  Come on and fuck them for me… please!” she whined and begged as he stood above her.

Just a few months ago she had hardly been able to admit she was having a problem masturbating to him, but now she eagerly talked to him like a complete slut, begging him to play with her body, use her, fuck her.

She’d figured out quickly after the first time he’d fucked her face that he liked it when she initiated sex, begged for it.  She’d also learned the more she catered to his likes and desires that better her orgasm would be.

He’d been right, she’d been so focused on her own pleasure with the dildo that she’d forgotten all about giving pleasure, be she knew better now.  Now she only focused on his pleasure and it had brought her so many orgasms that she’d lost count.

He’d fucked her face many more times, fucked her tities more times than that and even fucked her pussy with the dildo buried deep in her throat, she couldn’t wait to see what he’d fucked today.

He grabbed the dildo and pushed it in to her pussy, ‘GOD!  Titties or face!’ she nearly came from the thought, though she knew she wouldn’t actually cum, that only happened when John used her body for his own pleasure.

But instead of pulling her to the side of the bed, or climbing on top of her body, he instead flipped her over on to her stomach and then pulled her to the edge of the bed.

Then she felt the tip of his cock push up against her rear entrance and her hands flew down to the dildo in her pussy.

“Oh god… please!” she cried out, half desperate for him to push in, half hoping he wouldn’t.

“You don’t mind if I use your ass today do you Tracy?” he asked.

“I… I…” she stuttered, confused, no one had ever fucked her ass…

“It’s just another part of your body to use for my pleasure, isn’t it?  Just like those big fake tits, or those plump lips or that tight pussy?”

She moaned loudly, “Yes… please… use my body… any way that brings you… plllleeeaassssuuurrrreeee!” she cried out as she felt him push in to her.  Her fingers worked the dildo in and out of her pussy and as always it did it’s magic, sending waves of pleasure over her.

Soon she felt his cum in her ass and his voice spoke the words she loved to hear, “Cum like the fucking slut you are Tracy!”

And she did, cumming hard as he continued to pump her ass until he was finished with her.

It was true of course, she was a fucking slut and she knew it.  But she was his fucking slut and that made it more than alright, it made it perfect!

She’d sucked and fucked other men from the gym or people he introduced her to.  She did it eagerly, even if they couldn’t make her cum, it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that her body was John’s to use as he pleased, and if that meant he loaned it out to other people to use, that was fine by her.  It just meant that when John finally did use her again, her orgasm would be that much better.

I looked down at Tracy’s ass, my cum dribbling out of it and gave it have nice hard slap, the moan that escaped her lips told me everything I needed to know, my project was complete.

The old, mousy, plain Tracy was gone.  The new Tracy was a complete slut, willing to do anything to get her next orgasm.

She’d already quit her job and started dancing full time, I imagine it turned her on quite a bit to know the men she danced for were using her to fulfill their fantasies with her.  I can only imagine how close she must get to orgasm when when of them lets a load go in their pants.

But of course she never quite gets there and not because of the dildo.

Oh, I swapped out the cursed dildo after the first time I fucked her.  The one she uses now is just a common one I found online that the cursed one was based off of.

She doesn’t know the difference of course, only a Mage or Warlock could tell, and after months of using the cursed dildo her body and mind had already adapted to it.  So now, when she comes when I tell her too, it’s because she knows that is the only way she can, not because the cursed dildo blocks her.

I’ve already passed on the cursed dildo to another client of mine at the gym.  A cute blonde, Diana, that complained about a speck of dirt on one of the elliptical machines.  I’m quite sure that by the time I’m done with her she’ll be far dirtier than the machine ever was.

Of course Tracy will hold me over until Diana is ready in a few months, then who knows.  One of my mundane business associates, my towel supplier for the gym, expressed an interest in her and I could use a discount on my towels.